The Rawhide Man

The Rawhide Man Agreeing to marry a woman he does not love in order to claim her oil shares a determined man is unaware that his wife of convenience truly wants him and hides a secret fear that threatens to destroy

  • Title: The Rawhide Man
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9781551660097
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agreeing to marry a woman he does not love in order to claim her oil shares, a determined man is unaware that his wife of convenience truly wants him and hides a secret fear that threatens to destroy her.

    One thought on “The Rawhide Man”

    1. Cruel mean nasty heroI really didn't like this book. I read it but I just hated the hero. He was a jerk. And Crystal the step sister was a piece of work. If my little sister got anywhere near my husband's lips I would really miss her because she would be dead. You don't kiss a married man on the lips unless you have a funeral plan in place. Ever! And the h was such a doormat and says "oh, okay you were just happy and stuck your tongue down his throat. Okay. Whew I thought it meant something when [...]

    2. This is a nice usual DP fare with a domineering asshat hero and a sweet southern belle in a moc situation with the h browbeaten into it rather than it being a mutual decision-not that she objected strongly!But it lacked some certain something so that complete satisfaction was just out of reach.I won’t go into much detail and only point out certain things. There are many good reviews here like the one by my friend Janie. The H has the typical DP H’s blow-hot-blow-cold technique leaving the h [...]

    3. According to the above blurb I find myself it seems consistently swimming against the tide.DP's books that I have reviewed so far have the irritatingly frustrating habit of making the female leads out to be empty headed and without backbone or worse they start off strong then somehow lose themselves. Yet I know I read a couple at least that weren’t like this but I have no intention of finding them any time soon, I’ll mark the remaining books of hers that I read a few years back and leave it [...]

    4. Rating: 5 stars.Rereading: August 12 2016First read: June 2011I really love Rawhide Man. Bess, isn't a destitute damsel in distress like many of DP's heroines, but she was not spoiled and was quite down to earth. However, a doormat she is! Regardless I loved her. She loved Jude and suffered a forced marriage with him. Jude, our hero, married Bess to take control of her shares, to become a majority shareholder. Throughout the whole book, he was an arse to Bess, and was even prancing around with B [...]

    5. 2.5 stars. (Updated to round down to 2 stars because seriously, this book didn't deserve 3)Making this one quick, mostly because it's only been a day since I finished this and I've already forgotten a bunch of it. The heroine was ridiculously stupid and the hero was, as usual, the normal abusive, wishy-washy alphole Palmer male who can't make up his mind from page to page how he feels about the female. It's normal Diana Palmer fare. If you have a love for Palmer, you'll probably like this one. I [...]

    6. "The Rawhide Man" is the story of Jude and Bess.Teenage enemies and remotely related by step-parents, Bess and Jude have always got on each other's nerves.When Bess's mother dies and leaves her shares to her with the stipulation of marriage, Jude coerces *cough* blackmails her *cough* into marriage, because of the tendre Bess has for Jude's daughter Katy.How Bess becomes a positive and motherly influence on Katy and the house, fights Jude head to head on his insane demands, demanded her rights f [...]

    7. 3.75 starsIt's so different reading the book twenty years back when it was first published and reading it now. I liked it immensely then, reading it again I find I still liked it, but I find my perspectives have changed which makes me look at the book differently. I found myself getting annoyed with both MC characters, Jude and Bess. Besides, the characters surprisingly do a full 180 degree turn in the book. Where Jude started off being an ass with his harshness and ruthlessness to a mellowed do [...]

    8. I loved it. The idea is intriguing to me, even since the very beginning. I knew this book is going to be a bumpy ride. Marriage that Bess didn't want and she literally being held then dragged from her home? Awesome. To be honest, I think Jude's a bit annoying and step over the boundaries a bit too far. He's plain rude and his remarks are just harsh. BUt then again, very typical Hero of Diana Palmer that I always liked. Color me shallow, I don't mind. For an evening read, this book is just nice. [...]

    9. Hero marries heroine in order to claim her oil shares, she marries him cause she adores his daughter but thanks to her stepsister and heroine's obsessive jealousy their marriage is a battlefield. Loved the angst. Heroine was not your usual DP heroine. She got on my nerves so many times I wanted to slap her. Her insecurities and fears were unfounded and I don't know how hero put up with her. Still I loved the ending, the pregnancy, the accident and their declaration of love was swoon-worthy!

    10. Seriously? These guys really need to find better ways to express their amorous intents!! This books simply pushed my patience too much with the whole virgin/guardian's got the hots-I mean loves her but doesn't know how to show it/doesn't want to show it 'cause all women are just like the ONE vile manipulative BIT&H from his past.Whatever!

    11. Okay, I don't know what to think about this one. He was such a jerk. I wanted to smack him more often than not. I don't get why he treated her like crud when he wanted her so much. It

    12. What's not to love about an overbearing asshat of a hero, overly innocent doormat of a heroine and a beautiful money hungry step sister?? Oh add in a forced marriage plot and you have this entertaining little read!As many people said this is typical DP style and I enjoyed the hell out of it!! It was a quick easy read but I was disappointed with the outcome of the step sister Crystal. When someone is that vain and uncaring for all their lives how do they have a complete 360 attitude change and su [...]

    13. Not enough suspense I like romantic who-done-its and this was formula romance. That being said, was a good, quick read with well-developed characters. I just thought it would be more like the Jacobsville series I'm very fond of.

    14. SPOILERS!!! Cinderella, the twisted version.Did we all read the same book? This book is terrible and completely depressing. Plot holes. Why did Bess' mom hate Jude? Whatever happened to his corporation he was afraid of losing control over? That was the whole reason he was marrying her so he could take control of her shares. There is no love, how is this classified as romance? First off the plot is hard to believe, but since this is fiction I can let that go. How he treated someone he didn't want [...]

    15. Honestly, reading this book was bad for my heart. I mean it's really sad to watch the hero treated the heroine badly; verbally abusing her. It's a actually a big NO-NO for me. Still, I kept coming back. I kept reading about them. I really can't get enough of them - especially Diana Palmer's books. I guess I'm a sucker for an asshat heroes. And whenever I want book that makes me feel that clenching feeling around my heart, Ms. Palmer's books never let me down. Jude was your typical DP hero. He is [...]

    16. Not only has Bess White just lost her mother but now Jude Langston has shown up telling her she's leaving with him, going to his home, and marrying him. They're getting married even though they don't even like one another. The only reason Bess is going through with this is Jude's daughter.So Bess agrees to this farce of a marriage to give Jude her shares of her mother's oil shares and to give his daughter a mom, the kind of mom Bess wishes she always had.Bess and Clint stumble along through beco [...]

    17. I felt that Bess was a bit spineless. She basically allowed Jude to do whatever he wanted with her. Judge was an obnoxious jerk who had few redeeming qualities that only emerged at the end. I'm glad Bess eventually retrieved a little of her pride & dignity but I still think she should have made him suffer more. It seemed as if Jude changed drastically with no apparent reason because it didn't even seem as if he liked Bess at all one day and all of a sudden he wanted to make it up to her the [...]

    18. Era stato un matrimonio d’interesse, ma chi ne aveva tratto vantaggio?Jude Langston aveva praticamente rapito Bess, ma non era certo stato spinto da una passione sfrenata.Bess, dal canto suo, aveva sempre considerato Jude un tipo poco raccomandabile: bello, arrogante e diabolico.Per gli appassionati di questa autrice vi suggerisco di leggere l'articolo di Alexandra, ci troverete davvero TUTTO sull'autrice e i suoi romanzi: bibliotecaromantica.i

    19. Too short for my liking. I couldn't really connect with the characters. It is just that they are introduced and they have always been in love. Pride keeps them from talking. Quick Read Not much to evaluate on.

    20. I need to learn to close a book once I dislike either H or h. In this case - they both drove me nuts and I still finished it. The dialogue was atrocious, she was a ninny, the stepsister is just as dumb and he was an ass. The only tolerable one was the daughter.

    21. H wants h shares of stock and coerces a MOC. A lot of push/pull - h discovers she's pregnant. Catches H and stepsister kissing. h runs and has an accident and ends up in the emergency room. Nothing is what is seemed, everyone kisses and makes up.

    22. I enjoyed the story, just think it went a little over the top with the repeating things over and over. But will continue reading this author.

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