The Innocent

The Innocent Getting caught is simply not an option It s been a year since Jack Marconi s wife was killed Ever since he s been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison It makes him the perfe

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  • Title: The Innocent
  • Author: Vincent Zandri
  • ISBN: 2940011815430
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Nook
  • Getting caught is simply not an option It s been a year since Jack Marconi s wife was killed Ever since, he s been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison It makes him the perfect patsy when a cop killer breaks out with the help of someone on the inside Throwing himself into the hunt for the fleeing con, Jack doesn t see what s coming.

    One thought on “The Innocent”

    1. This is a great read. You'll feel like you were inside Greenhaven Prison, that you witnessed the Attica riots and you feel the helplessness of the corrections officers working the overcrowded prison. The Innocent kept me engaged throughout and I was sorry when it ended. Loved it.

    2. Personally I don’t know how the guy does it time after time after time. I am going to admit to having read most of his work, not all of it, but most of it. The thing that always sticks with me about his writing is the depth and humanity he adds to his characters. Here is what the novel is about: “Getting caught is simply not an option.It's been a year since Jack Marconi's wife was killed. Ever since, he's been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison. It makes him the p [...]

    3. Book three in my Vincent Zandri marathon was "The Innocent." It kicks off the Keeper Marconi series, which focuses on a prison warden who makes a career change to kicking ass outside the iron house, not in it.In a nutshell, "The Innocent" once again finds Keeper set up. This time, he takes the fall for a prisoner who escaped during a dental appointment. He's got to find the prisoner and figure out how to clear his name.Actually, "this time" would be inaccurate, as I read "The Innocent" before I [...]

    4. The Innocent by Vincent ZandriPublished by StoneGate InkISBN-13: 2940011815430ISBN: 0011815434 At both the author's and blog owner's request, an EBook edition was purchased by me, for my honest opinion. Synopsis (borrowed from ): Getting caught is simply not an option. It's been a year since Jack Marconi's wife was killed. Ever since, he's been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison. It makes him the perfect patsy when a cop-killer breaks out--with the help of someone on [...]

    5. I started this series at the end, where Keeper Marconi is an established PI and the characters are pretty well set. In The Innocent, he is a prison warden. A cop killer escapes and powers within and without want to make sure Jack takes the rap. The more he digs into it the deeper he seems to get. Lots of action as he tries to point the finger in the right direction.

    6. Originally published under the title As Catch Can. A prison warden is accused of allowing an escape. He thinks the local police don't intend to investigate further and that his boss the state commissioner of Corrections intends to force him out of his job. He decides he's the scapegoat and intends to find the escapee. He becomes the investigator he needs to clear his name. How many bodies will appear in the process and why? Recommended read!

    7. The Innocent – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat‘I was their warden.I was their keeper, their mother and their father.Which is why, for me, the matter of Eduard Vasquez’s escape was such a serious offence. I had signed the release form allowing him to visit a dentist on the outside. As the keeper of Green Haven, I was directly responsible It was my decision and my decision only. What I mean is, I could have said no. But then, I couldn’t just deny a prisoner his ri [...]

    8. Edgy, real and entrapping. The Innocent will take you on a trip not soon forgotten!If you haven't heard the name Vincent Zandri, you are truly missing out on an amazing author. His talent for entrapping the reader within his stories and flinging them, head first, into never-ending action is remarkable. In The Innocent, we meet Warden Jack Marconi, a man who is mourning the sudden lose of his beloved wife, after she was killed in a horrific way, a year ago. Since her death, the warden has been le [...]

    9. For years Jack “Keeper” Marconi has been the warden at Green Haven Prison. After his beloved wife dies in an accident, he loses his focus and gives permission for one of his inmates to have a dental appointment outside the prison. This turns out to be one of the biggest mistakes he could have made. Cop-killer, Eduardo Vasquez, escapes leaving Jack accused of not having his mind on his job. The media, as well as his boss, make him the scapegoat but Jack quickly finds out there’s a much bigg [...]

    10. Here is the book that started the entire Jack "Keeper" Marconi series. In this story Keeper is the warden of a prison that is filled with corruption especially drugs. And then Vasquez the notorious cop-killer and drug dealer escapes from prison after a trip to the dentist. Keeper has been signing the chits to let him go - a civil rights issue. Unfortunately, the escape falls on Keeper's shoulders. And when Keeper finds evidence that would show that his two CO's in charge of Vasquez's dental visi [...]

    11. 3 1/2 stars. Very nice crime drama. Jack Marconi, a lead character, is introduced. At this point, he is the warden of a large prison in New York. I enjoyed the book and the character and would read more but Jack has flashbacks throughout the book to one of his first jobs - he worked at Attica and was taken captive during the Attica Riots. The Attica Riots is something I had heard about but knew very little about. I was intrigued by what was written in this book. It turns out, however, that the f [...]

    12. A Really Interesting Read About the Continuing Crisis in "Corrections"From Attica (prison) to Albany (NY), Messrs Zandri & Marconi provide us with a 25 (plus) 20 years perspective on the cruel INjustice of our terribly misnamed Criminal Justice "Corrections" system. The graphic description of the horrific actions by the rioting inmates of the 1971 Attica "corrections" facility, is interlaced through regular Jack Marconi flashbacks during his own 1996(?) struggle with corruption and INjustice [...]

    13. I really wish there was a way to give a half a star-I really want to give this book 4 1/2 stars. Very crime noir in the old school sense. Jack Marconi is a warden at a NY Prison in the late 90's, and he seems to have been a really great 'keeper until his wife was killed a year before the story begins. Since her death he is, under his own admission, floating through life and his job.A prison break by a cop killer causes Marconi to wake up. A conspiracy is uncovered, but the full extent isn't know [...]

    14. Jack "The Keeper" Marconi is the warden of Green Haven prison in upstate New York. His career is going along pretty well until a prisoner escapes while on a trip to a dentist outside the prison. Jack doesn't believe the two guards that were with the prisoner at the time he escaped and decides to do an investigating on his own.Jack finds out that everything is as it seems and he winds up on the run. His investigation turns up a web of deception that he never expected. He is still dealing with fla [...]

    15. After I read this book I had the craziest dream that was a cross between the novels The Innocent, The Shining and the tv shows Paranormal State and Sisterwives. That's what Vincent Zandri does's his magic powerhis books take you to the depths of your morality, emotions and imagination. When you fall asleep after reading his work you are left asking yourself questions, "Would I have done the same thing? How would I have reacted? Do men really look at women when they stretch?"Ok so that last part [...]

    16. love a good crime novel and was excited to read a new author, especially after reading such great reviews of Vincent Zandri's other works. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed with "The Innocent." Yes, it's an easy read, but it's just a little cliché for my taste. Zandri used the usual elements for his story: a scarred hero, a misunderstood female who is a bit of an intellectual but easily abused, the loyal female sidekick, and the usual group of criminal types who all have a good reason for [...]

    17. Haven't finished it but am really enjoying it. Can hardly put it down. It is about a warden of a prison in NY. He has a prisoner that escapes while going to a dentist. It talks about their experience when they had the uprising at Attica and how it affected their lives. The warden is blamed for the escape and the 2 guards that were transporting the prisoner hardly have a scratch on them but one of them winds up in the hospital and eventually dies. Turns out there is a scheme of drug running invol [...]

    18. I usually don't like this kind of book. I like this kind of movie--and this book would make a good movie. But I was looking for something different to read and gave this book a try. I really enjoyed it--especially the first part. (in this kind of book, the farther in, the more it stretches credulity). I also like the weaving of the current story with a story from the character's past. That gave the story depth and legs. I read it in three sittings-- really couldn't put it down without a lot of w [...]

    19. This book was a quick and easy read. It is about a prison warden thrown in the middle corruption in the prison system and being set up by former friends to take the fall for the escate of a dangerous cop killer while on a trip to a dentist outside the prison. There is lots of talk about drinking alcohol. Of course, maybe if I was in that situation I'd be drinking too but I felt it was not necessary in the plot of this book. All in all, I enjoyed this book. It's easy and quick to read. Not as goo [...]

    20. Zandri is a good writer. Reminded me of the Mike Hammer stories and Dragnet. The Innocent was well written but for me it lacked tension. Zandri seemed to spend a great deal of time going back over the reasons why the characters were in the muddle they were in. It was as if he wanted to keep reminding the readers in case they forgot why the main character, Keeper was in trouble. A good story, well told, but could have done with more cliff-hanging, chapter endings to give the story that 'can't put [...]

    21. Liked the story a lot. The flashbacks were handled well. Nice pacing and twists leave the reader guessing. The reason for the four star rating instead of five was editing. While there were only a couple errors that I remember, one of them was on a character name. I don't like being pulled out of the story with errors like that. I get distracted by trying to figure out if I am not remembering the name right.Warning: A little graphic in places both from a sexual standpoint and blood as well.I will [...]

    22. The Innocent was my first introduction to both Jack Marconi and his creator, Vincent Zandri. The story flowed effortlessly from one action packed scene to the next. Well written, I was able to get caught up into this story, where I was envisioning Bogie in the role of Jack Marconi.While I’m not a big fan of literary noir, Zandri may have just converted me. Looking forward to reading the rest of the Jack Marconi series, as well as other Vincent Zandri books.

    23. Fantastic novel, albeit very dark. THE INNOCENT is an astonishing tale of survival and the toll it takes on the human soul. Not only Zandri has drawn a great character in Keeper Marconi, but the strange, unhealthy symbiosis which he lives in with his co-survivors from Attica prison riots is downright fascinating. Blood binds, whether it runs in your vein or it's spilled on the floor. Gripping, sophisticated and infernal. This book was too good to be kept under the rug by a publisher.

    24. Wonderful Edgy and fast paced! Having read a number of Mr Zandri's books, it never ceases to amaze me that his story lines are always great. This one will leave you guessing which way it will turn out even if you think you know. Wonderfully written, with believable characters and it's great to know this is just the beginning of a series. Thanks again Mr. Z.

    25. I don't know if it was just the Kindle app, but this book had a lot of spelling and formatting errors, which made it feel quite amateurish. The story was interesting enough, but I didn't particularly like any of the characters. That makes a big difference for me. Still, it made a long plane ride go by more quickly.

    26. This novel is a little slow at times but overall really interesting. It's sad how believable all the corruption and backstabbing within the criminal justice system is, but that really adds to the novel's draw. Some of the relationships and social interactions are a little forced or predictable, but the heart of the story is the chase for proving innocence and that part is done very well.

    27. Should not have started this book yet. It's sooo good & I'm baby-sitting the grandsons! Ah well, maybe they'll take a nice long nap after lunch lolI will definitely be reading more of Vincent's work. I'll be getting The Remains in abt 3 wks so I have some good reading ahead!! I really, really enjoyed this book. Loved the characters & how the story developed.

    28. An interesting read with twist and turns! Imagine a prison warden being taken over by his own fellow CO's he knew years ago as a CO himself when they had endured a prison riot together and he's on the run trying to prove he didn't do any of the things he's accused of years later to stay out of prison himself!

    29. I had a hard time getting into this one but, once I did, it was worth the effort. Nice redemptive story about a widowed prison warden being set up to take the blame for the escape of a violent inmate.

    30. The writing is stilted. However, this has been on the 100 list for months and has 4 star reviews. The writing to me is old fashioned and sounds like I am watching Dragnet. I had to force myself to get through it.

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