Crusaders The Teutonic Knights is an epic of medieval times and national destiny ranking as one of the highest achievements from the pen of Henryk Sienkiewicz the Nobel Prize winner for Literature in The

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  • Title: Crusaders
  • Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • ISBN: 9785170578672
  • Page: 230
  • Format: None
  • The Teutonic Knights is an epic of medieval times and national destiny, ranking as one of the highest achievements from the pen of Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1905 The novel follows the adventures of Macko, a resourceful and wise veteran of war, and his young nephew, Zbyszko, the symbol of a maturing nation, as they struggle, along with thThe Teutonic Knights is an epic of medieval times and national destiny, ranking as one of the highest achievements from the pen of Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1905 The novel follows the adventures of Macko, a resourceful and wise veteran of war, and his young nephew, Zbyszko, the symbol of a maturing nation, as they struggle, along with the unified peoples of Poland and Lithuania, against the oppressive religious military order, the Teutonic Knights Among the many memorable characters are Jurand, a merciless, bitter fighter consumed with revenge his daughter, the innocent Danusia, a girl of twelve who must face the barbarity of the German knighthood the strong willed Jagienka, equally adept at shooting a crossbow or administering an estate Hlawa, a Czech squire of noble birth who is as quick with his wit as he is with his axe Sanderus, a peddler of religious relics and indulgences whose earthly cravings seem greater than any spiritual needs A host of other memorable characters fills the canvas set against lush, almost magical forests, dangerous marshes replete with tales of human heads walking on spider legs, winter blizzards that blanket the world in a white wonderland all at once beautiful and foreboding Splendid castles are described here, court hunts, single combats that test valor and strength The customs of knights with their code of honor and feelings of love are adroitly explored The entirety culminates in one of the most important battles in medieval history, the Battle of Grunwald The Teutonic Knights was published in America in 1900 in various competing translations of erratic quality Not until 1943 did a translation worthy of this masterpiece appear, but unfortunately its release was limited to Great Britain It is this translation that has been revised and edited by Miroslaw Lipinski with an eye for both fluidity in the English language and fidelity to the original Polish.

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    1. Read onlineThe Teutonic Knights was the official name of the military order located in the northern part of Poland. The “Knights of the Cross” is a direct translation of polish word “Krzyzacy” a nickname used by Poles because the knights of this order wore black crosses on their armoradtbr busting 2012online AND paperfinished skimming this via paperback 16/4/2012. It was chewy.2.5*Once recovered from this I may have a tilt at this: With Fire and SwordETA: have found the film instead: /ti [...]

    2. The Knights of the Cross: readwithstyle.wordpress/20If you are looking for a historical novel, probably the best choice is the Polish journalist and Noble-prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz. Born in the Russian-ruled Poland in the middle of the 19th century, Sienkiewicz wrote most of his historical novels set during the Polish Republic or Commonwealth. What can be noted about him is his negative portrayal of the German knights of the cross. This idea is most evident in the historical novel The Knig [...]

    3. This is an entertaining read full of over-the-top romanticism and lots of cliche but then, it is a child of its times. If you've read it then I strongly advise seeing the film which sticks closely to the book (the director could hardly drift away from what is a much loved book amongst the Poles). The film, also, is a child of its times; there's that great "Seig Heil" moment that puts the Teutonic assault on the Poles and Lithuanians in a historical setting!

    4. The Teutonic Knights is one of my least favourite works by Henryk Sienkiewicz the author of a great Trilogy about the wars in that took place in the mid 17th century in Poland as well of Quo Vadis a remarkable book about the Christian persecution at Rome at the time of Nero. The problem might be that there is a great deal more source material for the author to have drawn on for the other two historical periods than is the case for the era of the Teutonic Knights. Sienkiewicz's descriptions of th [...]

    5. This book was well written. The medieval theme appealed to me, and I enjoyed reading about medieval custom and war, about how things worked, and about duels and unrequited love. That being said, the book provides a completely one-sided view of the events it describes. The Polish, whose side the writer obviously stands on, are always presented as living legends, strong like bulls and as honourable as humanly possible. Each and every one is extreme in his virtue, passion and valiance, while also h [...]

    6. Though nearly 800 pages, this book was a fairly quick read. Set against the backdrop of an ongoing struggle between the Teutonic Knights and the Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania, it follows the adventures of two Polish knights, Macko and Zbyszko, and their friends. The Teutonic Knights are the antagonists, and are generally portrayed as greedy, cruel, and otherwise corrupt. Various feuds figure prominently in the book. There's also a love triangle involving Zbyszko and two girls, one a very young, in [...]

    7. For me, this is a best book ever. It's well researched. Most events mentioned actually took place, you just have to look around. Because it was written in 1900 its language may be little out of date. Now you can read the latest translation on-line at: theteutonicknights

    8. Jedna z najsłynniejszych powieści największego polskiego powieściopisarza. Taaa. Niezła ściema. "Krzyżacy" to zwykłe barachło. W dodatku barachło pełne patologii. Chciwość, złośliwość, podwójna moralność, zazdrość, głupota ogólna i zapędy do osób nieletnich to norma wśród bohatyruw (przeinaczenie celowe, wręcz złośliwe). A gdy przychodzi do opisania Krzyżaków/Niemców poziom patologii osiąga wartości kosmiczne. Ci są źli, bo są źli, chciwi i źli. Niby wiad [...]

    9. Название не совсем точно отражает содержание книги. Этот роман не столько о рыцарях Тевтонского ордена, сколько о поляках и их жизни накануне Грюнвальдской битвы. Тут есть и приключения, и интрига, и классический любовный треугольник. Начало довольно тяжелое, но книга очен [...]

    10. Historical novel about the age of knights. It's relatively fast pacing and interesting but I have a feeling that I would've enjoyed it much more in my teenage years. Now the dated look of life, glorification of war, the blind faith infiltrating the everyday life and treating women as second rate beings just alienating me.

    11. it was an obligatory reading somewhen in middle school & it's getting 2 stars bc i was actually able to finish it. which was not the case for a lot of sienkiewicz's other novels.i know he was getting paid per word and i respect that! but dear god!! if i could go back in time & beat him over the head with sth heavy so he wouldn't torture us like this

    12. Интересно, но не затягивало. Такой ровный исторический роман.

    13. Rather predictable Sienkiewicz if one is familiar with his historical trilogy. The hero, Zbyszko, meets and falls heavily for a near-perfect heroine, Danusia, manages through his headlong nature to get into difficulties which necessitate his being separated from her for nigh-on 80% of the novel, only to overcome the bad guys and get back with her at the end. The wrinkles of difference in this novel are that she dies at the end, and the almost total lack of any serious political or historical det [...]

    14. ptashkabook/2016/Історичні романи - це "фішка" Генріха Сенкевича. Саме роман "Хрестоносці" прославив його, як письменника, і прочитавши його, я не дивуюсь.Написаний твір трошки складно, на перший погляд, але через 10-20 сторінок ти вливаєшся в цей стиль, в дещо застарілу мову, в ці худож [...]

    15. W czasach Sienkiewicza źródeł informacji było nieco mniej niż dziś, a odnalezienie zapisów o Polsce XIV-XV wieków było szczególnie nieprostym zadaniem. Więc oddać szacunek autorowi trzeba przynajmniej za to, że potrafił tę wiedzę historyczną właściwie użyć i stworzyć daną książkę. Od samego początku w oczy się rzuca starożytny język polski (który prawdopodobnie jest prawdziwą karą dla tłumaczy). Jako obcokrajowiec, miałem trudności z czytaniem tego dzieła, al [...]

    16. Historický epos z konca temného stredoveku, verne zobrazená doba plná klamstiev, predsudkov, mylne vykladaných skutočností a bitka o vieru za cenu krívd, krvi a spálenej zemi. Príbeh rytierov Macka a Zbyska z Bogdanca zachytáva šesť veľkých rokov pred bitkou pri Grunwalde. Autor získal za toto dielo Nobelovu cenu za literatúru a nie je sa čomu čudovať. Realisticky zobrazené životy v Poľsku, ktoré sužovala Rehoľa Nemeckých rytierov, ktorá na úkor pokrestančovania pou [...]

    17. Jak tu zaczac? Byc moze o tak: Jestem Polonista, z tym ze zdolalem zdac egzaminy bez Sienkiewicza, z czego bylem szczesliwy, poniewaz mialem w zakamarkach okropna ekranizacje "Krzyzakow" z lat powojennych. Teraz, lata pozniej, mialem odwage i stwierdzilem, iz ksiazka nie jest wcale taka zla. Dlaczego? Dlatego, ze mozna ja takze czytac jako czysto przygodowa. Nie, nalegam nawet, zeby nie czytac jej z powodu historycznego, lub informacyjnego! Albowiem miary dziewietnastowieczne, t.j. nacjonalistyc [...]

    18. I hated it. I just genuinely hated this book. It was my obligatory reading in high school and I've only managed to finish the first chapter before throwing it away. And I can't really explain what exactly pissed me off. There is another one of his works ("Potop") on the reading list, and the funny thing is almost everyone I know, who read them, either likes "Krzyżacy" or "Potop" (or neither), but never both. I guess it's like "cat pople" and "dog people" or coffe and tea. Liking one of them som [...]

    19. My mother started to read this book to me and my four siblings years ago. But we had an earlier version of the book that only had the first half of the story and was even under the title of "The Knights of the Cross". My Brother in-law lent me this book just last week and after about six years I finally finished the book. Overall the book shows the times as they were, with all the Catholic superstitions, wars, death and struggles. Though I enjoyed the book I would not recommend the book to every [...]

    20. Първият ми истински исторически роман и може би не съм създадена за такива. Очарова ме простия наивизъм на героите и колко симпатично глупав е рицарят Збишко. Може би ми отне твърде дълго време да се преборя с романа, а може би наистина действието е малко мудно, не съм сигурн [...]

    21. Despite the enormous size of this "Polish classic," it is a fast read. It is clearly a novel that spends a lot of time degrading the German knights. Ignoring the obvious bias, the book does provide a fascinating glimpse into the late Medieval society of Poland - politics, economics, diplomacy, medicine, food, and entertainment are all presented in a near-authentic background to the lead characters and their adventures.

    22. I had to read it at school. Later it was better. It's a story of Zbyszek of Bogdaniec who joins Polish forces in fight against Teutonic Knights in early 15th century. He meets Jurand of Spychów and falls in love wth his daughter. There's a despcription of Battle of Grunwald (in German sources known as 1st Battle of Tannenberg - 2nd one was 500 years later, 1914). Very good story, but the book is a little bit too thick.

    23. Książka ta była moją lekturą. Byłam sceptycznie do niej nastawiona, ale już w trakcie czytania historii miłości Zbyszko i Danusi moje serce zmiękło. Pokochałam w pewien sposób tą książkę i nie żałuję, że ją przeczytałam. Polecam ją, choć sam odczyt może sprawiać trudność przez starodawny język, ale dla book reader'a to żaden problem.

    24. Bija tīri labi - nekas pārāk īpašs, bet lasījās labi, strauji, interesanti. Autors uzcītīgi (pārlieku?) mēģina radīt viduslaiku atmosfēru ar detalizētiem sīkumu aprakstiem, nu un tajā kontekstā ir klasisks 'piedzīvojumu stāsts' ar varoņiem, kuriem patīkami just līdzi.Vēsturiskumu gan bik čakarē strikti pārspīlētais labo/ļauno sadalījums, bet nu tas laikam 'varoņsāgām' piederas.

    25. Incredible, amazing novel! I cannot really explain what I liked most about it, but it accounted for lots of strong emotions I experienced while reading it.I read it in Polish original version 'Krzyżacy' and Russian translation 'Крестоносцы'.

    26. An amazing story that stirs the very soul! Outstanding tale of bravery, chivalry and love. An amazing story that stirs the very soul! Outstanding tale of bravery, chivalry and love. Every one should read this amazing story.

    27. Remaining a nightmare from my school times, the book turned out to be an ordinary medieval adventure story, when I read it again. I found the main character quite annoying with his exagerrated pride and exaltation.

    28. O Boże ledwo to przeżyłam, czytając tę ksiązkę jako lekturę szkolną w gimnazjum. Tortury dla trzynastolatki. Z obrzydzeniem odłożyłam ją po przeczytaniu. A przeczytałam tylko dlatego, że na polskim wymagali.

    29. you enter into medieval Poland and its struggle with the german knights of the cross. the hero a young knight passes through many adventurous tragic and sad until he finds true love, peace and fame. the narrative is excellent and you really live in that fantastic world of medieval conflict chivalry rivalry and national pride.

    30. I feel like this is a man's version of pride and prejudice in some ways. I find the ending especially entertaining for that reason. The first few chapters are rough to get through but after that, it is a good read with plenty of history and some great underlying themes.

    31. I LOVED Sienkiewicz's QUO VADIS, but I could only get through a few chapters of the KNIGHTS. The writing style is just too simple for my tastes; this could have something to do with the translator of course. Shame, I was hoping to enjoy it.

    32. Exciting story about the middle ages and the religiosity that people fell into. With strong historical ties to the crusades and the Polish role in them. Has romance, history, action, and all the good stuff, very well written.

    33. That was a wonderful book,when I read it I feel that era and all those kinghts and other stuffs "BUT" author is sympathizer of Poland & Lithuania for this reason it's kinda like propaganda book

    34. Очень неторопливое повествование, но далеко не такое увлекательное как у Дюма. Збышек совершенно картонный и примитивный характер.

    35. Very good book about the beginning of Christianity in Poland and the control of Teutonic Knights (Germans) over the people.

    36. My all-time favorite book. Amazing story with a historical setting showing the what the Catholic faith really is.

    37. A dramatic and stirring tale but also a flawed and partisan apologia for Poland's war on the Teutonic Order.

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