Diary Da quando ha sposato Peter enigmatico compagno di corso alla scuola d arte Misty venuta ad abitare sull idilliaca Waytansea Island Ora Peter dopo un oscuro tentativo di suicidio giace in coma all

  • Title: Diary
  • Author: Chuck Palahniuk Matteo Colombo
  • ISBN: 9788804577300
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Da quando ha sposato Peter, enigmatico compagno di corso alla scuola d arte, Misty venuta ad abitare sull idilliaca Waytansea Island Ora Peter, dopo un oscuro tentativo di suicidio, giace in coma all ospedale E Misty tiene un diario per quando semmai torner alla coscienza Ma trattandosi di un opera di Chuck Palahniuk inevitabile che il contenuto del diario siDa quando ha sposato Peter, enigmatico compagno di corso alla scuola d arte, Misty venuta ad abitare sull idilliaca Waytansea Island Ora Peter, dopo un oscuro tentativo di suicidio, giace in coma all ospedale E Misty tiene un diario per quando semmai torner alla coscienza Ma trattandosi di un opera di Chuck Palahniuk inevitabile che il contenuto del diario sia molto bizzarro misteriosamente cominciano a sparire una dopo l altra alcune stanze dalle case per le vacanze della zona che Peter aveva ristrutturato Misty, con l aiuto di un grafologo, scopre che sulle pareti delle stanze in realt murate sono stati scribacchiati dei messaggi terribili e minacciosi che a poco a poco svelano verit sconvolgenti su di lei e sul suo destino.

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    1. Liking Chuck Palahniuk's books must be akin to a Fear Factor challenge for most readers. And sometimes I can't help but wonder, what if THAT is what exactly Palahniuk wants the readers to feel about his works? Feel challenged by it, dislike it, feel disgusted or insulted by it--all of these by hurling the naked truths of human nature to the face of people in the harshest possible way?My first Palahniuk book is Choke, and I was sort of culture shocked when I read it--a multitude of f-bombs being [...]

    2. The way this narrative was a dairy while also describing a diary was an amazing idea. The setting and the characters were the right type of people in the right place but something about it all made it sort of gross to read. And that was probably the point and I probably missed that but I wish it was more of an actual diary. I started reading with that idea and am a huge fan of epistolary fiction. My favorite of which is The Sorrows of Young Mike.

    3. “It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

    4. no, no, no, no, no, no, no. NO.This book is ridiculous.I've never found it exactly difficult to get through a Chuck Palahniuk book because he's one of the greatest, most complex writers I know of, but this book it was such a drag. I prefferred babysitting over reading Diary.I had to pull myself through it each and every day. I get anxious if I don't finish a book so I couldn't toss it aside. The only reason I completely forced myself through it in less than a month is because I was so excited to [...]

    5. Like all of Palahniuk’s other work, Diary is vivid, disturbing, grotesque, and a bit supernatural. If his descriptions don’t leave you feeling at least somewhat squeamish, then you must have no imagination whatsoever. He is like a painter who makes the simplest object look hideously grotesque, who can look at a common scene and envision it in the twisted way only a serial killer might. Only, the serial killers in his novels don’t kill for pleasure; they kill for reasons much more creative [...]

    6. Hey, . Remember how seriously I used to take you? I would tell you every time I finished a book, and then I would tell you about the book. I guess I haven't been doing that as much lately. Kind of like how Chuck Palahniuk has been phoning it in for three books now, huh? Because look, this was the last one of his books I hadn't read. Now I have read all of them. And Chuck? The only reason I didn't give this one five stars is because it wasn't Rant, which I have built up in my head to be your gran [...]

    7. This was my first selection to our book group -- and it definitely shook things up a bit.I love Palahniuk, and this is actually my favourite of his. Fight Club comes second, so if you hate Fight Club, I can't think you'll like this. The style is still there -- short, choppy ideas repeated until you wonder why, a vocabulary that makes you double take from time to time. One of our book groupies actually read it with a dictionary to hand because she wanted to know what every word meant. Which, give [...]

    8. The Correspondents #4Dear MJ,Received your letter via Patrick. There are several things a man can do to attract a woman. I present a series of options for perusal in the following numerically partitioned sentences. 1) Kidnap. All you need for this is a car and a popular secluded late-night environs. Prowl lanes and nooks for bait. Once you have kidnapped your selected woman she will hate and fear you: the best qualities for a woman to have in any relationship. 2) Wear Down. Works best with frien [...]

    9. I have read over 8 books by this author and the only reason i gave him two stars was because i love fight club so much. honestly, i thought the movie was better than the book, but ill give it to him anyway. in an effort to be edgy and controversial, chuck loses sight of important literary necessities like continuity, concept, intelligence, character development, and so on. his books sometimes feel like i'm in someone else's bad acid trip. but of course, this is all probably intentional because h [...]

    10. My absolute favorite Chuck book so far. It spoke to me bring an artist wit the theme of artists suffering. Original storyline as usual, he does not disappoint but rather brings it fully (more so then any other book he has written, in my opinion). Suffering = living. Suffering = true feeling. Suffering = emotions. Emotions = Open mind. Open mind = creativity. Creativity = Artistic excellence. (Or something along those lines). This book made me realize why (as an artist) I go through dry spells of [...]

    11. كيف يمكنك أن لا تقع في حبّ كتاب بدأ بهذا السطر ؟ "By the time you read this you'll be older than you remember "هل تريد ان تصبح رسام ، هل تخليت عن احلامك ، هل هناك من يستغل موهبتك ؟من ضمن خطط قراءتي لعام 2015 كانت اكمال قراءة باقي اعمال تشاك بولانيكو قد وقع اختياري للبدء علي هذه الروايـة المذكرة بالتأكيد الس [...]

    12. ETA: So I bought this edition because apparently I'm in love with the book.But I didn't know that the front cover is like this:I'm so happy because the gimmick is awesome. I appreciate it.I'm sad because this is for my collection of all Chuck Palahniuk and I'd like to wrap it in a plastic cover. How would I be able to do that if the edges are uneven?So Charlie the Wallflower, unlike you, I know why I'm both happy and sad at the same time2nd reading review:Just for the record, the weather today i [...]

    13. there was very little i enjoyed about this book. palahniuk has a flair for quirky juxtaposition in his imagery, something i appreciate -- and probably the only thing i really appreciated in diary. just for the record, the 'just for the record' repeating business was super annoying. i don't mind an occasional repeat - the cadence can be quite charming at times. but repetition of this and other phrases, plus the penchant for describing people's musculature in action, it all felt pretentious instea [...]

    14. I'm always struck by just how weird Palahniuk's novels are. In the case of this one, I really thought I had it figured out. Turns out, I didn't. I should probably just give up trying and enjoy the story. Which I usually do. Misty lives on Waytansea Island with a husband in a coma and a mother in law who seems bent on pushing her to be the famous artist everyone seems to think she is. While Misty went to school for art, she takes it as an insult that everyone thinks she, a poor white trash girl, [...]

    15. Some strange shit. Always the strange shit, Chuck. This novel tackled art in a very weird way. How it was used to save a cheesy named Island. How an artist was brought to a master plan by a strange group of Island people, to do her art, convince her to do her art and fulfill the prophecy of saving the Island. Enriching it. Nurturing it. Though some parts of the book were tough for me to handle, I consider this an easy read. Especially towards the ending. It felt like it was shortened and brought [...]

    16. Il miglior libro di Palahniuk che io abbia letto.E diciamo che li ho letti quasi tutti, ormai.Misty vive su un'isola di cui ha sognato e ritratto le case e i luoghi per tutta la vita, prima di vederli. Ha un marito, una figlia, pensava di poter vivere felice rinunciando al sogno di diventare un'artista, solo grazie alla gioia domestica della famiglia che aveva creato.Ma c'è qualcuno che non la pensa così: Misty deve diventare un'artista, e sarà una grande artista, e chiunque attorno a lei la [...]

    17. I met a guy in a coffee shop while reading this.Guy: Is this your first time reading this?Me: First? Why, have you read it more than once?Guy: Nah, once was enough.What he should have said was NOT AT ALL was enough.The back had a review comparing Palahniuk to Vonnegut. No. No, no, no. If anything, Palahniuk is a slightly sour rip off of Pynchon's Lot 49.A lot of the book seemed unnecessary to the story, which is why I was able to finish it so quickly. Skimming, skimming, skimming. The story is t [...]

    18. I think this may be my favorite of his to date. It's twisted and spooky, and made me feel a little sick to my stomach on more than one occasion. Hmmmat doesn't sound like a glowing review, but if you're into Palahniuk, you know what I mean. It reminded me of Dunn's _Geek Love_ a little, in that I felt both entranced and disgusted by the characters in the stories, and I just knew that the outcome wouldn't be goodhad that nagging, sinking dread feeling while reading the entire thing; yet, the narr [...]

    19. I found this in a so-called open library. A public bookshelf where you can give or take books for free.As I read, I kept noticing little dots or lines penciled in beside the text. I got to wondering what they meant. Did they point out an interesting passage? Did indicate some text the reader didn't understand?For most of the book I was more intrigued by this mystery than by the book itself.Nevertheless, the last 20% of the book was unputdownable, so that more or less makes up for the slow start. [...]

    20. My summary of opinions of this book? So young! So angry!Anytime you see so many varying opinions of a book, it's worth picking up, even if you'll just be taking part in a literary car accident: you just HAVE to look to see why everyone is slowing down. I'll bet Chuck's airbags went off after this book, but I think it's possible that it's just a fender bender.I think a lot of Palahniuk's work is like a drunk guy shooting arrows at a bunch of children lined up against a wall with apples on their h [...]

    21. I think Palahniuk is a lot like Vonnegut (and some might disagree with me here). He is an absurdist. He takes serious issues (like class and love and why is art always schtick) and mocks our human nature to exploit everything for our own pleasure in a serious tone but in a totally ridiculous way. Many people read Palahniuk's stuff and are disgusted and/or horrified. I laugh. Seriously, I think he is one of the funniest guys around. It is not quite laugh-out-loud, but definitely chuckle under my [...]

    22. 2006 notebook: a run of disappointing books: David Peace's 1977 disappointing; Palahniuk's Diary about disappearing bathrooms a disappointment. Sophisticated Boom Boom, a growing-up-in- Eniskillen-in-the-punk-era a disappointment.

    23. Misty Wilmot was a promising young artist back in her youth. She met Peter in art school, married him, had his daughter, and somewhere along the line her talent seemed to dry up. Her husband’s unsuccessful suicide attempt has left him in a coma, and Misty is turning to alcohol to get her through the days. Peter was a contractor, and now his former clients are threatening lawsuits at Misty because rooms in their houses have disappeared and there are disturbing messages on the walls. Amidst all [...]

    24. La novela funciona. Tiene congruencia, un poco de pretensión aderezado con una historia macabra: un bebé de Rosemary del arte. El complot de una sociedad en virtud del continuum cíclico de un modus viviendi que nada tiene de romántico ni de sensible.Misty es un engendro creado por un grupo de lunáticos que pretenden sobrevivir con su estilo de vida anquilosado por años, sangrando a el arte: la pintura y lo que mucho, poco o nada pueda decir al mundo.De acuerdo, Palahniuk tiene buenas ideas [...]

    25. Novel ini perihalnya tentang seorang ibu tunggal (suaminya koma setelah cubaan bunuh diri yang gagal) yang berbakat seni melukis diekploitasi supaya menghasilkan sebuah karya agung oleh keluarga suaminya semata-mata mahu mengubah taraf hidup setiap empat generasi keluarga dan sekolektif penduduk di sebuah pulau yang menjadi hamba konsumer rentetan lambakan kehadiran pelancong luar ke pulau mereka yang telah dikomersialkan.Mereka percaya sesebuah karya agung hanya mampu diterjemahkan melalui peny [...]

    26. This is my first Palahniuk's book It's creatively written, I do quite enjoy the book as the writing style is very unique and easily get drowned to it, he (Palahniuk) could be a "Tarantino in literature" (hmmm i might be wrong). At first I annoyed with all the dates, but then, i ignored them, maybe that's another point which make this book unique, it's a diary anyway playing with dates, days, and times I have to re-read the beginning of the book for few times, when it's talking about face muscles [...]

    27. I think Chuck Palahniuk is one of those authors I just don't and am not going to get. I tried to read another book of his years ago and it left me the same way as this one -- weird, with intriguing ideas, but the writing style just doesn't work for me. Too much nihilism and odd, uncomfortable scenes that make me squirm, not in a good way.Diary is ostensibly the diary of a Misty Wilmot, whose husband is in a coma after a suicide attempt. She was an art student before she married her schlub of a h [...]

    28. This was my first, and long overdue introduction into the dark and often schizophrenic world of Chuck Palahniuk. I read this in September of 2006, so you'll have to pardon the lack of specific details.Palahniuk's success, or at least, my appreciation for this book, comes from his darkly paranoid writing style. In many cases, authors who write to imbue confusion in the reader do so at the expense of narrative cohesion. Diary's success lies in the fact that it disorients the reader, but can descri [...]

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