Three Tragedies: Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba

Three Tragedies Blood Wedding Yerma Bernarda Alba Blood Wedding Concerned with love that cannot become marriage among the primitive hill people of Castile this is a play of the workings of tremendous passions and tribal ritual toward an inescapable

  • Title: Three Tragedies: Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba
  • Author: Federico García Lorca
  • ISBN: 9780811200929
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood Wedding Concerned with love that cannot become marriage among the primitive hill people of Castile, this is a play of the workings of tremendous passions and tribal ritual toward an inescapable tragic end Yerma The whole tragic burden of Yerma is measured by the deepening of her struggle with the problem of frustrated motherhood From Garc a Lorca, by Edwin HonBlood Wedding Concerned with love that cannot become marriage among the primitive hill people of Castile, this is a play of the workings of tremendous passions and tribal ritual toward an inescapable tragic end Yerma The whole tragic burden of Yerma is measured by the deepening of her struggle with the problem of frustrated motherhood From Garc a Lorca, by Edwin Honig The House of Bernarda Alba Again about women whom love moves to tragedy, Bernarda Alba tells of the repression of five daughters by a domineering mother, of how their natural spirits circumvent her but bring violence and death.

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    1. Three Tragedies: Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba, Federico García Lorca تاریخ نخستین خوانش: چهاردهم ماه نوامبر سال 2001 میلادیعنوان: سه نمایشنامه: عروسی خون، یرما، خانه برناردا آلبا؛ نویسنده: فدریکو گارسیا لورکا؛ مترجم : احمد شاملو؛ نشر چشمه در 328 صا. شربیانی

    2. Ανέκαθεν μου άρεσαν τα θεατρικά έργα. Δεν είχα διαβάσει ποτέ μου, αλλά στα πεζά πάντα με έλκυαν οι διάλογοι, αν γράφω μου είναι πολύ εύκολο να αναπαραστήσω διαλόγους, ενώ από την θεατρική αίθουσα βγαίνω με μια γλυκιά ανάταση, ακόμα και αν πρόκειται για ένα μέτριο έργο. Τελευτ [...]

    3. This book has four excellent parts. The first part is a 25-page foreword written by the author’s brother discussing Lorca’s influences from their upbringing. He also discusses the differing concerns in Lorca’s drama versus his poetry. Then comes “Blood Wedding” which resonated with my Mexican pastoral background. When intelligent people live in harsh environments they may be prone to morbidity. We still hold grudges 80 for things that happened nearly a hundred years ago. I appreciate t [...]

    4. Lorca manages the nearly unmanagable: to be a poet within the world of modern theatre. This long-forgotten tradition is what makes him so unique compared to his contemporaries. Yet within the poetry, you find harsh criticisms and the views and opinions of a man way ahead of his time. The blood creeps through this particular collection, sliding from one page to the next, engulfing the reader and the character is a blood wave whose force I can only visualise, in my mind, with S. Kubrick's most inf [...]

    5. سه نمایشنامه از لورکا که با دقت انتخاب شده. به اعتقاد لورکا زندگی خیلی از ما به حدی به سنت ها گره خورده که همین سنت ها جلوی دست پامون و گرفته و سرانجام کسی که در برابرشون بایسته چیزی جز نابودی نیستبازیگران دربرابر چنین سرنوشت ستمگری سر به عصیان برمی دارند. اما هم در لحظه ی عصیان [...]

    6. Very interestingly written. Writing style reminds me of Hemingway, very short, straight to the point, but extremely powerful. The plots just stay stuck in your head. I'm conflicted over his portrayal of women. He clearly sees the injustice in the social expectations of a "decent" woman during turn of the century rural Spain. However, I find some of his character's actions not true to life and a rather negative portrayal of women as a whole. Yet, he clearly finds women characters more interesting [...]

    7. Possible subtitles:Bitches Be Crazy Without Husbands and/or BabiesOtherwise Fully Capable Adults Who Cannot Take Responsibility For Their Own DecisionsMountains Out of MolehillsThese People Need Better HobbiesJane Austen Moves to Pre-War Spain and Loses Her Sense of Humor

    8. Dark but beautiful. They are very sad, but so poetically written and presented. These translations preserve the intensity and beauty of the stories, and also give it a new life in English. I love the inclusion of some of the music in the appendix.

    9. "اینا همش تقصیر خاکهتقصیر عطری که از تو از موهای تو بلند می‌شه" و خیلی‌ وحشتناکه که همه دلایل خودشونو دارن

    10. Bad enough to be anybody in Spain under the cultural regime Lorca portrays, but to be a woman or gay or poor

    11. Ne Lorca'yı seviyorum, ne İspanyol gerçeküstücülüğünü.Ankara DT, Bernarda Alba'nın Evi'ni oynadığında izlemiş ve hayatımda izlediğim en berbat oyunlardan biri olduğuna kanaat getirmiştim. Yine de hep methini duyduğum Kanlı Düğün'ü okumuş olmak, Bernarda Alba'nın Evi'ne de ikinci bir şans vermek için (bu kadar sevilen bir yazarın oyununun bu kadar kötü olmasına inanmak istemiyor, kötü bir günüme denk geldi herhalde diye düşünüyordum) bu kitabı aldım. Son [...]

    12. “The House of Bernarda Alba and Other Plays” by Federico Garcia Lorca is a beautifully executed collection of the three best known plays by one of the best Spanish language authors of the twentieth century. This translation for Penguin Modern Classics by Michael Dewell and Carmen Zapata is unique in that it was crafted through bi-lingual productions of the works with Spanish speaking actors. This practical quality makes the translation extremely fluid and captures both the meaning and the es [...]

    13. Lorca's plays are pretty good. I wasn't absolutely riveted by them but they were a good read. 'Blood Wedding' relies heavily on colour symbolism; I felt it was obviously a play that needs to be watched to 'get it'. 'Yerma' – a story about a woman who desperately wants to get pregnant – is a little slower and tortuous, both for the central character and the reader. 'The House of Bernarda Alba' was my favourite. A bunch of sisters all unmarried, governed by a cruel mother who literally impriso [...]

    14. Say what you want about these three plays by Lorca but for me they're the work of a true original and each so distinct. There's something so expansive about "Blood Wedding" and something so masochistic about "Yerma" -- which seems so clearly about a gay man and his wife to me now. But my favorite of the three is "The House of Bernarda Alba," for which I was impatiently flipping the pages while asking "What's next? What's next? What's next?"

    15. Kadınlar hakkında üç oyun. Belki ispanyolca metin daha şiirsel ve güzeldir ama ben bu oyunlarda yerma ve bernardo oyunlarının kadınlarla ilgili meselelerini beğenmekle beraber, başka beğenecek birşey bulamadım.

    16. A spare and simple series of translations of three of FGL’s plays. One wishes for more than a trace of his original language, but the English rendering is indelible and strong, with seemingly not a trace of fluff or fat.

    17. Only read Blood Wedding, but I really appreciated the interpretation of greek tragedy in a spanish setting.

    18. This refers to the 1941 translation by Graham-Lujan and O'Connell, published by Grove Press (I think). Garcia Lorca wrote a lot in his short life, but so far as I know, these three plays are what he is remembered for in the English-speaking world. They are indeed memorable plays, full of dark passions, lust, a simple poetry, and a bit of wit sprinkled in as well. All three of take place among the peasants of the Spanish countryside, a world that an educated, urban homosexual like Garcia Lorca pr [...]

    19. با ترجمه ء عالی احمد شاملوست و نشر چشمهعروسی خون :عروسی در راه است ، اما در روز عروسی ، عروس با نامزد سابقش فرار می کند ، با این که می داند که وصال او ممکن نیست و با این کارش نهایتا ً هردو جوان را نابود می کند اما تن به این کار می دهد . این همان سرنوشتی است که او را به سمت خود می کشد . [...]

    20. کتاب شامل سه نمایشنامه از لورکاست که در هر یک از نمایشنامه ها فردی قربانی شرایط حاکم بر جامعه میشود و مادر خانواده به این مرگ و شرایط ایجاب کننده آن گردن مینهد.اکثر قهرمانان درام های لورکا بار میراث گران وزنی را بر دوش میکشند. بار آیین و رسومی خانوادگی، بار سنن ستمگر و سخت گیر ش [...]

    21. These plays are absolutely astounding. Lorca was primarily a poet, and this is obvious in his dramatic style. In Yerma, Blood Wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba, Lorca portrays frustrated female sexuality in particular with extraordinary insight. The House of Bernarda Alba, the most naturalistic of the three, but still clearly expressionistic, is my absolute favourite. After losing her husband, Bernarda becomes the head figure of the family, and in order to retain her complete domination she [...]

    22. From Blood Wedding: “’s so terrible to see one’s own blood spilled out on the groundWhen i got to my son, he lay fallen in the middle of the street. I wet my hands with his blood and licked them with my tongue--because it was my blood.” From House of Bernarda Alba: “AMELIA: To be born a woman’s the worst possible punishmentGDALENA: Even our eyes aren’t our own.” Lorca’s women have a volcanic ferocity. Their passions vehement, their sorrows chasmic and eternal, and their joys tr [...]

    23. I actually read an oxford worlds classics edition of these plays which contained the three mentioned here plus 'dona rosita the spinster'. 'The spinster' was perhaps my favorite in my book, but NEways. So these seem to deal with the plight of conservative marriage, mainly impending marriage and anxiety and tension therein or lack of marriage, which doesn't seem any easier. They are beautifully written in lorca style, plenty of duende and what not, desperation and death as well as a plethora of e [...]

    24. I didn't read this edition specifically. There is a newer edition (probably many newer editions) of these three plays. But it's the three plays themselves that matter.Reading plays with no immediate plans to go and watch them performed is always strange. I don't like doing it. Alas, though, I have to, because I also don't like watching plays on a screen. These plays in particular, and, I imagine, any play written by Lorca, are particularly meant to be watched and experienced rather than read. I [...]

    25. اول که چشمم به این مجموعه نمایشنامه ها با ترجمه ی احمد شاملو افتاد، تصور کردم که حتما باید نمایشنامه های بی نظیری باشن که شاملو اونا رو برای ترجمه انتخاب کرده اما با خوندن اولین نمایشنامه، یعنی "عروسی خون"، متوجه شدم که واقعا بعضی "بزرگان" این ژانر نویسندگی،چیزی باارزش تر از سر [...]

    26. I read The House of Bernarda Alba and Blood Wedding, and have yet to read Yerma (I'll read it when I have the time.)After reading both plays, what I discovered is that Lorca FUSES (and I think this is the right term,) different concepts, and weaves them so well together to create short and interesting plays.I liked Blood Wedding more simply because of how he meticulously wrote everything in the play. I keep thinking of the creative process that went through writing his book.Definitely have to re [...]

    27. LEONARDO: What glass cuts at my tongue!Because I wished to forgetand build a wall out of stonebetween your house and mine.It’s true? Don’t you remember?And when I saw you afarI threw sand in my eyes.But then I climbed on my horseand the horse came to your door.With the silver pins of your veil my bloodturned to darkness,and dreams they filled my flesh with the rank odour of weeds.But the guilt of it isn’t mine,the guilt belongs to the earthit is the perfume that risesfrom your breasts and [...]

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