Tideland Moving from Los Angeles to rural Texas with her junkie father after her mother s death Jeliza Rose drifts from the harsh reality of her childhood into a new life Escaping into the fantasies of her ow

  • Title: Tideland
  • Author: Mitch Cullin
  • ISBN: 9780297829492
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moving from Los Angeles to rural Texas with her junkie father after her mother s death, Jeliza Rose drifts from the harsh reality of her childhood into a new life Escaping into the fantasies of her own over active imagination she discovers fireflies with names, bog men who awaken at dusk, and monster sharks swimming down railroad tracks Her collection of disembodied BarbMoving from Los Angeles to rural Texas with her junkie father after her mother s death, Jeliza Rose drifts from the harsh reality of her childhood into a new life Escaping into the fantasies of her own over active imagination she discovers fireflies with names, bog men who awaken at dusk, and monster sharks swimming down railroad tracks Her collection of disembodied Barbie heads share in her adventures along with her real friend Dickens In the tradition of such cult classics as Iain Banks s The Wasp Factory and Patrick McCabe s The Butcher Boy, and playfully recalling Alice In Wonderland, Tideland, Tideland is a brilliantly dark and ingenious creation Set in a landscape populated with singular characters and stark imagery, Tideland illuminates those moments when the fantastic emerges from seemingly common occurrences and lives and a lonely child discovers magic and danger behind even the most mundane of events.

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    1. I discovered Tideland (the movie) last Spring through Netflix (I hesitate to say I was going through a Terry Gilliam phase, but I think that is how Netflix interpreted it). I was fascinated. It was grotesque. It was fantastical and disturbing. Pretty Amazing. I had to read the book. My favorite Chicago bookstore, Unabridged, did not have it in stock, but they were more than happy to special order it for me, and within a couple days, I had the book in my hands. The look of the book was decidedly [...]

    2. When neglected Jeliza-Rose is forced to grow up way too fast after the death of her mother, she finds herself not facing a harsh reality, but retreating further into childhood fantasies. With only her disembodied vintage Barbie-dolls and an intellectually-disabled adult man named Dickens for friends, she immerses herself in imaginative games rather than seeking help from Dickens or his unstable and eccentric sister, Dell. I found this book way too disturbing and morbid at times, but it's still a [...]

    3. Αν θα μου ζητούσαν να χαρακτηρίσω ένα μυθιστόρημα ως ιλιγγιώδες και προκλητικό, τότε σίγουρα το "Tideland" θα ήταν ένα από αυτά. Παρά το μικρό του μέγεθος, καταφέρνει να σε προβληματίσει με την τρελή του πραγματικότητα, να σου προκαλέσει ζαλάδα με τους ξέφρενους ρυθμούς του και [...]

    4. DNF at 73%. It felt like every chapter was trying to top the last one for which could be weirder. No. Just no. I can't.

    5. Yeah, this is one of those works of art that seems like it is running a contest with itself to see how twisted and dark it can be and still qualify as 'art'.Mitch Cullin must have given himself the idea for Tideland like this:"I think every human being is completely fucked up, and I am going to write an entire book about it."I know this method very well, because it's how I found out about this book in the first place.When I was a teenager I was really into disturbing weird twisted art, particula [...]

    6. I've never been so torn over a book in my life. It has the potential to be the very worst book I've read, or the very best -- and it all hinges on whether or not I take a moment to reflect on my childhood and recall what it's like to be innocent, carefree, and to never know any better. How fitting that the novel got picked up by none other than Terry Gilliam, a director whose films I can never bring myself to grade or gather my thoughts around, but that always seem to take residence in my imagin [...]

    7. it started off ok & it was a quick read with some moments that weren't terrible, but I didn't really like it. I didn't really find much of a story, but maybe something just went over my head. sometimes it seemed weird for weirdness's sake but it wasn't as strange or creepy as I was hoping it would be. just left a lot to be desired, for me.

    8. I saw the film when it came out. That was ten years ago and I don’t remember much about it if I’m being honest. As I read the book some of it came back to me but only impressions. I should probably watch it again now. The book I enjoyed immensely and I can see why Gilliam jumped at the chance to direct it although I would’ve been equally excited to see a version by Tim Burton; I suppose Big Fish is the closest we’ll ever get to that. My only real problem with the book was I didn’t know [...]

    9. Doug and I were at our local video rental place (TLA), not looking for anything in particular, when we happened across a copy of Terry Gilliam's movie adaptation of this book. Neither of us had seen it (or heard anything about it), and Doug is a big Terry Gilliam fan, so we rented it. The movie was odd and disturbing, but the story was strangely compelling, so when I saw that it was based on a novel by Mitch Cullin, I thought I'd pick it up at the library if we had a copy. And we did, so I did.A [...]

    10. I love the surreal genre and Tideland was surreal to a T, delivering the abstract in spades. Absolutely haunting and ambrosial.

    11. Grim story set in Texas of father/daughter living on the fringes of civilization. Somewhat reminiscent of Butcher Boy, Bunker Man, Child of God genre. Not uplifting or positive in any way.

    12. This book took me far away from reality, I dived into it further and further with every chapter. And it was gorgeous. Scary, disgusting and gorgeous.I really intend to reread it in English.

    13. Although I finished Tideland two days ago, it took me those full two days to figure out how I actually felt about it. I loved Mitch Cullins' writing style; he has skill, no doubt, shown by his ability to use sophisticated language, simplified to fit the adolescent protagonist's voice and complement the narrative, so the reader is never hindered. The writing simply flowed. However, the story itself wasrange and disturbing, to say the least.Young Jeliza-Rose has been traumatized countless times an [...]

    14. Μάλιστα. Ωραία. Χμ. Ναι. Δυσκολεύομαι κάπως να γράψω ένα σχόλιο με αρχή, μέση και τέλος για το βιβλίο αυτό, μιας και ήταν από τα πιο καμένα και σουρεαλιστικά πράγματα που έχω διαβάσει ποτέ. Λοιπόν, ας τα κάνουμε δίφραγκα που λένε: Η νεαρή μητέρα της εντεκάχρονης Τζελίζα-Ρόουζ, [...]

    15. Un libro incantato ed incantevole, fiaba macabra da far tremare i cuori. Jeliza Rose vive con il suo papà rocker e la sua mamma intossicata, in un appartamento a Los Angeles. A undici anni sa dove si compra la roba migliore, come scaldare un cucchiaio e usare un laccio emostatico. E' un rito magico per far viaggiare suo padre, lontano, in Danimarca tra regine di ghiaccio e leggendari combattenti. Lontano da una moglie di quarant'anni più giovane e troppo veleno in corpo, da far stare sdraiati [...]

    16. Η υπέροχα μοναδική Τζαλάιζα Ροουζ!!!Ο πατέρας της έγραψε ένα τραγούδι γι αυτήν, γιατί είναι ξεχωριστή.Είναι στο Τέξας , σε ένα ετοιμόρροπο αρχοντόσπιτο - της αποθανούσας γιαγιάς της- παρέα με στραπατσαρισμένα κεφάλια Μπάρμπη που φοριούνται στα δάκτυλα και έχουν δικό τους ξε [...]

    17. As with most the Gilliam adaptation spurred me on to read the book. In a nutshell (not in front of the squirrels) Gilliam nailed the book, the differences are few and obviously to enhance the dramatic flow. The book, is good, but I would add it isnt for everyone, definately marmite on that front. The premise of the story is that Jeliza Rose our heroine and a child returns with her father to his late mothers home in Texas, after the death of her own mother due to a drug overdose. Her father, is a [...]

    18. The dark and twisted tale Tideland by Mitch Cullen pulls you into the supernatural world of Jeliza-Rose. After the death of her junkie mother, she and her father go in search of his childhood home in rural Texas. They decide to stay despite it being abandoned, but on their first night there her father, Noah, has an overdose and dies, which in turn leaves Jeliza-Rose in the company of her own imagination where squirrels talk and four doll heads are her closest friends. Soon she meets her very int [...]

    19. I openly admit I find myself lacking words to describe this adequately. The author makes a habit of mixing things of a typical nature with others that are quite unusual and at times unsettling.The story is of young Jeliza-Rose and the summer she spent at What Rocks, a rundown farmhouse in Texas. For friends she has the heads of Barbie dolls, notably to start with the vain Classique. Her adventures in the tall grass beyond the house help her to escape the sadness and difficulties of the everyday [...]

    20. I wish I could say if I loved Mitch Cullen's Tideland as much as I love Terry Gilliam's. But there's absolutely no way to separate the two.Yes, it's fascinating and twisted and beautiful and creepy as hell. But every one of Jaliza-Rose's lines was spoken in my mind by (then-child actor) Jodelle Ferland. She is Jaliza-Rose, just as Jeff Bridges is Noah and Janet McTeer is Dell. They're so tightly tied to the roles that I have no idea how the book would stand on its own. The movie plot is lifted n [...]

    21. Eleven-year old Jeliza-Rose and her rockabilly dad leave California for Texas, where Jeliza-Rose's grandmother owned a house called What Rocks. Existence in What Rocks is a lonely one, so Jeliza Rose becomes absorbed in the world of her imagination and has conversations with Barbie heads stuck on her fingertips. Jeliza-Rose meets a peculiar woman next door named Dell, who lives with her creepy man-child brother, Dickens.Mitch Cullin did a wonderful job at capturing Jeliza-Rose's imagination and [...]

    22. Questo libro è un'allucinazione. Follia pura, una favola nera in cui una bambina si ritrova sola in un posto che non conosce, con il cadavere del padre e quattro teste di barbie per amiche, e conosce personaggi strani e completamente pazzi. Avevo già visto il film, che è abbastanza fedele al libro, perciò sapevo cosa aspettarmi. Ma lo stesso Jeliza Rose è riuscita a conquistarmi con la sua innocenza e con la sua immensa fantasia. C'è sempre una linea sottile fra il genio e la follia, e Cul [...]

    23. I don't know if 'Magic Curl', 'Fashion Jeans', 'Cut 'N Style' or 'Classique' would agree with my rating of Tideland (considering their individual fate), but THIS old barbie head loved every bit. In fact, almost as much as Terry Gilliam's screen effort. It's a wondrous tale, full of humour and intelligence. The lonesome and imaginative Jeliza-Rose character and the world she creates at 'What Rocks' makes for a compelling read that is, in equal parts, disturbing/fascinating. Well, unless one think [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book a lot. Quick read; managed to finish it in one day, interspersed with a full workday and a 3 hour linguisitics class. The narrative voice of Jeliza-Rose drew me in right away, and in my ling class, something was said about "the language of metaphor" that seemed very applicable to the book and specifically Jeliza-Rose's narration. Now I can't quite articulate it. Basically, J-R uses "A is B" metaphors signifying her childlike acceptance of the metaphorical paradox. The narrati [...]

    25. C'est un livre magnifique et un auteur à suivre. L'univers de cette petite fille prise entre un père ex-Rock Star porté sur la bouteille et les stupéfiants et sa mère elle aussi addict au point de faire préparer son fix par sa fille est proprement halluciné. Mais onirique aussi, les têtes de Barbies qu'elle s'est acheté au marché au puces, ponctuent le récit par leurs interventions tant bien parolées qu'en acte et donnent une dimension imaginaire au récit, qui reflète bien le monde [...]

    26. I really liked this. There just seemed to be lots of great images floating around. Surprisingly for such a short book, it seemed to move quite slow. This wasn`t a problem for me. Seeing the world and the imagination of the protagonist develop was great. Strangly, the shocks in the book - and it's really dark in places - don't shock at all! I think the author was writing incredibly well from the perspective of the child, who doesn`t understand what she's seeing and creates her own fantasies based [...]

    27. Came to the book after watching Terry Gilliam's movie; I'll allow as how Gilliam adapted the book reasonably well--there aren't any glaring differences--though as always, there are huge differences between the visual media and the readers' imaginations.I liked it well enough to hunt down a hardcover copy of the book, as well as buy the movie. But I can understand that many people will prefer the movie, or neither! Cullin's a strange author, and Gilliam's a strange movie maker, and a good many el [...]

    28. I swear that my brother John was obsessed with this book a few years ago. He would not stop bugging me to read it. I finally got a hold of a copy and tore through it. Tideland is a disturbing coming-of-age story. The main character, Jeliza Rose invents her own fantasy world as a means of escaping her difficult reality in which both of her parents are junkies. Tideland was recently made into a movie by Terry Gilliam. The movie isn't quite as good as the novel, but it does capture the spirit.

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