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The Power The Secret revealed the law of attraction The greatest power in the universe is the power to have anything you want One thing can change your relationships money health happiness career and life

The Power by Naomi Alderman Oct , The Power In The Power the world is a recognisable place there s a rich Nigerian kid who lounges around the family pool a foster girl whose religious parents hide their true nature a local American politician a tough London girl from a tricky family But something vital has changed, causing their lives to converge with devastating effect. The Power Naomi Alderman Books The Power starts with a strong premise, and while it introduces it into the world, the book is strong as well In the current MeToo climate, people ought to read it, if only to confront preconceived notions of the inevitability of patriarchy, power, and gender. The Power Book The Secret Official Website The Power Without The Power, there wouldn t be a single human being on the planet Every discovery, invention, and human creation comes from The Power Perfect health, incredible relationships, a The Power The Power Unrated h min Thriller, Sci Fi February USA One by one members of a special project team are being killed by telekinesis the ability to move things with the power of the mind alone The race is to determine which of the remaining team members is In The Power, Women Develop A Weapon That Changes Dec , In The Power, Women Develop A Weapon That Changes Everything As draws to a close, another dystopian novel has made it onto some prominent top ten lists Naomi Alderman s The Power It imagines a world in which women discover they have a weapon that makes them physically threatening to men and that weapon changes everything. The Power Naomi Alderman The Power starts with a strong premise, and while it introduces it into the world, the book is strong as well In the current MeToo climate, people ought to read it, if only to confront preconceived notions of the inevitability of patriarchy, power, and gender. Power TV series Power TV series Power is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Courtney A Kemp It originally aired on the Starz network on June , , and has run for five seasons It tells the story of James St Patrick Omari Hardwick , Power TV Series Power tells the story of James Ghost St Patrick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who caters to the city s elite He wants to build an empire, turn the club into a Fortune business, but there s just one problem Ghost is living a double life. Snap I ve Got The power YouTube Feb , The Power is an electronic pop hit song by the German music group Snap from their album World Power It was released in January and reached number one in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Watch Power Full Movie Free with STARZ STARZ lets you stream hit original series and movies on your favorite devices Plus you can get the STARZ app on your smartphone or tablet and download full movies and shows to

  • Title: The Power
  • Author: Rhonda Byrne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Secret revealed the law of attraction The greatest power in the universe is the power to have anything you want One thing can change your relationships, money, health, happiness, career, and life The life you want comes from the Power.

    One thought on “The Power”

    1. I really liked this book. Here are some of my favorite quotes-47- It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. -Epictetus49- Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned. -Gautama Buddha94- Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.-Lao Tzu140- Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.-Albert Einstein141- Everything is possible for the person who believ [...]

    2. Byrne proves there are suckers born every minute – and they buy lots of her books. She is the Jimmy Swaggart of literature. She refuses to give interviews. I would too, if I were her. She has nothing to say. Interviewing her would be like watching Barbie think. The world is lost in a sea of love and light. The Desperati spend billions every year on The Secret and its clones. Visualisation is lovely, but these authors confuse positive thinking with positive action. You can think as much as you [...]

    3. Love is the power! Everyone who needs positivity or motivational quotes will find them in this book/guide. I found some significant truths about life that I have never really thought about. Some of them are mind blowing and I really appreciate when the author is able to amaze me and make me think about the aspects of the life I have never considered before.

    4. I was really in need to read some motivational books , and this book was a good choice ^^ here some quotes : 1. "Life is supposed to be fun! When you're having fun, you feel great and you receive great things! Having fun brings the life you want, and taking things too seriously brings a life you have to take seriously." 2. "Let go of the things you don't love about your childhood, and keep the things you love. Let go of the things you don't love about your adolescent and adult years, and keep th [...]

    5. I am eternally grateful for this book series and all it has taught me! This is the second instalment in Byrne's 'The Secret's series, that aims to impart the reader with the wisdom and knowledge of the law of attraction. The basis of like returning like (positive thoughts returning positive actions and negative thoughts returning negative actions) was the focus of the first book and this second one is very much the same. This didn't dampen the joy of reading it, however, as I found the style of [...]

    6. I listened to the audio book, which despite it's potential for cheesiness, I did enjoy. I'm not sure if I would have gotten the same thing out of just reading the book. Hearing Byrne's passion probably helped.I know some people think "it's nothing new." Of course it's nothing new; there's nothing new under the sun. Yes, it's saying the same thing as The Secret; there's only one thing to say!I liked the anecdotes; part of me wants to question them and say they're made up, but I know from my own l [...]

    7. Okay, so I read this quite a while ago. I have no idea how his whole Law of Attraction thing is still holding its own. Apparently, it's been so successful that the author decided to write a sequel? Wow just wow.Let me try to count the things that are wrong with this:One: The fact that the advice in this book is marketed as some big secret when in fact it's not. Not really.If you haven't read this gem let me save you the hassle. The secret is this: "If you think about something you long and hard [...]

    8. There's nothing really new per se in The Power that wasn't already explained in The Secret. But sometimes it helps to have things reiterated a time or ten or to have them explained in a different way. There are also a lot of good techniques provided to make things start to work in your favor. I can understand why some might be disappointed, frustrated with the repetition or expecting something all new, but the truth is that people rarely get it the first time they are exposed to something. And o [...]

    9. This book was exactly what I was expecting. A nice follow-up to The Secret. It just builds upon what was learned in The Secret about the law of attraction. The Power's description states that you don't need to have read The Secret in order to benefit from The Power. I would agree with that, but I think it definitely helps. I honestly believe you get out of life what you put into it, and whatever you put out there comes right back to you. I found this to be a very uplifting, encouraging, and moti [...]

    10. This book was life changing and completely amazing. I would suggest it to everyone i know, and who they know, and to anyone who would listen honestly. With this book I have gotten so many things in life that ive wanted, trip to Europe, car, the job i wanted and the pay, and much more. So, i suggest this book to anyone who wants to get all that they want in life :) This book is amazing in every way.

    11. I honestly don't understand why the reviews are so bad for this? Okay so the things that were bad about the book was the repetitiveness. She kept repeating herself and saying the same things again and again. It is also a bit cheesy. But I do understand how it is true and how it works. I tried the things and I did get what I wanted from it and my life HAS been better since. I KNOW that the things written in this book is not rubbish or Ludacris! I know it is true! I mean people who think this is r [...]

    12. I listen to this whenever I need reminding to stay positive :-) The audiobook features excellent sound effects, including a song from Innovators by Sam Cardon & Kurt Bestor. I remember listening to Innovators in the 90's - everything is connected. This a powerful book which can lead to life-changing happiness. I like to read/listen to The Power at least once a year. The information presented herein have inspired me to get two different tattoos: one with the power sunburst symbol to represent [...]

    13. I had the prenotion that the so called 'motivational/inspirational' books are basically a clichéd nonsense. After skimming through this one, I can fairly say it didn't disappoint me. The thing about books aside from its annoying preachy tone and over simplifying things and of course the overall generalization is the fact that the author did not bother to mention why or how 'the power' works. “Absolutely everything you experience in your life is a result of what you have given in your thoughts [...]

    14. Amazingly wonderful. A book for Rhonda Byrne; author for the Secret. I haven't read the secret but I think the power conveys the same message that was in the secret, from a different angle. I heard the audio book and it was amazing, with the author reading her book with passion and love, great production and sound effects, I assure you you are going to love this book. I believe in the power, and after listening to this book I feel better thinking the way Rhonda was suggesting. the last chapter, [...]

    15. This book covers intermediate to advanced "skills" for manifesting The Law of Attraction. It's very good if you're a believer.Voice of Rhonda Byrne and presented by Recorded Books.This was an audio book review because I've come to realize I have too many books to read and will never get to them all otherwise. OVERALL GRADE: B plus to A minus.

    16. Really loved this book, very much! I can say that if you haven't read "The Secret" before, you won't need to if you read this! It talks about the greatest power of our life, that if we know it and tap into it right, we will be just almighty! I feel that this book is written with real love, with real joy and not just for mere money Loved how Byrne wrote and expressed her feelings and thoughts and situation with "The Power" though she could just stop repeating the same talk over and over ^^" don't [...]

    17. موقعی که شروع به خوندنش کردم حال خوشی نداشتم و دنبال یک جرقه پر از انرژی مثبت بودم و خدارو شکر این کتاب باعث به جریان افتادن زندگی من شد و شادی و مثبت اندیشی رو به من هدیه داد , خاصیت کتاب های راندا برن همینه از صفر مطلق بودن حال و روزگارت بالا ترت میبرن

    18. Why did I read it? I don't know. I really disliked "The Secret" and after reading it, I made a review, in which I was trying to restrain Rhonda Byrne from writing more books. But she wrote another one and - moreover I've read this t h i n g.And it was such a horrible experience!"The Secret revealed the law of attraction. Now Rhonda Byrne reveals the greatest power in the universe - The Power to have anything you want". Our favourite SHAM Expert tries to convince us that after reading her first " [...]

    19. I know how Rhonda Byrne and her 'Secret' have been criticized, but seriously people, all the woman is saying is to think positively and be happy and good will return to you. Most of us believe in karma which means if you do good the universe will reward you and if not it will harm you, so this isn't that difficult to believe.I enjoyed the book, it's uplifting and i think its sending out a very positive message to love everything around you more. The quotes from many great people have supported h [...]

    20. This book should be a required book for High School Seniors! I recommend this book to everyone. It will only make you a better human being

    21. The author suggests we must make a paradigm shift in our way of thinking to harness the powers of the universe (may I suggest "God") in our own behalf. Her book centers on the principle of the "law of attraction"; or in otherwords, we receive back what we send out. Within that law, Byrne suggests that we should focus on "love", or loving those things which we truly desire. She asserts it is wrong to focus attention on the negative; if we will focus instead on the positive by "imagining" or "visu [...]

    22. This beautifully designed hardcover was given to me by a friend. I had read The Secret and wasn't quite sure the author would have to say.Right now, I'm halfway through The Power and must say that it is a mixture of things I needed to be reminded of and then some things I didn't quite know. There's this focus on love in the book, but in practice it's more about what you like, so it's less effortful than the kind of loving that, for instance, Scott Peck spoke about.Anyhow, it looks like the key t [...]

    23. The Power is like a guide to the universe. I took this book to heart and learned a lot from it. The attractiveness to the book is almost magical and spectacular in regards to how it connects to the reader. Every teenager should read this book. Great health, impeccable relationships, a career anyone would love to have, a life filled with happiness, and the money you need to have everything you want, all come from the ideas and topics ofThe Power! The power to be great, to conquer your biggest sho [...]

    24. This book is great and it really works. The Power is love. Love is the most powerful law of the Universe.

    25. Rhonda Byrne’s books are truly life changing for me. This book too, is full of new and very helpful information and techniques. I highly recommend it.

    26. This is the kind of books that should be read over and over again if u read few pages of it everyday its enough to give you a good dose of positivity for the whole day and so if you keep positive everyday then your whole life will be changed Rhonda Byrne is a life changing writer ❤️

    27. You are meant to have an amazing life!You are meant to have everything you love and desireThe power to everything you want is inside you!THE POWER IS LOVEYou have a choiceAttraction is the force that draws people to other peopleIt draws people to form cities and nations, groups, clubs, andsocieties where they share common interestsIt is the force that pulls one person to science and another to cookingLife doesn't just happen to youYou receive everything in your life based on what you've givenLov [...]

    28. This is a follow up book to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It doesn't really matter which one you read first, because this one picks up where The Secret left off, but at the same time, is basically repeating what was said before except in a new way. This new way, is by The Power, or intention of Love. Where as The Secret introduced to us what The Law of Attraction is, and how to use it and benefit us that is just the vehicle or vessel which will bring us the life we desire. The Power, or Love, is t [...]

    29. While the Secret is the law of attraction, the Power is the law of love.Since she created the international phenomenon, the Secret, Byrne continues to learn new things that enhance the joy she experiences as she practices the law of attraction. She shares that joy with us here as she teaches us to fall in love with life.I've had so many memorable miracles since I learnt the Secret and now I'm looking forward to loving the things I've created in the past, loving everything in my present, and lovi [...]

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