Not For Sale

Not For Sale Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague s overeager wife so why not kill two birds with one stone Lingu

  • Title: Not For Sale
  • Author: Sandra Marton
  • ISBN: 9780373129836
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal, and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague s overeager wife so why not kill two birds with one stone Linguist Caroline Hamilton jumps at the chance to earn some decent money But when she meets her client, she realizes she may be out of her league The powerful Brazilian seems toLucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high profile business deal, and also a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague s overeager wife so why not kill two birds with one stone Linguist Caroline Hamilton jumps at the chance to earn some decent money But when she meets her client, she realizes she may be out of her league The powerful Brazilian seems to be interested in than just her brains.Is the price of this passion too high

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    1. Brazilian Billionaire Lucas Vieira and Caroline Hamilton first meet on an arranged business date. (Lucas needs a date who speaks Russian and a pretend girlfriend…the Russian man Lucas is doing business with has a wife who has the hots for Lucas and he wants to put her off.) Later on, through a mix-up, Lucas mistakenly thinks Caroline is a prostitute.After someone breaks into Caroline’s apartment Lucas brings Caroline, and her cat Oliver, to stay at his lavish penthouse. Lucas and Caroline st [...]

    2. Cassiopeia ★★★★ ½ ! Up from the Brazilian slums, billionaire Lucas Vieira not only needs a translator, but someone to keep a businessman’s wife at a distance; translator, Caroline Hamilton, fits both roles perfectly. Only, due to a set-up by one of his slimy mangers, and a switch at the last minute by two graduate students (with completely different motives), Lucas thinks our heroine’s name is Dani Sinclair. Then later, more than just mildly disgruntled, Lucas comes to the conclusio [...]

    3. A great newer HP and my favorite one of Marton's, this really hit the spot. Hot sex and lots of it, which does a good job of showing Lucas falling for Caroline despite what he believes she is. Surprisingly the majority of the story seems to be from his POV, unusual for HP, and it's well written and credibly male. In his mind he insists she's only a mistress while he worries when he can't reach her, he reminds himself he doesn't like living with a woman underfoot while he rushes to fix her breakf [...]

    4. You can tell this is a modern Harlequin Presents because the hero actually has a reason for thinking the heroine is a prostitute. And it was kind of cool for awhile, because he concluded that, like him, she had done whatever it took to survive and decided to live with it. It was a bit of a letdown when he went all judgmental towards the end. Still a very passionate and enjoyable read.

    5. I have read quite a few books by this author and have really liked them.This is one of hers that I more than liked and the second time I have read Not for Sale. Just as enjoyable as the first time!!!Misunderstanding!!!! Huge one!!!Lucas Viera, ruthless Brazilian millionaire needs a Russian translator to pose as his girlfriend so he can close a multi-million dollar deal.Caroline Hamilton takes the place of the person Lucas had hired….d what happens next is so hilarious!!!Lucas believes Caroline [...]

    6. A misunderstanding story that begins with a one-night stand and continues on as the besotted billionaire hero rescues the translator heroine, her cat, and her fern from her unsafe apartment and installs her in his NY penthouse apartment. The heroine is blissfully ignorant of the crazy ideas the hero keeps coming up with in his own mind - first, his justification for falling for a "prostitute" heroine (that's the big misunderstanding) then his scheming to set her up in her own apartment even thou [...]

    7. I just did not buy the HEA.The hero takes a huge leap of bad faith regarding the heroine who is actually very sweet. He doesn't jump to a conclusion once, but several times. However, there are a couple of times when he gets a little goofy over the heroine and his reaction to her that are partially redeeming. Granted, given his past he has much to be suspicious about, but enough is enough.Those few time and the h herself elevated it to a three star barely. With a little work on the dynamics and t [...]

    8. Very nice story of a man who mistakenly believes a woman is a call girl. He had a reason for his belief but he did not treat her poorly. So that was different on both counts. A very sweet story and I loved both the hero and the heroine.

    9. Basically the conundrum that faces all but the end of “Not for Sale” is whether or not the object of H’s lust, sells herself along side selling her Russian translating skills. The H is a Brazilian uber-tycoon who has an important business dinner with a Russian tycoon and his wife, a plastyque hussy who wants the H. As the book opens the H has broken up with his Finnish model mistress and consequently needs to find a date for the night, who can both translate Russian for him, and be attract [...]

    10. I liked this. Honestly I mostly picked it up because my husband has the same last name. A lot of Portuguese settled in Hawaii where my father in law is from I think it's a fairly common surname. Anyway it was a sweet read with likeable characters. The misunderstanding was understandable and quite comical at times. Loved the cat. Great for a light read with a bit of angst at the end.

    11. Reviewed by DesereBook provided by authorLucas Vieira is one tough,hard as nails, attractive, brilliant Brazilian and to top it all he is a self made millionaire all this at only age 33 ! He does not let anything stand in his way,he grew up without a father and was left on the street to fend for himself at the age of 7 by his no good worthless woman of ill-repute of a mother. He stole to survive and clawed his way to the top of the ladder to ensure he would never want for anything again ,would n [...]

    12. Okay, wow! Sandra Marton is one of those HP authors I absolutely love reading, but I think she outdid herself this time. If it weren't for needing something to eat, I would have read it all the way through without stopping. There's a heart-wrenching back story for the main characters which dictates how they behave toward each other. Both come from humble beginnings (Lucas's was dirt poor in Brazil) and have worked hard to improve their lives. Lucas, now stinking rich, has done a much better job [...]

    13. A sweet and fun read. Very light, in my opinion. A lot of Lucas's point of view so we know how he felt about Caroline. Lucas and Caroline are both likeable, but it's Oliver who stole the show.

    14. Caroline needed money. She took a translating job from an acquaintance with one catch, she has to pretend she's the girlfriend of the person hiring her. Lucas is a multi-billionaire. He needs a woman who can speak Russian to be his pretend girlfriend to hold off the advances of a business colleague's over zealous wife. Lucas and Caroline meet and sparks fly but due to a misunderstanding, Lucas now thinks the worst of Caroline. I loves Caroline's take no crap attitude. She is so good at telling L [...]

    15. simply loved it !!very nice story n amazing awesome sex.i like it rough !!lol. it missed a 5 star bcoz 4 me they knew each other 4 too short a time 2 fall dat madly in love especially as it was mostly sex between them

    16. Sooooo many references to edges of the universe and flying into stars. :PAnd sooooo many freaking misunderstandings on Lucas's part - seriously man! You really let your past colour your present, to the point that you accused the one good thing in your life for being something she's not. Urgh. That was honestly painful to read.And the grovel wasn't all that great.Except that the revelation that Caroline loved him was: Your Caroline. And how Caroline wanted to say that she loved Oliver but ended u [...]

    17. Lucas çocukken hırsızlık yaparak hayatta kalan ve şimdi çok başarılı bir iş adamı. Gerçekçi görmediğim şey adamın nasıl bu kadar zengin olduğu değil, nasıl bu kadar bilgili ve sofistike olduğu. Neyse kitaptır, güzeldir. Devam. Yaınız çok paranoyak sinirimi bozdu. Hep en kötüsünü düşünüyor. Ayrıca iş yaptığı adamın karısı bunu taciz edince (olay kötü kabul ediyorum) verdiği tepki sanki ölüm kalım meselesi. Kadını büyük kötü bir canavar olarak [...]

    18. Surprisingly good.Lucas Vieira, a self made millionaire, or is it billionaire anyway he's incredibly rich but he has a problem for a high-profile business meeting he needs a Russian translator but not just any translator one that can be convincing as his mistress, so convincing she can block the advances of Leonid Rostov's wife Ilana. Dani Sinclair is recommended to him by a college and although he's sceptical Lucas is desperate and has no other choice, so Lucas meets Dani, or so he thinks but D [...]

    19. I can't help it. I do love a good Harlequin book. They're usually a pretty quick read, and I know pretty much what I'm getting. Not For Sale doesn't disappoint in any way. Rich man Lucas falls for Caroline, there are some misunderstandings that threaten to derail their relationship, until he finally wakes up and smells the coffee. Pretty straight forward.I did love this story. It was exactly what I needed. It was a sweet romance story with a lil' bit of smut. The world building is pretty narrow [...]

    20. This book reminds me why I love Sandra Marton books! She's the only author from M&B that I still follow to this day. Though most of her books of late made me want to throw something at the wall, this book made me fall in love with M&B again.I love the story because it's different from the other stories I read by her. I find the plot very intriguing and the chemistry and tension between the two leading characters convincing. I like the development of their relationship, from their first m [...]

    21. Sandra Marton delivers another great story and the audio narration is faultless. Loved this passion filled romance

    22. It was a cute and funny reading. The hero was very charming and the heroine was someone I could relate to but the ending was kind of abrupt in my opinion.

    23. Gosh why why isn't there an epilogue?I loved that story. H like h were good characters.Well developed, their relationship is great to follow.But what I enjoy the most and what's original about that story, is that we have a bigger pov from the H. And I love it. It's more sexual too.Very good story. Well written and developed.But why the hell is there no epilogue? Grrrrrrrrgrrrrr I wanted to remove a star just for that. But I so loved the characters and how their story was told and developed I kep [...]

    24. Dear lord you can't bear a far fetched story slum boy turned billionaire with a crappy childhood meets poor girl h who he mistakes for an escort and in the space of about a week they fall in Love because he wants to rescue her but of course that doesn't mean he loves her or her ratty cat.An attempt to set her up as a mistress later - that word has no place in a modern romance and a misunderstanding where he thinks she's meeting a "client" and the relationship takes a trip down the swan you. Of c [...]

    25. I'm in a light reading mood so found a couple of Mills and Boon freebies for Kindle. This is one of them. It's a nice light read and I enjoyed it.For those who read Smart Bitches Trashy Books, this story contains a prime example of the Mighty Wang meeting the Magic Hoohaa. She doesn't have sex on a first date but This Time, Somehow, It's Different. They meet, they go on a date where she pretends to be his girlfriend, they shag against a wall. The earth moves, the starts tumble, etc. He doesn't n [...]

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