Loot A black farce masterpiece Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves Hal and Dennis Dennis is a hearse driver for an undertaker They have robbed the bank next door to the funeral parlour and hav

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  • Title: Loot
  • Author: Joe Orton
  • ISBN: 9780413567604
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • A black farce masterpiece, Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves, Hal and Dennis Dennis is a hearse driver for an undertaker They have robbed the bank next door to the funeral parlour and have returned to Hal s home to hide out with the loot Hal s mother has just died and the pair put the money in her coffin, hiding the body elsewhere in the house With the arrA black farce masterpiece, Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves, Hal and Dennis Dennis is a hearse driver for an undertaker They have robbed the bank next door to the funeral parlour and have returned to Hal s home to hide out with the loot Hal s mother has just died and the pair put the money in her coffin, hiding the body elsewhere in the house With the arrival of Inspector Truscott, the thickened plot turns topsy turvy Playing with all the conventions of popular farce, Orton creates a world gone mad and examines in detail English attitudes at mid century The play has been called a Freudian nightmare, which sports with superstitions about death and life It is regularly produced in professional and amateur productions First produced in London in 1966, Loot was hailed as the most genuinely quick witted, pungent and sprightly entertainment by a new, young British playwright for a decade Sunday Telegraph.The Student Edition offers a plot summary, full commentary, character notes and questions for study, besides a chronology and bibliography.

    One thought on “Loot”

    1. 3.5 stars.Loot is a satyric play, that means there are a lot of exaggerations. The story is a bit crazy and all the characters are behaving in a way that doesn't seem normal. It's funny yet at the same time the behavor of the characters annoys you ( of course that is what the author tried to achieve, he didn't want to create likeable characters ). They only care about themselves and nothing more. The book satirizes religion and authority (in this case the police) so some people might find it off [...]

    2. Orton's play is both wonderfully silly and wonderfully serious. He pulls off a nearly impossible balancing act.

    3. I have just directed a production of this play and it is hilarious. It knocks religion, the police and all the other sacred cows. It was written in the sixties and is as relevant today as it was when written.'Reading isn't an occupation we encourage among police officers. We try to keep the paperwork down to a minimum.''You know nothing of the law, I know nothing of the law, that makes us equal in the sight of the law''The theft of a pharoah is something I hadn't reckoned on. Whose mummy is this [...]

    4. A lot of the satire seems to come from culture-specific (read: British) stereotypes, but that doesn't diminish the fact that this is a funny play with some very fun scenes in it. A lot of it is actually quite relevant to today also. Though the part of the policeman Truscott seems to be written as two different people, the rest of the characters are all written from very believable viewpoints and mannerisms. A play I would love to see at some point.

    5. An outlandishly funny play! I studied this play as part of my AS Coursework and my teacher was also absolutely brilliant. Before this, I had never really thoroughly enjoyed a play and so I started reading it without much expectation. Although it was a short play it says something that I finished it in one sitting. I found the absurdity and the satire fantastic and the stichomythia was brilliant. It's hard to choose a favourite part but I think the "limbless girl killer" exchange was excellent. O [...]

    6. This play is an irreverent involving a nurse, her now deceased patient, the wife of a clueless older man, whose son has dug through the wall of a mortuary to steal the money in a bank, with he's friend, who, it turns out, being in love with ALL women (by fathering children on 5 of them) is in love with that very same nurse. All is found out by a police detective, masterfully disguised as a Water Board Inspector. The ending is NOT predictable but is IS very funny!It's amazing how a play can be wr [...]

    7. Loot certainly made me smirk in places but I think I read plays too fast and therefore miss some of the impact, perhaps I should read aloud the next play I read. Am I correct in thinking that the copper walks off with all the cash in the end? Nothing Vic Mackie about that at all - same stories repeated through time. Written in the 60s but ageless really, highly relevant still although the use of the word baby between friends was odd. There's a great deal more to this play writing lark than I fir [...]

    8. Joe Orton was considered in the 1960's to be significant, new playwright. Audiences and critics surprised to find scatological humour in the sacrosanct environment of live theatre mistook novelty for innovation. Orton's plays were incredibly vulgar but very funny in places. Once the initial shock was over everyone realized how brainless the plays. Orton's talent was simply that of a stand-up comedian with a knack for racy jokes. Do not waste your time either reading this trite work or attending [...]

    9. Somewhere between 3 and 4; I might feel differently about it once we actually discuss it in class. It's funny and clever in an Oscar Wilde way, and being able to pull that off is certainly an accomplishment in itself, but it feels sort of insubstantial, even for a farce. I will say that reading this right after Pinter was really nice, because hey, I can laugh because something's actually funny and not because my only other option is to put a lit stick of dynamite in my ear! Thanks, Joe Orton!

    10. Hal shows literally no remorse or bereavement throughout the episode. He takes his mother’s clothes off, and uses her body as a prop throughout his crime. Fay alternates between crass opportunism an imitations of moral superiority (“The British police force used to be run by men of integrity.”). The inspector ends up making a mockery of his profession as well.See my other reviews here!

    11. As mentioned by other reviewers this is an entertaining black humoured farce. Personally found this a more engaging and 'fun' read than "Entertaining Mr Sloane" which seemed to me a entirely bleak, deeply excoriating vision (which of course has a merit in itself). This seems to retain the social satire and dark themes while being highly entertaining.

    12. Hilarious satire of British cops & robbers; Catholics & Protestents. Orton cited Richard Sheridan, Oliver Goldsmith, and Oscar Wilde as his influences (all of whom I love). This play has the same sense of humor but is less a comedy of manners and bit more of a farce. I would love to see a performance!read as part of Orton's "The Complete Plays" rather than this specific edition

    13. English literature coursework play. For me, there is no plot, and it fustrates me that the wrong person was convicted of the crime Or was he?However, the argument of whether it is farcical or satirical allows you to analyse it in detail while still engaging thoroughly with the text

    14. The jokes were sometimes out of my cultural reach, and the technical bits -- like pacing and timing -- sometimes felt a bit off, but I enjoyed this play well enough in written form. And I imagine it'd be considerably better in a well-done stage production.

    15. Read this for an English class. Pretty hilarious, if you like Oscar Wilde you might like this one. It's short, too.

    16. The play is a traditional farce, but with black humor of the sort typical of the theatre of the absurd. The characters are stock types, reminiscent of farce, and of Jonsonian humors.

    17. This is a play so I can't really recommend reading it but was glad to learn of Joe Orton, and it would be entertaining if you can catch it on stage.

    18. I actually liked this one. There is a lot of sharp-tongued, anarchic fun here without Orton trying too hard to be a "bad boy."

    19. This play is amazing. It's a farce and it makes fun at all the things that you're "not supposed to make fun of." Go read it, have fun.

    20. What fun - but of the blackest variety. Quite topical in that one of the themes is about police corruption. Seems it will be for ever with us

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