L'isola dei cani

L isola dei cani Bedford Crimm governatore della Virginia ha la pessima idea di varare una severissima legge sul limite di velocit E a Tangier Island scoppia il caos Gli abitanti dell isoletta ex covo di pirati in

  • Title: L'isola dei cani
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9788804520955
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bedford Crimm, governatore della Virginia, ha la pessima idea di varare una severissima legge sul limite di velocit E a Tangier Island scoppia il caos Gli abitanti dell isoletta, ex covo di pirati, insorgono dichiarando lo stato di rivolta e chiedendo l indipendenza dalla Virginia Ma questi non sono gli unici guai per Crimm che, gi alle prese con le presunte infedelt Bedford Crimm, governatore della Virginia, ha la pessima idea di varare una severissima legge sul limite di velocit E a Tangier Island scoppia il caos Gli abitanti dell isoletta, ex covo di pirati, insorgono dichiarando lo stato di rivolta e chiedendo l indipendenza dalla Virginia Ma questi non sono gli unici guai per Crimm che, gi alle prese con le presunte infedelt della moglie e dei collaboratori, deve anche far fronte a un impressionante serie di delitti e feroci aggressioni che insanguinano le strade A sbrogliare la matassa viene chiamata Judy Hammer, capo della polizia di Richmond, gi protagonista de Il nido dei calabroni, insieme a Andy Brazil, gestore di un sito Internet che si propone come sentinella morale della vita pubblica infestata dalla corruzione.Fra racconti di pirati e antichi tesori, gare automobilistiche, morti e rapimenti, i due scopriranno ben presto come tutti abbiano qualcosa da nascondere

    One thought on “L'isola dei cani”

    1. I'm surprised that I even finished this book. It is one of the worst books I have ever read. I'm a big fan of Scarpetti books but don't read this. I not sure it even rates a star

    2. The only possible redeeming quality of this book is it could be used as fire kindling. This could quite possibly be the worst book ever.

    3. This was a huge waste of time. I kept thinking it would get better didn't! Too many characters - none likeable, plot (if you can call it that) too confusing.If this had been the first Patricia Cornwell book I had read, I would never have picked up another. As it is, guess everyone is allowed a bad one once in awhile.

    4. This was quite possibly, not only the worst book I have ever read by Patricia Cornwell, but the worst book I have ever read hands down. What a disappointment. I've kept up with the Kay Scarpetta series (which has also been going downhill in the last few books), and thought I'd branch out and read the other series she has written. The Win Garrano series wasn't bad, and was short and sweet (which made it tolerable). However, the Andy Brazil series takes the cake. Hornets Nest (first in the series) [...]

    5. This is an absolutely terrible book! Cornwell is author of the Kay Scarpetta series (which I highly recommend for readers of this genre - particularly the earlier books in the series). In fact, the Scarpetta books are considered an influence in the development of the fictional, forensic television series (like CSI).However, Isle of Dogs is not part of the Scarpetta series. I couldn't even slog through to the end in audio format. Wincing in embarrassment for the author, I went online to check out [...]

    6. I have not written a review on here before, but am doing so now as I was surprised at the lack of enthusiasm from readers of this book. I loved it for its quirky characters, comedy and the way it valued kindness. I found the animal scenes especially funny! It made me curious about the settings and some of the historical asides. I have not read any books by this author and from the reviews I gather it is pretty different to her usual style so maybe that explains the dislike. I have just bought a [...]

    7. I give this book one star only because it is easy to read. I was taught to find something nice to say or don't say anything at all. This one makes that a challenge. Complete with talking blue crabs and trout, the story-line in Isle of Dogs is unbelievable and the characters shallow. I would not recommend this book.

    8. I was a die-hard Cornwell fan and even stuck with her when the quality of her writing began to go downhill. Because her early books were so compelling, I kept believing in her long after her gold had turned to dross. However, "Isle of Dogs" was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. It's clear to me that Patricia Cornwell has lost respect for her fans and thinks they'll buy whatever she's selling, no matter how poorly written. Is this what happens when authors start believing their own P [...]

    9. The story is silly and some what funny and a little scary. The scary part is that I really believe that there are self indulgent politicians with self involved family members, crooked cops and enough stupid people to make this almost a true story. I listened to this as a audio book and am now wishing that there was a way to rated the narration separate from the book. I would rate the book as a 2, but the narrator should be given 4 stars. She did a wonderful job creating separate voices and diale [...]

    10. How bad can you rate a book? I feel like a liar for giving it one star- surely there is a minus star I can put. I've been reading Cornwell since she started writing and have enjoyed her books. This one is still not finished [and only the 2nd book in my life I haven't been able to finish!] I believe she was drunk the entire time she wrote an took bad advice from a bartender [no offense to bartenders!].

    11. I only put this book on my list because it was by far the worst book I have ever read. If I could give it negative stars I would. I even wrote to the publisher demanding my money back. Story is horribly unbelievable bordering on plain stupid. It has talking crabs- enough said. I already think Patricia's writing style is questionable and this book only highlighted her weakness.

    12. Though I appreciate the fact that she is apparently trying to spread her wings from the typical Scarpetta novels, this misses it for me. There are places that simply left me shaking my head, wondering how the book could have made it onto the bestsellers list. But I won't give up on her yet.

    13. I love Patricia Cornwell, but this book is convoluted and all over places. I'm about 100 pages into the book, and the main plot has barely been touched. I hate giving up on books, but this one is being returned to the library without being finished.

    14. Absolute drivel! Do not read Patricia Cornwell's Andy Brazil series. It is lousy.Her Kay Scarpetta series is good though.

    15. I keep thinking that there were redeeming qualities about the book - but I can't think of any right nowrhaps the history angle? Not sure what to make of it

    16. This is the worst Cornwell book I have read. The other non-Scarpetta books were okay this oneI could not even finsh.

    17. This was an absolutely stupid book. The author's attempts at humor fall short of the mark. Read the Kay Scarpetta novels, but do not waste time on this one.

    18. Absolutely awful. I'd have never dreamed Ms. Cornwell could write such a terrible book, but there it is. I bought it when it was first published in 2001, but sold it on as fast as I could.

    19. If you're looking for a good Kay Scarpetta adventure, skip this book. While the spirited Quincy-like ME appears in this novel, she's just a bit player. Part of the Andy Brazil series, Isle of Dogs turned out, for me anyway, to be a bust. (FYI, Hornet's Nest and Southern Cross were this book's predecessors.)Jumping off from her more serious writing, Cornwell takes a breather, it seems, and penned this odd 400+ page story of pirates, politics, murder, and anthropomorphic* fish, crabs, and dogs.The [...]

    20. This is the first Patricia Cornwell book I've read and I must admit I was immensely underwhelmed by it. The synopsis on the cover suggested that this would be an intriguing crime thriller with a bit of humour and some quirky characters thrown in for good measure but that's not quite how it worked. Instead the eccentricities of the characters took over the story, which was flimsy at best, and resulted in a poor imitation of a Monty Python sketch. While the story did progress at pace there were ma [...]

    21. I agree with many of the reviewers that this was Cornwell's worst book I've read, though I would fall short of calling it horrible. But it was ridiculous, yet not ridiculous enough to be funny. But then it also wasn't serious enough to be taken seriously - it was kind of the worst of both worlds. Even the names in the Andy Brazil series were ridiculous, like "Windy Breezes" and "Virginia West." I guess the part about the island was mildly interesting - that's the best I can say about this book.

    22. This book this entire series of books (three) is terrible, getting progressively worse with every page, each book. I started this book in early August, and could only progress about one page each time I picked it up, it was so awful. And I generally take no more than 4 days to finish a book like this, if I am busy with other things. Awful. So disappointed in Patricia Cornwell, as I have enjoyed some of her Scarpetta books, and Portrait of a Killer. But now I am questioning whether to waste my ti [...]

    23. Worst book I have ever read. I actually ripped the book up rather than donating to goodwill as I normally do with books I dont like. I though that the world would be a better place with one less copy (in fact there are two less copies as I bought one at goodwill and destroyed that too). terrible story line, worse characters. 14 year old boy jokes. Like an attempt to write like Ben Elton by a schoolboy. DO NOT READ EVEN JUST TO SATISFY YOUR CURIOSITY

    24. I'd give this 0 stars if I could - my friend recommended Patricia Cornwell to me and this was the first one I tried. Which I've heard was an odd one, not her regular shtick. But I really disliked just about everything about this book, I think I finished it to give it a fair shake, but I don't remember much except some stupid small details.

    25. The characters were stereotypical and lacking any real depth to bring them to life and the plot was predictable. A true disappointment from a writer who has shown she is capable of much more. I can only imagine she was going through a difficult time in her life and driven by a publisher who pushing for a deadline.

    26. This is not Cornwell's usual Dr. Kay Scarpetta books, althought she does manage to bring the good Doctor in for a consult. I enjoyed this change of pace and the range of Cornwell's writing skills. This is a must read for her fans---and I am one of her biggest fans.

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