Love with a Long, Tall Texan

Love with a Long Tall Texan Based on the bestselling miniseries Long Tall Texans this book includes three short stories in which underprivileged children missing matriarchs and a twist of fate are the catalysts for romance

  • Title: Love with a Long, Tall Texan
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373483792
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on the bestselling miniseries, Long, Tall Texans, this book includes three short stories in which underprivileged children, missing matriarchs, and a twist of fate are the catalysts for romance in Jacobsville, Texas Guy, Luke, and Christopher are about to meet three women who can truly tame these Texans.

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    1. Homens do Texas 21Diana Palmer-Love With a Long, Tall Texan: LukeA princípio se tem uma idéia totalmente errada de que Luke é amargurado e preconceituoso. A partir do segundo capítulo, é visível que ele tem algumas magoas, mas, não passam de magoas, nada mais.Na realidade é um homem como a todo texano da DP, durão, viril e protetor. O diferencial de Luke é que ele não é ogro, pelo contrario. Adora crianças e sabe muito bem como lidar com elas e é muito carinhoso.Normalmente os pers [...]

    2. There was one thing I didn't like about all the stories, the fact thatthey all started thinkng about marriage so very quickly. In the second story, Luke started thinking about the 'future' the hour he figured she wasn't what he thought.Guy Fenton: 4 starsThis story was really good, a favourite, in fact. I loved the plot about Guy's past (well, I guess that much would be obvious, given my thing for tortured heroes). Candy was a sweetheart, big-hearted and generous. I really enjoyed the story,Luke [...]

    3. Relido em 19 de junho de 2016Short and sweet.Guy, Luke, and Christopher are sweet heroes and bewitched by heroines. Each one has inner conflicts but are not ogres. Liked them.

    4. AwesomeAnother awesome book by Diana Palmer! I love all three books in this set. I have enjoyed a lot of her books and they are all great reads!

    5. Sometimes it's good to read a short story or three.I found the three stories very entertaining. There were lessons to be learned and passion to drool over. Laughter and suspense to go all aroundMust read.

    6. This was a great exciting and fun read. Diana Palmer is one of my favorite authors. There are 3 stories of Texas men in this book: GUY FENTON is a man with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Chemistry and owns air cargo company and is a pilot. He's hiding from himself as manager of a feed lot in Jacobsville, TX. He meets Candace Marshall and realizes she is ill and she's hiding it from herself and everyone else.Together they find the answers to so many questionsKE CRAIG has new neighbors. [...]

    7. It was short yet an enjoyable read. I just wished it was longer.Guy Fenton - 4 starsI loved both Guy and Candy. They compliment each other. And they both understand the grief of losing someone you loved. I also enjoyed the appearances of other characters especially Cy Parks. Chris Deverell - 5 starsThis is my favorite among the three. I loved Chris, the reformed rake.He was now a changed man. And Delia was utterly likeable heroine. She's strong with a soft-heart. I loved how she made Chris felt [...]

    8. 1. Guy 4 stars After read Dr. Drew Morris's story, I was curious about Guy's past. This story brought two people with sorrowful pasts together, and gave each other hope for the future again. A beautiful short reading.2. Luke 3.5 stars Ok read, although H was not as mean as other DP's heroes, this story seemed too ordinary compared to Guy's story. And why did so many heroes asked heroines to make coffee or cook when it was their kitchen and heroines were their guests? Really rude.3. Chris 4.5 sta [...]

    9. My main problem with this book is the stories are too short. In all three stories the male character didn't like the female character when they first met and within a few pages they're declaring their love. It takes a unique story to work in a short story length. I didn't find any of these stories convincing.

    10. La historia de Chris fue demasiado rápida como para creerla pero aun así fue mi favorita. El pasado de Guy era demasiado triste u.u y te quedaba claro porque se emborrachaba, pero logro ser feliz:3En cuanto a Luke, su pasado igual era oscuro, pero creo que a su historia le falto que fuese más desarrollada:( me hubiera gustado leer más de esa pareja.En fin, 4/5 para este libro<3

    11. The story was good but i feel that if it was slightly longer and had a more personal account of the characters past and life, it would have been more enjoyable. This book has left me quite intrigued about Cy Parks though.

    12. Sweet romance but not exactly my favorite. Mostly because all stories are too short and I didn't feel the 'punch' in them. I'd rather read a complete and angsty story instead of three but light ones. But overall I enjoyed it. I liked the Guy story better than Luke and Chris.

    13. Long Tall Texans #21 (Guy, Luke, Christopher) The stories are very short. It makes the book better if you have read the other LTT stories because they sort of tie in a bit here and there. I like the first one about Guy the best.

    14. This was three books in one. They were pretty short, but they were good stories. They fell in love a little too fast to me. But I suppose that is what makes it a short story.

    15. the stories are about guy fenton, luke craig and christopher deverell and the women they fall in love with .

    16. The best of the west - Texas that is.More mind candy honorable men, earnest young women, misunderstandings, then resolution.

    17. This book had 3 separate stories in it. I liked all of then but the falling in love just happened way to fast in the 2nd and 3rd story's. Other than that it was a pretty fast read.

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