Gods from Outer Space

Gods from Outer Space Gods From Outer Space is another fascinating examination of a part of our history that has been badly neglected It will be eagerly read and discussed by the millions of people who enjoyed Erich von Da

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  • Title: Gods from Outer Space
  • Author: Erich von Däniken Michael Heron
  • ISBN: 9780553125283
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gods From Outer Space is another fascinating examination of a part of our history that has been badly neglected It will be eagerly read and discussed by the millions of people who enjoyed Erich von Daniken s first international bestseller, Chariots of the Gods NOTE Gods From Outer Space is a reprint of Return To The Stars.

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    1. کتاب دیگری از نویسنده کتاب«ارابه خدایان» که اون کتابو هنوز نخوندم و اما این کتاب:«او معتقد است در گذشته های دور،فضانوردانی از سیارات دیگر با فضانوردی بنام «هیروگلیف» به ملاقات اجداد ما آمده اند و چون ماشین آنها دچار مشکلی شده و نتوانسته اند برگردند، و در نتیجه در زمین ماندنی [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsThis is a following book to Chariots of the Gods?: Was God an Astronaut? by the same author. And he sure as hell asks some important questions regarding the visitations of 'gods' in our pre-history.This second book, further provides documentations, speculations and explanations for us to not rule out the question of visitations by aliens pre-historically. This being unproven, the author demands further research be made archaeologically. However, as I see it, this being away from the mai [...]

    3. Gods from outer space was one of the craziest, eye opening experiences I've ever gotten from reading a novel. Von Daniken gets more crap from people in the scientific world than I've ever seen any author get, in any genre. There have been many allocations against von Daniken stealing peoples' ideas, thoughts, opinions, hypothesis and much more but none the less I loved this book. Whether his work or not, he goes into exact detail talking about every single phenomenon in this world today that sci [...]

    4. Ah, another Erik von DÄniken book. I'm still reading it, but it's basically the same as chariots of the gods. Dense, thick, sometimes hard to understand, but an experienced reader should be able to make their way through it, and understand what hes trying to say. Will update when done.

    5. This is a tale of two books. The first half of the book was more speculation on future space travel and von Daniken's opinions on the best vehicle model to travel through space. Some people might enjoy it, but I had a hard time getting through this, as I was hoping for more about the ancient texts, places, and people. That was what I received in the second half, as it dealt with ancient texts, mainly the Mahabharata and the Old Testament. For those people looking for Chariots of the Gods II, thi [...]

    6. Another crackpot theorist I used to love in my teens. Our ancestors are extra terrestrials, and the dim race memories are the basis for the Gods of various mythologies.I remember that he mentioned that India had flight in the Puranic Era based on the stories of the Pushpaka Vimana from Ramayana; also some treatise written by an ancient sage.

    7. The author interprets ancient archaeology and scriptures as describing alien visitations. The problem with highly unacademic interpretation is that one may read anything one wishes into the material. This is exactly what the author does, with no citations. Highly uneducated guesswork and buffoonery.

    8. This book series was written in the 1970s and relooks at the world through ancient eyes and pretty much talks about alien visits and how that would look. I'm a big fan.

    9. Damn good book - not going to do any spoilers - just a damn good nonfiction read that should be part of every "weird" person's library. Since I fulfill that classification, my copy is not for circulation. A damn good read!

    10. The vast majority of the points raised in this book can be found in Chariots of the Gods as well, which was a much better read. That being said, this book reads quite quickly and is enjoyable.

    11. Want to read more of from Erich Von Daniken's researches to further understand and get free my own mind from being manipulated by religious who turn in another side which beneficial to their own from the facts in the past.

    12. I'm giving this three stars for creativity and imagination, but it is pretty dated now. Also, I would have preferred if the majority of the book was about the inconsistencies that he writes about for the second half of the book. The first half of the book is about von Daniken's vision for the future of space travel and technology, which, while interesting to follow his thought process 45 years ago, I probably could have done without. That would have been fascinating to read about in 1970, but no [...]

    13. While Chariots of the Gods grabbed my imagination as a 10 yr old. As an adult reading Return to Space I cannot help but notice where he miss represents science ( using the difficulty of using carbon 14 dating on item under 500 yrs old due to accuracy errors that exist over short time lines to throw doubt on the long time line dating using carbon 14 were it is quite accurate with a error range of a couple of hundred years.) to using known faked evidence to embellish his point (eg. The Dropa Stone [...]

    14. Reading a von Däniken book is a fascinating insight into the inner workings of conspiracy theories. The author, a convicted fraudster and embezzler with no scientific background whatsoever, twists facts and straight up makes stuff up to fit everything into his weird and ever-changing theory.I very much doubt that he would have had the success he did if had been around in the early days of his writing career, because today many of his claims are so easily refutable that is almost comical to rea [...]

    15. Não é sequer necessário ler todas as obras pra concordar integralmente com o comentário de Sagan: ''Não conheço qualquer livro recente tão emaranhado em erros de lógica e erros factuais como nos trabalhos de von Däniken''. Apesar de possuir algumas informações interessantes, o livro é uma cadência de fatos descuidados e, na maioria das vezes, não comprovados, que é apresentado a uma massa que o toma como verdade e perpetua inverdades sobre um assunto já tão envolvido falácias.

    16. More of the same speculations made by von Daniken. No real proof is offered. He makes decent agrguments, but 30+ years on, we are no closer to proving his theories than we were when it was written. I did think that the speculations of 1985, presented in this book were surprisingly accurate; sadly those for 2000 were not. Being an Ancient Alien enthusiast, this book was disappointing as it really provided no new speculations from _Chariots of the Gods?_.

    17. Again, so many claims that are not substantiated once a quick google search is carried out. This means that I couldn't believe any of his so-called evidence. The parts I did find interesting were his quotes from the Old Testement since I've read parts of it and is interesting to look at it from a different point of view - who knows, perhaps there could be something in it?

    18. I would consider this more of a primer to the idea of the human race being seeded by space aliens, than a definitive non-fiction work. I got a little tired of von Danike constantly saying, "Well, since everybody else has wild theories about things, let me throw one of my wild theories at you", then proceeding as if that is gospel. Entertaining, but not thought-provoking.

    19. I loved this book. Imagine yourself getting out one fine day with a note pad and pen and asking questions to people you come across on god/space/religion etc! This book is simply a book of notes written in very simple language by Von.

    20. ok jumble sale read - mildly entertaining but confused in places and dated now. i guess even when first published it was just a bunch of notes and ideas pulled together into a book as a follow up to "chariots of the gods?"

    21. با واقعیت هایی روبرو شدم که توی ذهنم باهاشون کنار نیومده بودم .این ایدئولوژی که نویسنده توی این سری کتاب هاش بهش پرداخته بسیار جالب هست و جای تفکر داره .اینکه ما بفهمیم و باور کنیم که توی این جهان تنها نیستیم و اینکه چطور به اینجا رسیدیم بسیار موضوع جالبیه و نویسنده خیلی خوب به [...]

    22. Un gran libro y un gran investigador sobre los orígenes extraterrestres de los humanos en la Tierra en diferentes culturas.

    23. This should probably technically be in the "science fiction" shelf, but I can't bring myself to sully sci-fi like that.

    24. Everyone must read it once if they have ever looked up and and felt a truth inside which is trying to come out.

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