Maid-sama! Vol. 09

Maid sama Vol Librarian s Note The English edition of this volume was cancelled due to Tokyopop closing its North American operations

  • Title: Maid-sama! Vol. 09
  • Author: Hiro Fujiwara
  • ISBN: 9781427805195
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note The English edition of this volume was cancelled due to Tokyopop closing its North American operations.

    One thought on “Maid-sama! Vol. 09”

    1. This just keeps getting better and better and I feel like I am getting really impatient because i just keep reading. I don't realize until after I have read the book that I need to update my status on ! Shame on me! Anyway, I loved this volume a lot and I am going to have another review for Volume 10 soon! This is about a girl named Misaki who is the school president of Seika High. She has a part time job as a maid in a cafe in order to support her family. She wants this to be kept a secret but [...]

    2. Misaki reclaims the position as the president of the student council beating Kanou by only 1 point. Kanou, because of the election, starts to have confidence in himself and I like that he's beginning to become more friendly and closer to girls.My heart also breaks for Shintani. 3 Even though he already knew that Misaki likes Usui, he still doesn't want to give up and is willing to wait for Misaki, hoping that one day her feelings would change. It's really sad. :'( On the other hand, Usui is fina [...]

    3. THE GOOD Misaki: The end of the student council election is drawing near and when Misaki's birthday rolls around, her Maid Latte family and Usui are determined to treat her to a time she'll never forget! And she and Usui grow even closer on her actual birthdayUsui: He's still as silly and sweet as ever, and you can tell he loves Misaki.Tora: Oooh, Tora is back and up to his tricks againwhat does he have in store for us? THE BAD The seniors; these guys were jerks to Kanou and the girls. and they [...]

    4. Cada vez me gusta más la relación de Usui y Misaki ^^ al igual que el carácter de Misa frente a las votaciones y su energía para apoyar a Kano <3

    5. So all the guys are making these posters for Kanou LOL & they’re ridiculously hilarious - Misaki & Kanou have a little heart to heart& she tells him why she’s running for president again, how it’s changed her & how she sees him in a diff light too now & the first years try to bribe the head of the student council committee Gouda & Misaki overhears it with Usui & Kanour doesn’t wanna win unfairly or be disqualified for it -& Takumi wants to play POCKY GAME [...]

    6. This manga was interesting enough for me to read, but it didn't really draw me in. Sure it was funny and normal with everyday problems and yes i did download the anime, but i felt like something was missing, maybe it was just me that I'm used to reading other types of manga.Misaki is a young girl who is called the demon president at school for being so strict especially with boys. But little do they know after school she goes to her part-time job as a maid at a maid cafe. Pretty soon the hottest [...]

    7. They really take their school election seriously. I like how Misaki influenced Kanou. He'd be the perfect president in the future.Ultimate fangirl moment:(view spoiler)[ They finally had their first official date!!!! I've been waiting for it to happen. Cant wait to read how Misaki will act towards Takumi now :P. She's going to be awkward haha (hide spoiler)]

    8. Another series I'm having to continue via scanlation for now, although hopefully at some point someone will take this one over from Tokyopop for future publication in the States. In this volume, student council election results are in and it's Misaki's birthday! Pretty cute, as usual!

    9. Series Review: Maid-sama! Is a funny and entertaining manga that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were great and carried the manga through when the plot got a bit dull. The plot itself was entertaining. I definitely recommend giving this manga a try.

    10. This is the most amazing novel of the maid sama. That go in to the contest to save the shop of the cafe maid that the main usui has damage badly in the acident of the court.

    11. Too cute! Everything about this is just too cute. I can hardly handle it. Especially now that she is starting to realize her own feelings.

    12. I loved this series of the manga. You just can't hate them two being together. It's interesting, fun and CUTE ^^

    13. The presidential election of student council is so funny and lively ^o^ I like Kanou-kun too :DMisa's friends are really caring, to think of birthday party like that!

    14. Usui ini makin lama makin ganteng dan bikin aku jatuh cinta serta deg-degan kalau liat gambarnya, Astagaa

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