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Al buio At Risk featured Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano a shrewd man of mixed race background and a notinconsiderable chip on his shoulder District Attorney Monique Lamont a hard charging woman

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  • Title: Al buio
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9788804592617
  • Page: 261
  • Format: None
  • At Risk featured Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano, a shrewd man of mixed race background and a notinconsiderable chip on his shoulder District Attorney Monique Lamont, a hard charging woman with powerful ambitions and a troubling willingness to cut corners and Garano s grandmother, who has certain unpredictable talents that you ignore at your peril.And in TheAt Risk featured Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano, a shrewd man of mixed race background and a notinconsiderable chip on his shoulder District Attorney Monique Lamont, a hard charging woman with powerful ambitions and a troubling willingness to cut corners and Garano s grandmother, who has certain unpredictable talents that you ignore at your peril.And in The Front, peril is what comes to them all D.A Lamont has a special job for Garano As part of a new public relations campaign about the dangers of declining neighborhoods, she s sending him to Watertown to come up with a drama, and she thinks she knows just the case that will serve Garano is very skeptical, because he knows that Watertown is also the home base for a loose association of municipal police departments called the FRONT, set up in order that they don t have to be so dependent on the state much to Lamont s anger He senses a much deeper agenda here but he has no idea just how deep it goes In the days that follow, he ll find that Lamont s task, and the places it leads him, will resemble a house of mirrors everywhere he turns, he s not quite sure if what he s seeing is true.

    One thought on “Al buio”

    1. This book was horrible as so many of her previous novels have been. I think Cornwell has lost touch with what made us readers want to read her books. I keep coming back to her new books hoping she will regain what I once loved to read her for, but this may be the last attempt for me.

    2. Told in present tense, this short novel (54k words, but a big font and lots of white space pad it out to look like a £6.99 paperback should do) takes off at speed and never slows down, skimping on everything from description to characterisation (it’s the 2nd in a series) and plot. Losing the well-written tone and atmosphere of the Scarpetta novels, this reads more like the plan for a novel, rather than the finished product. It’s difficult at times to work out what’s going on, the Lamont c [...]

    3. Cornwell's sequel to her Winston Garano novella series picks up the pace and gives readers a stronger sense of the man while showing more of the author's abilities. Set a year after the previous story, Garano is again summoned to help Middlesex County DA Monique Lamont in her latest venture. Seeking to reshape her image after the horrific events of a year ago, Lamont dreams up the 'No Neighborhood Left Behind' initiative, where police across jurisdictions in Massachusetts can work together to so [...]

    4. I did not like this book. I actually stand a bit beside myself as I say that because I love Patricia's previous style of writing. This book seemed too fragmented. I had difficulty finishing such a short title. I think this writing format was too thought out. I read this book with way too many short bouts of "sputtered" reading that usually ended with "what?", some back pedaling and an occasional "did I miss something?"Leaving Patricia's Scarpetta novels to come to this "The Front", to me, was li [...]

    5. This is a light book. In fact, I believe it is something Cornwell wrote between Lunch and dinner one day. She should have watched a movie or made better use of her time! Her early books were great, but these last 5 or 6 are scraping the bottom of the barrel! Her characters are not developed and the plots are so simple that you just think 'who cares'.

    6. Una Fiscal ambiciosa comisiona a un investigador de Homicidios para que investigue un asesinato cometido hace mas de 20 años, donde la victima es una británica ciega. No me gusto mucho, tengo a Patricia Cornwell en muy alta estima, entonces siempre espero lo mejor de ella. El libro se concentro en casi todo menos el caso, que si la fiscal, que si una organización llamada El Frente, que si la abuela de fulanito. El libro es corto y siento que resolvieron muy rápido el caso. Sin embargo esta m [...]

    7. I have been a Patricia Cornwell fan from the beginning. But this book is disappointing. It feels like the ending was very rushed and it wasn't very satisfying.

    8. Started reading Cornwell for the forensic science before CSI made it cool. The early Kay Scarpetta novels are downright frightening, the closest I get to reading horror. (No Stephen King books or slasher movies for me!) Now Cornwell has started a new series with a cool detective in Boston, which has extra appeal to me. (From USA Today: In The Front, Win Garano is investigating a 45-year-old cold case that could be linked to the infamous Boston Strangler. Or is the investigation merely a ruse to [...]

    9. A nice enough little romp solving an old crime. I liked "Geronimo" and I know I liked his grandmother! I would certainly like to read about her again! "Stump" was an admirable character as well but I'm not sure I cared much for the others.I'm glad I picked this up at the library. I would have been bitterly disappointed had I actually paid for it.

    10. Long-time fan of Patricia Cornwell, but this book didn't hold my interest. Finished it since it's so short, but was easily distracted. Just didn't care for the characters.

    11. It's been a while since I've read anything from Patricia Cornwell, and, I have to say, this book was somewhat surprising.For instance, I was halfway through the book and was still trying to discern the plot of the book. The story unfolded slowly, allowing the reader to familiarize him- or herself with the characters, and it was done so smoothly and was so well paced, you found yourself turning the pages quickly to see where everything was headed.The Front centers around an old, unsolved murder o [...]

    12. This novel is a very fast read, especially since a movie for television did both this novel and At Risk. The differences between the novel and the movie for The Front are great. A major difference is the outcome of female detective Stump. I enjoy reading Cornwell, but this novel is not up to par with her other novels, and the characters are not as good. Monique Lamont, the District Attorney, is a despicable character. Lamont's only concern is herself and her future. She will use whatever and who [...]

    13. At one time, her Kay Scarpetta books were some of the best mystery/thriller fiction around and then they grew dark & nasty & mean - and I stopped reading them.Since the "At Risk" series meant a new set of characters and a possible fresh start, I gave both of the books a try this weekend. I'm sad to report that the books read like TV pilot proposals: the sexy ice queen prosecutor with political ambitions who bosses around the good-looking African-American detective hero. The hero has rela [...]

    14. What a disappointment. It was lacking substance, grit, passion. It's almost like the author was just going through the motions. And I am a huge fan of Patricia Cornwell but her latest works just don't have the same 'edge' - there's no camparison between these and the Scarpetta series. Characters were very dull and the storyline so-so. I have a strong feeling that this may well be my last PC purchase. What a shame.

    15. It's so rare that I hate a book, but I finished this simply because it bothers me to leave a book unfinished. This book was all over the place and absolute shit. Would not recommend.

    16. Ah, expectations.If you know how to manage yours, you will likely enjoy Patricia Cornwell's THE FRONT. Despite being only half the length of your average Kay Scarpetta novel, THE FRONT manages to deliver a full-fledged mystery with several neat twists and surprises (and some not-so-neat). Yes, character development is sacrificed. No, we don't get much detailed description. This book is built for speed not comfort.That being said, Cornwell makes her words count. Her writing may be trimmed down he [...]

    17. This book is beyond bad. The plot is a jumbled mess that never comes together. It includes a decades-old murder, copper thefts, terrorism, bank robberies, a mansion that's being renovated, and the bizarre, not satisfactorily explained theft of a gym bag containing sweaty workout clothes. I kept reading it because I thought that it HAD to make sense at some point. After all, Cornwell's Scarpetta books are well written, even if over time they have become repetitious (someone who works for her will [...]

    18. For a crime novel, this novel was remarkably uninteresting. I read a lot of crime and mystery novels, and I was extremely disappointed with The Front. While the main character, Win, is a good character, I found the other characters to be rather predictable and dull. Stump was a great character, and her relationship with Win is a good one. Lamont, however, is rather one-dimensional, because everyone's opinions of her are told to you while very little is shown. Lamont assigns Win to investigate a [...]

    19. Just after finishing reading this book, I experienced an overwhelming disappointment. I almost gave it 1-star, but because it is Patricia Cornwell, and I am not certain if my mood influenced me, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.This is not a very long book (just 180 pages,) but I could not work up much liking for the characters. At best, I "sorta" liked Win, and to a lesser extent, Stump, but I did not feel any liking at all for the other characters.**EDIT: I did like the grandmother, but I fo [...]

    20. State investigator Win Garano is asked to investigate a cold case - a British woman raped and left for dead over 40 years ago. His hard-nosed boss, District Attorney Monique Lamont, is the one who has put him on this case, and she is putting both their lives in danger with her lust for power.At 229 pages, the book is a nice, short read (it took me two days of reading on and off). Sometimes, however, this poses the problem of there not being all that much room for character or plot development. H [...]

    21. I almost didn't click to update my status on this book, simply because I didn't know what to say about it. I finished reading it last night and I've had few hours to think about it and I still don't know. Cornwell can write. She knows how to craft a character, or ten, and she knows how to create a mystery. She wouldn't be as popular as she is if she couldn't. Still, this is the first Cornwell mystery I've read and I was less than impressed. I shouldn't have been. It was all right there. A myster [...]

    22. This book combines all the reasons I've stopped reading Cornwell, through I've been in love with Kay Scarpetta since day one. I've truly come to believe the author is unable to move past her own insecurities, and keeps bringing them up in novel after novel.A character that sees gender discrimination everywhere she turns? Check.A character that is hiding some "damaging" information in a way that makes her suspect? Check.A character that is defensive about their upbringing or station in life or be [...]

    23. Great ending never saw it coming you say you did your a liar lolUpon reading some of the reviews I was expecting a horrible read What I got was the total opposite it was a great read So why the negative reviews lolWell I'm guessing by the Scarpetta references in many reviews These negative reviews stem from people not being able To get over the fact that Cornwell has decided to start a new chapterIn her writing career that doesn't include Scarpetta I love her Scarpetta books but enjoy the Garano [...]

    24. I picked up this book without reading about it and thought it was a Kay Scarpetta book. It's not, so make sure you don't make the same mistake. I was disappointed in that but more disappointed as I read it. This book had promise. It has a good plot idea but just wasn't developed. I found a hardback at a bargain price, but it was still too much money for as short as the book is. It's less than 200 pages and the font is larger than normal. I felt this book was written in a rush and wasn't complete [...]

    25. The second of the Win Garano books, The Front is written in the same breathless present tense as ‘At Risk.’ This has the effect of differentiating it from books in the Scarpetta series, which may have been why Ms Cornwell adopted it.The plot construction is very clever and, as in the first book, Garano digs Monique Lamont out of a hole of her own making. As before, Lamont sets Garano up somewhat and, also as before, he follows her moves and saves her from her own stupidity. In most respects [...]

    26. My last session with Patricia Cornwell was disappointing. (See Is Patricia Slipping? 9/13/07 if you’re interested.) I wondered if she’d lost her zeal or something. Nevertheless, when I saw The Front discounted at Costco, I snatched it up. This time I wasn’t sorry.We see here no Scarpetta, no dissections, no drunks posing as cops. It’s a whole new cast for her, at least as far as I know. There are a few references to the main character’s past that suggest she might have appeared in a pr [...]

    27. I read the first Garano book "At Risk" and was thoroughly disappointed, but I bought both the books online together, and I did like the character Winston Garano and thought surely she would flesh him out a little more in the second book. Unless you like reading extremely skeletal outlines of what a story will be when it is written, don't bother getting this book. I am a huge Cornwell/Scarpetta fan. The last several books of the series really weren't very good. And the last one I read was really [...]

    28. Meh. Maybe 2.5 stars. Apparently I started with the wrong Patricia Cornwell, because this book sucked. Like it was really bad. Not only was it cliche and cheesy (OBVIOUS AF) but the characters were all egotistical douches. I couldn't connect with any of them. The writing was SO contrived and don't even let me get started on that plot. Which one you ask?Yeah.Because there are like 5 and none come together well at the end of the book. The end made no sense. Actually the whole book was confusing. B [...]

    29. This crime mystery novel is only 180 pages long. Halfway through the book, I was thinking 3 or 4 stars. There's no tightly woven cohesiveness in the conclusion, and that's a problem for me. I was left feeling that unrelated ingredients were simply thrown together in a pot, with the hope that somehow an appetizing stew would be created. Too bad, because this author has talent.

    30. A quick and easy read. Calling this a thriller is really pushing the boat out! Liked the characters of Win and Stump. Thought the sting within a sting etc was a tired story line. I do believe this was my first time reading Cornwell, I will certainly keep an eye out for more of her work.

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