The Island on Bird Street

The Island on Bird Street During World War II a Jewish boy is left on his own for months in a ruined house in the Warsaw Ghetto where he must learn all the tricks of survival under constantly life threatening conditions

  • Title: The Island on Bird Street
  • Author: Uri Orlev Hillel Halkin
  • ISBN: 9780395616239
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • During World War II a Jewish boy is left on his own for months in a ruined house in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he must learn all the tricks of survival under constantly life threatening conditions.

    One thought on “The Island on Bird Street”

    1. Yes it's a holocaust book. But: it's a great read because this kid does a Robinson Crusoe/ Swiss Family Robinson thing, all by himself in the Warsaw ghetto after the residents who haven't starved have been sent to the camps. His bravery and ingenuity are inspiring and *fun* to read about. This is as engaging a read as any current fantasy-adventure who needs evil viziers and trolls when you have real traitorous snitches (rats) and German soldiers? The kid even has a gun that his father (reluctant [...]

    2. Orlev, Uri. The Island on Bird Street.New York, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1984. Novel.This is a book about a boy named Alex who narrates his story after his father was taken away by the Nazis. He has to learn to survive on his own and hide from the Nazis in a ruined house in the Warsaw Ghetto. His father promises Alex that he would come back to find him and that he must stay away from the Germans no matter what. The setting is deeply described by many of the chatracters throughout the [...]

    3. German soldiers have separated the main character, Alex, from his father. Alex is a young, Jewish boy whose mother has already been lost to the Holocaust. He promises to hide and wait for his father at 78 Bird Street in the evacuated Polish Ghetto. Days go by; his father does not come, and he comes to understand that he must make himself a safe home. Then Alex realizes that his house is like an island, and he begins his life as a modern day Robinson Crusoe. He even has a buddy like Robinson’s [...]

    4. Livre que l'on devait lire au collège et dont j'en garde très bons souvenirs puisque je reprends plaisir à le relire. Histoire d'un petit garçon Polonais qui s'en sors très bien grâce à son intelligence lors de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Je pense que ce petit livre était vraiment une belle idée de la part de ma prof de Français de l'époque, et qu'il devrait être obligatoire au collège car le personnage principal est un enfant.

    5. Este livro fala de um tema que não é propriamente fora do comum - a II Guerra Mundial. Só por aí já tinha alguns receios em relação ao livro; não que não me interesse pelo assunto mas sim pelo facto de ser muito (mal) abordado em certos livros. História é História e confunde-me um pouco aquela ficção histórica fantasiada. Contudo, tal não ocorreu com este livro; aliás, um dos pormenores que gostei desta obra foi o facto de a acção ter ocorrido na Polónia e não na típica Ale [...]

    6. This is a really good way to introduce the holocaust to younger children. It explores the surface of the Nazi/Polish treatment of the Jews during WWII, but it does not examine the depth or detail of violence and emotion that most holocaust books reserve for their more mature readers. Orlev utilizes themes of bravery, ingenuity, impossible decisions, hope, and family, while still attempting to be just realistic enough to be believable. 3.5 stars. Didn't get 4 stars because it was very "safe." Not [...]

    7. This is a good introduction to the Holocaust for younger readers, with little violence or depictions of the actual concentration camps. However, there is something that always keeps me from loving this one. I don't know if it's Stashya; as always, I don't care for romances where they're unnecessary, and particularly between preteens. Or maybe it's the abrupt ending, with little happiness or payoff. We've been waiting all this time for his father to come back and all we get is "we hugged, bye." O [...]

    8. Alex is left alone to hide in an abandoned building after his parents and most of his friends and other relatives are carted off by the Nazis. It’s a suspenseful story, a story where you don’t know who is good and who is bad, where you worry that friends may deceive you, where you never know when the Nazis will find you and cart you off, too.

    9. My father told me it got a great review and that I should read it, I did, it was only the second Hebrew novel I have ever finished!! Glad I read it. I read it in the original. It is a kids' book, so the five stars are in a category of their own, or of my own definition. It is 5 stars because that is how I feel about having read a Hebrew Novel, and 5 cuz I really enjoyed reading it.

    10. Gostei muito do livro! :DPode-se achar um pouco infantil devido à escrita ser simples mas como se passa em plena II Guerra Mundial o livro deixa de ser assim tão infantil.Obrigado Laura Martins por mo teres emprestado! :)

    11. Sweet story of a boys survival in the ghetto of Warsaw at the end of WW!!. Loved the way the boy thought things through and was innovative and smart. I like the way he listened to what his Father told him and then stayed the course. I'll keep this book. This was a page turner.

    12. The Island on Bird Street, by Uri Orlev, is an important lesson to learn. This book teaches you about the holocaust and how everything was during the holocaust. This is a very important book to read because it teaches you about the holocaust and it is an important life lesson to learn. Although I must admit this book was not my favorite, it taught me a lot about the past and was definitely an important book to read.

    13. I gave it three stars because it was really interesting and wondering what he would do the next day or who he would meet or talk about. but it was a little boring because nothing cool really happened it was him sitting in his house or with Boruch at his dads job.what I think would make it better is if they added a little action I honestly the book would end with the dad Boruch and Alex would get on a train and look for ales's mother.

    14. An 11-year-old boy must hide in an abandoned building in the Jewish Ghetto after being separated from his father, and stays there for several months waiting for his father to return.Alternately heartbreaking and hopeful. A good and important read.

    15. Found this book very intriguing. I was hoping that Alex's father would find him again. Very enjoyable book!!

    16. A book that pays such obvious homage to its inspiration as the Island on Bird Street could seem a little too much like a pale copy, but in children's literature that imitation also mirrors in some way a young mind's search for comfort and escapism in the stories we know. The 'island' in Orlev's novel is a bombed out upstairs apartment in an unnamed Polish World War II ghetto. The Robinson Crusoe is a young boy called Alex who has managed to escape deportation and is hiding while waiting for the [...]

    17. Dwunastoletni Alek mieszka z tatą w warszawskim getcie. Jest rok 1943, trwają wywózki z getta, a ludność stara się na wszelkie sposoby przetrwać. Mama Alka zniknęła - poszła odwiedzić koleżankę i nigdy nie wróciła. Tata pracuje w fabryce lin, ale wraz z zaufanym kolegą ma obmyślony plan uratowania chłopaka, na wypadek czyszczenia getta. I faktycznie nadchodzi ten dzień, kiedy pracownicy fabryki muszą opuścić budynek, Alkowi udaje się uciec. Chłopiec chowa się w opuszczon [...]

    18. The Island On Bird Street by Uri OrlevOliver Guarnieri 9-26-14Ms.Castiello Mrs.Richardson This book takes place in the warsaw, Poland during World War II. It is about an 11 year old boy named Alex who lives with his father and mother. Alex and his family are Jewish and they are forced to live in a neighborhood called the Warsaw Ghetto with thousands of other Jews. All the Jews are rounded up in to a ghetto to work. If you where not a hard worker or a kid or to old you were sent to the concentrat [...]

    19. 1981. Wow, this little youth book is a gem!So very well done. The author manages to convey a whole lot about the situation in the Warsaw Ghetto after the Nazis took the Jews away -- all through the eyes of a 12 year old boy. He does this masterfully, subtly. No 'lecturing' in this book.Reading between the lines, you see how the author indirectly explains how it was that this particular child was psychologically able to survive as he did -- the love and support and training he had received from h [...]

    20. Obwohl dieses Buch sehr schön ist, finde ich hier ausnahmsweise mal den Film schöner, den ich schon vor dem Lesen kannte.Alex, ein 12-Jähriger jüdischer Junge, kämpft im 2. Weltkrieg ganze allein um sein Überleben in einem polnischen Getto. Er muss sich überlegen wie er sich ein sicheres Versteck baut, an Lebensmittel kommt, sein Leben verteidigen kann und dennoch Kind bleiben kann. Während sein Vater noch unterwegs ist, er wurde bei einer Selektion mitgenommen, begleitet Alex nur seine [...]

    21. The book I read was The island on Birch street by: Uri Orlev. This book is about a boy named Alex living during World war 2. It shows his journey living by himself in a bombed house for a couple of months. The reason he is living by himself is he escaped from going to the prison camps. His father had told him directions before he helped his son escape. The novel explains how he survives in his horrible conditions. The book was the most thrilling when he passes the wall into Polish territory. The [...]

    22. THE ISLAND ON BIRD STREET remains one of the best books to introduce tweens to the holocaust. The book educates young readers, but does it in a way that is not so disturbing, it robs readers of their own childhoods. The main character's day to day survival is precarious and readers glimpse the brutality of the ghetto, but still, are not beaten down with the extreme cruelty of this era.The book is largely a ghetto survival story, where the main character relies on his own ingenuity to survive. In [...]

    23. places the book as suitable for 10 and up for independent reading as a read aloud I think even a Kindergartener could respond to the narrative but 3rd grade and up will be able to connect with the story more fully. As far as holocaust literature goes it portrays the difficulties a survivor child faced while waiting for his father to come for him and having to live on his own.A history integration in a palatable form. Could be paired with the diary of Anne Frank for older readers. Apparently ther [...]

    24. This is a really good teen book although suitable for adult reading too. As Alex, a young boy waits in a bombed out house in the ghetto for his father to come, he becomes a resourceful individual solving many problems involved in hiding from the Nazis; finding food, searching for useful objects that he needs to help him survive safely etc. Most importantly, he watches over the dividing wall monitoring what is happening on the Polish side. The writer does not dwell upon the horror that was happen [...]

    25. Про малого Робінзона у Варшавському гетто, який переховується в зруйнованому будинку і бореться проти стихії, лише не природної, а людської. Небезпекою є не шторми, а німці, мародери, інші євреї, що крадуть його їжу. Попри все книжка дуже вдало і тонко написана, майже як приг [...]

    26. What Island on Bird Street is about is a boy named Alex who is hiding from British soldiers because British soldiers took Alex's farther away.The characters are Alex's dad,the girl he likes,the bully,and his uncle Boruch. Then he see's a pretty girl who always does her homework at the window.Then he decided to go to the other side one day.Alex's dad thought Alex to use a pistol.This is based on the war with the German and British.I think it was based on the war with the German and British?

    27. *Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge***A Book You Were Supposed to Read in School but Didn't**I didn't read this book in school when I was supposed to - but only because I'd already read it. My dad read it aloud to me when I was little. Then we watched the movie together and after that I read it myself. This is one of the books that, though it has been 15-ish years since I last read it, I have never forgotten it. And I was surprised to find that I actually not only remembered the story, but also had [...]

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