Il volo del drago

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  • Title: Il volo del drago
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey Viviana Viviani
  • ISBN: 9788842914037
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Il terzo pianeta di Rubkat era un luogo splendidamente adatto alla vita Non appena l uomo lo aveva scoperto si era affrettato a colonizzarlo La prima spedizione che si era insediata sul pianeta Pern non aveva badato allo strano corpo celeste che descriveva un orbita attorno ad esso Ogni duecento anni quel mondo vagante riproponeva la sua minacciosa presenza e fu per queIl terzo pianeta di Rubkat era un luogo splendidamente adatto alla vita Non appena l uomo lo aveva scoperto si era affrettato a colonizzarlo La prima spedizione che si era insediata sul pianeta Pern non aveva badato allo strano corpo celeste che descriveva un orbita attorno ad esso Ogni duecento anni quel mondo vagante riproponeva la sua minacciosa presenza e fu per questo che i coloni di Pern avevano creato una nuova specie i Draghi Essi erano in grado di fronteggiare la minaccia proveniente dallo spazio Occorrevano per facolt mentali superiori per allevare e addestrare un Drago, cos si svilupp l ordine dei Dragonieri che fin per costituire una razza a s e divenne protagonista di una serie di avventure che si trasformarono in leggenda.

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    1. I understand that this book (and series) has a lot of haters. Their complaints are valid, but I still regard this as one of the best sci-fi fantasies I've ever read. I started reading this series really young, and got so caught up in the whole "OMG DRAGONS" part of it that I didn't even realize until later that this book had sci-fi elements, namely, that we are on a different freaking planet here. It's a mishmash of several genres that worked surprisingly well.From the other reviews of the book [...]

    2. What a disappointment. It started out just fine with Lessa, sole survivor of her family wreaking revenge on the evil dude who conquered "Ruatha Hold". The whole dragon/human mind meld thing was okay too. The part that really disgusted me was the whole raping/physical abuse shtick by the supposed hero. My thoughts were, if this was my daughter as the heroine, then the only thing to be done would "bag and tag" that F'lar a**hole cause I would have invented the .45 cal and then blown his head off w [...]

    3. This whole review is a "Spoiler" so don't read it. On the other hand, nothing interesting happens in the book anyway, so might as well save yourself the trouble of reading the actual book. People of Pern: What's that in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Is it SUPERMAN? Ugh, no It's those goddamned Dragonmen, trying to filch our resources. Dragon PeopleWe are Dragonmen! We will protect you from the evil threads!Evil Threads:People of Pern: Sod off, there's no such thing.Lessa: Aha! The dragon [...]

    4. It always pains me when a beloved classic is just not good enough. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey was unfortunately plain unenjoyable.The setting is the least intriguing one I have been faced with in quite a long time. There was just nothing to pique my interest on the world of Pern. In the author’s defence, she wrote this book in a time when only Tolkien had had the vision and ambition to take a fantasy world to marvellous complexity, and long before the intricacy and skills of the likes of J [...]

    5. It should be stated that I squandered most of junior high reading Anne McCaffrey's sci-fi/fantasy novels near-exclusively, but this was my first time revisiting her since then. I was surprised to find that the first book in the Dragonriders of Pern series actually does have a good story, with interesting characters and an excellent invented world. However, the writing is just abominable, and in spite of being a woman, McCaffrey is frustratingly chauvanistic. The (lack of) copyediting makes me cr [...]

    6. I cannot imagine why I have never read this before. I have had plenty of time to do so since it was first published in 1968. It is fantasy/ sci fi, two of my favourite genres. And it has dragons in it! What more could I want?Well I have now read it and I am joining the side of the people who love it! I thought the world building was extremely good and I liked the idea of the threads (some kind of weird fungal growth) periodically falling on the planet and threatening to destroy it. The idea of t [...]

    7. Lately I have been noticing a recurring observation about the quality of first books in various series. There seems to be a growing consensus in reviews that the first book of a series, particularly if it is the first book published by an author, is inherently weak because the author is "learning their craft."It seems to be both an excuse for what is perceived as poor quality and an excuse for going on in the series despite being underwhelmed by the opener. I had this in mind as I began reading [...]

    8. I truly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to continuing with the series. This work is a well-written, creative adventure novel with the perfect amount of romance. It’s storytelling at its best. The book is a nice mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The setting is the world of Pern. We are told in the Prologue that Pern is a planet settled by Earthlings but now long forgotten. It has apparently reverted back to a feudal type society where most of the citizens live in “holds” which ar [...]

    9. I read this book back in sixth grade and thought it was exciting in the "wow, dragons are so cool; I wish I had one!" sense. I read it again on a whim and found it unintentionally disturbing. It's not just that the writing seemed dry and the characterization wooden. I realize the book was written in the late 60's, but the male-female dynamics still seem uncomfortably dated. The text seems to condone F'lar's treatment of Lessa; he patronizes her, yells at her, shakes her when he's angry, and prac [...]

    10. This was an entertaining book and I enjoyed most of it at a three star level. However, the romance drove me absolutely insane. I was gritting my teeth and wondering if I could actually count the number of times that F'lar shook Lessa, because we women love being shaken into sensibility, and a bit later I ran across these."Oh, F'lar will be so angry with me. He will shake me and shake me. He always shakes me when I disobey him.""He'll shake me," Lessa cried, like a little girl."I told you he'd sh [...]

    11. The Dragonriders of Pern series really caught my imagination back in my preteen/early-teen years, when I picked up a library copy of The Renegades of Pern that my mom had put down. I next read All the Weyrs of Pern (thrilling at the brilliant cover art by Michael Whelan) and then started from the beginning, whipping through Dragonflight, Dragonquest, The White Dragon, Moreta, Nerilka's Story and the Harper Hall Trilogy.I recently had the urge to revisit those carefree years of meaningless scienc [...]

    12. 10/2014 Buddy Reread: Reliving my preteen years with DonOnce relieved of imminent danger, Pern settled into a more comfortable way of life. The descendants of heroes fell into disfavor, as the legends fell into disrepute.Hooray! This book was as good as I remembered. The Pern books had a huge influence on my preadolescent self and I was a little nervous about rereading it and finding out that it wasn't as good. Afraid that it would destroy the related memories I made while reading these stories. [...]

    13. A quick and easy read. The world building is light with a lot of unanswered questions, but I'm assured that the series as a whole "fills out" in that regard. I enjoyed it.The prologue had me doing a double take because it was pure scifi, with Pern being one of many colonised planets which eventually became isolated and forgotten by Earth. The technology then regressed to the more fantasy feel medieval style setting. There are dragons, but even these are indigenous animals that have been bred to [...]

    14. Around 2.5 stars. This book's prologue is terrible. It's an opening narration supposed to serve (as they usually do) as an introduction to the story. However, it feels like an unnecessary info dump, placed there because apparently readers are too stupid to figure stuff out on their own and need to be spoon fed all the important facts.From then on things weren't that bad. The story is easy to read and I found the mix of Sci Fi/Fantasy really interesting. But the plot has holes and coincidences an [...]

    15. Dragonflight is a "classic" (take that definition as you will) that merits a read, even if that's just to understand the history of the genre a bit better.The best part of the book was undoubtedly McCaffrey's dragon imagery—anything that had to do with the their relationship with their riders, the feeling of them taking flight, or their general mannerisms. I wish I had picked this up in my younger days, as I'm sure the dragons alone would have captivated my fledgling mind, and I would have soa [...]

    16. I read a few Pern books in my teen, I thought they were readable but at the time I was not all that taken with them. At that age I was not too discerning, I cared nothing for characterization, dialogue or prose. I read only for fun and escapism, not for the artistry of the works. Well, I am way out of my teen now, and I have cultivated an appreciation finesse to compensate for my own deficiency in that department.Since her recent passing tributes have been pouring in for Anne McCaffrey from nume [...]

    17. 2 stars + 1 bonus star for dragons.This classic fantasy was interesting. I had made assumptions that since this series was still beloved it would read like a modern tale. Maybe in 1968 this did feel modern with a strong heroine proving herself in a patriarchal world. However, to me it seemed shockingly old fashioned, I expect that from Jane Austen but not from the 60s. I should have known better since I have seen every episode of Mad Men :) Parts of it read like a movie from the 40s where women [...]

    18. As this book was written in 1968, I'm sure everything that could be said, has been said. I'm just amazed at Anne McCaffrey's skill in crafting such a wonderful book. It feels as fresh as the day it was written.This is the story of the planet Pern, dragons, dragonryders, and Threads that come from the Red Star every couple of hundred years.No heavy world building here, just the world as is. As of course, it really must be! I want a dragon of my own, right now! Love this book and I'll be reading m [...]

    19. This isn't the edition i read back in the dark ages. These were enjoyable books back then, they still should be. New idea at the time a cross between science fiction and fantasy.

    20. I initially got this book to participate in The Dead Writers Society genre challenge for July. I unfortunately got a PDF version of this book through my library (did not realize it until it came out of hold for me) and then just bought it. Unfortunately, that all happened after the month passed for the read. I have to keep in mind when I am doing group reads that I should see if there is a version of the book available for free or for a price that is lower than $9.99.I have never heard of this s [...]

    21. When something mentions fantasy/sci-fi and dragons the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is Pern. Even if they haven't read it. I've been hearing about the Pern books for as long as I've been reading those genres. I can remember looking at the books in the library as a kid and picking them up from shelves in bookstores but for some reason I never read a single one.With this year being about challenging my reading habits and having to choose something for fantasy I thought it high time [...]

    22. I was told to read these novels many years ago, and I have no excuse I can say why it has taken so long. I am ashamed. Why did I make assumptions? I suppose I expected overused tropes and kitschy twists, since I knew this was science fiction masquerading as fantasy, not to mention dragons, dragons, dragons But I stand corrected. At least for this first book in a long series, I stand corrected. I do feel the draw of a very open and wide horizon, a backdrop for many wonders, and I must discover wh [...]

    23. This is the April pick for the Sword and Laser book club. I found it as an ebook through my local library's holdings and zipped through it this weekend. This is clearly a book I probably would have connected with more if I'd first read it as a youngling, before I was old and jaded about dragons and romance. I can see how this book set many things for the dragon-and-rider subgenre, alongside dragonrider-dragonrider romance. The story is interesting, especially the somewhat complicated social code [...]

    24. Enter the Dragons23 September 2017 I have not only finally managed to get my hands on the first of Anne McCaffery's Pern novels, but have now managed to add it to my list of books that I have read. I remember when I was much younger these books used to be a dime a dozen, but now it is difficult to find at best, despite trawling numerous bookshops. Mind you, even though I visited Waterstones in Picadilly I was still not able to find it, though one of the problems was that the title of the book th [...]

    25. I took this review from a 5-star to a 4-star in my rereading. It's Dragonflight still an excellent book? Yes. But perhaps I read now with more of a critical eye than I did almost 20 years ago.The Chronicles of Pern contain some of the most believable and relatable dragons in fantasy, and they're truly the mold from which other dragons in the genre are cut. However, I find my issues now revolve around the human characters in the story. Lessa and F'lar, specifically, seem pulled from a YA novel of [...]

    26. As I did not particularly care for this book, I'm forgoing the usual format and just writing a quick review. I read this book as the April pick for Sword & Laser. I was vaguely aware of it being considered one of the "classics" of fantasy. It hadn't really been on my radar as something I wanted to read.In fact I had this feeling (based partially on discussing it with a friend who just read it for the first time recently) that I wasn't going to like it, so I borrowed it from the library rathe [...]

    27. Dragonflight takes you through Lessa's journey into the world of dragon riding in Pern. The book lacked character development and I barely connected with the main characters, let along the dozens of bizarre names that would fly by. I read this as an e-book and at the end there was probably 15 pages just explaining terms and who is who (would have been helpful to know earlier). While those things can be great, as a reader I shouldn't NEED those, the protagonists journey should suffice in introduc [...]

    28. What the hell did I just read? All I can remember is that confusing prologue, breeding project, a girl who kept taking showers, and many, many people with apostrophe in their names. I gave up. My reading time is too precious for this crap. AND RAPES! SO MANY RAPES! Dragons mating led to rapes? Come on!

    29. 3.0 to 3.5 stars. Really like the premise of the story and the descriptions of the dragons and their relationship with the riders. The plot was not quite as good as I would have hoped but it is still a good read.

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