Little Boxes Of Bewilderment: Suspense Comedies

Little Boxes Of Bewilderment Suspense Comedies None

  • Title: Little Boxes Of Bewilderment: Suspense Comedies
  • Author: Jack Ritchie
  • ISBN: 9780312029449
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “Little Boxes Of Bewilderment: Suspense Comedies”

    1. There are thirty-one short stories by Jack Ritchie in Little Boxes of Bewilderment. If you are familiar with Ritchie's work, that should be enough to make you want to read this. All the stories here are humorous mysteries, with the emphasis on "humorous." There are genuine mysteries here as well; for example, try to figure out the solution to "By Child Undone." Ritchie doesn't always have the good guy win. More often, it is the clever person who does well. However, some times the clever person i [...]

    2. Intrepid Men by Jack RitchieTranslated as Niste Oameni IntreprinzatoriI am not sure what the original title is, since I could not find the match on the internet.It is not such a fabulous story and I have passed the option to add it on as a new entry.It can entertain and even send some moralizing messages.In a small town in America, a visitor has to deal with some Intrepid Men. After he has stopped to have a coffee, he meets the local police force.It seems he could have been in Russia, Ethiopia [...]

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