Framed in Cornwall

Framed in Cornwall Rose Trevelyan looks into the murder of her friend Dorothy As she seeks to find the truth she not only uncovers the sordid secrets of other people s lives in the small Cornish community in which she

  • Title: Framed in Cornwall
  • Author: Janie Bolitho
  • ISBN: 9780094783409
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rose Trevelyan looks into the murder of her friend Dorothy As she seeks to find the truth, she not only uncovers the sordid secrets of other people s lives in the small Cornish community in which she lives, but also learns a lot about herself.

    One thought on “Framed in Cornwall”

    1. Another excellent murder mystery from the pen of Janie Bolitho - I am enjoying reading this series of books and, as yet, they have not disappointed (mind you, I've only read 2 so far). The characters are well-written and the plot moves at a steady pace. I enjoy following the relationships between characters and there is enough in each book to remind of what happened before so that each one can be read as a stand-alone story if so desired. More please :)

    2. So we follow the life of Rose going her day to day business, when her friend dies. She's not convinced it was suicide and pushes to find out the truth. She's moving on from the death of her husband David and gets introduced to new art friends where new relationships will start.

    3. Just could not put these books down, so real take you to Cornwall in every book . Rose and all the others come over so real , so enjoyable to read. Looking forward to read other books by this author , so sad to find she has passed away, great loss to her family and us readers.

    4. Artist Rose Trevelyan is saddened by the death of her elderly friend Dorothy, but when the coroner and the police agree that the death was either accidental or a suicide, she is certain that neither can be true, so she decides to investigate on her own. Her determination is complicated by the fact that she remains undecided about her erstwhile boyfriend, Detective Inspector Jack Pearce, who doesn’t appreciate her meddling, and by the fact that she is finally starting to get serious about her a [...]

    5. This is the third book I've read in the series. I previously read the first and last books, so I'm now trying to track the others down to fill in some blanks. Framed in Cornwall can only be described as cosy crime; not too gory, easy to read, entertaining and it keeps you guessing. The story centres around artist and widow, Rose, who is never too far from a crime scene. In this story, friend Dorothy is found dead, seemingly a suicide. Rose, having known Dorothy for some time, sets about trying t [...]

    6. I'm glad that I have already read 'Snapped in Cornwall', the first Rose Trevelyan novel. Many of the characters are already familiar. During the opening chapters Rose's friend Dorothy is found dead by Martin one of her sons.This soon turns into a real whodunnit:Was it suicide?One of the sons perhaps?Add in a Bristol antiques dealer. Do we have another suspect?Then Fred who is himself grieving, does he have something to hide?You'll need to read it for yourself to find the answers to those questio [...]

    7. I just couldn't get into this one. By the 3rd chapter I had no sense of connection w/the main character. The whole 1st 3 chapters seemed to be about setting up the mystery w/innuendos and loads of mysterious figures who could or could not be bad. Too many mystery characters to keep my attention which added to the frustration of "get on with it!" rather than the mystery.

    8. Number 2 in the life of Rose Trevelyan, I cannot wait to read number 3. The Cornish mysteries are well scripted and very good but I need to know how Rose's relationships develop and more about her life

    9. It was a 'good-enough' story. I know west Cornwall well so I could recognise places described but I felt the storyline was pretty average, not engaging enough to make me want to read others by Janie Bolitho. OK if you want a beach read while on holiday in that area, I guess.

    10. An ok who done it. Didn't like the main character who seemed self absorbed and selfish. Looking for a new mystery series. Maybe they get better

    11. The ones I've read in this series are generally engaging and easily readable but this one has a really limp ending

    12. i liked it as well as her others. i wish we could use half-stars bec. i would normally give this a 3 and a half. i'm ready to go on to her 4th mystery now.

    13. A good read with an interesting story. There were a number of typing errors which I find annoying but do I like this author's style.

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