Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories

Dr Horrible and Other Horrible Stories Based on the Emmy Award winning web series Dr Horrible s Sing Along Blog this collection of stories written by Zack Whedon Deadwood Fringe chronicles some of the earliest adventures in the lives of

  • Title: Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories
  • Author: Zack Whedon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on the Emmy Award winning web series Dr Horrible s Sing Along Blog, this collection of stories written by Zack Whedon Deadwood, Fringe chronicles some of the earliest adventures in the lives of archenemies Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible.This anthology solves many unanswered questions left over from the show For instance What event inspired Dr Horrible to becomBased on the Emmy Award winning web series Dr Horrible s Sing Along Blog, this collection of stories written by Zack Whedon Deadwood, Fringe chronicles some of the earliest adventures in the lives of archenemies Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible.This anthology solves many unanswered questions left over from the show For instance What event inspired Dr Horrible to become the world s greatest criminal mastermind Why is Penny, the beautiful girl from the Laundromat, still single How can you, the reader, be like blustering do gooder Captain Hammer And why is Horrible s sidekick, Moist, so um well, you ll find out Collects the first issue of Dr Horrible with all three digital comics from MySpace Dark Horse Presents Includes a never before seen sixteen page story, about the top secret organization The Evil League of Evil.

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    1. 3.5 starsKneel before the world's greatest criminal mastermind, the only man that has a PhD in Horribleness, Dr Horrible!!!First of all if you haven’t watch yet the Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog then stop everything you are doing and go watch this right now. Seriously what are you waiting for, go! Dr Horrible and other Horrible Stories is a worthy, if imperfect, prequel to the amazing web miniseries but unfortunately not so entertaining. Don’t get me wrong I liked the stories and I found t [...]

    2. I am obsessed with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. The songs are pretty much in a constant loop in my head, I watch the DVD on a regular basis, and as any devoted fan, I will take any bit of Dr. Horrible I can get until Joss Whedon hopefully decides to bring us more. So of course, I had to check out the Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories comic. The stories are perfect for fans. Since they are written by Zack Whedon, who was also one of the writers of the webisodes, so I trusted he could giv [...]

    3. Short stories set before the beginning of Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-Blog. We get to see how Moist became so moist. We see Penny dating some boring dude. We see Bad horse and his gang doing their evil deeds. We also see the first encounter between Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer.The art is so so and the stories are short and sweet. I feel this is simply for the fans who want more.

    4. ***Indie 500 Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers! Indie Publisher this time: Dark Horse Comics***Was there any doubt that I'd give this one million stars? The Whedons' are far too talented. Zack has drawn my heart back to Dr. Horrible.This was short but so hilarious. It tied into the web series perfectly, giving origin stories, backgrounds on certain characters, and highlighting Captain Hammer's "awesome" lifestyle. But with it being so short, I don't have a lot to say about it. The artwork was [...]

    5. This is a collection of short comics, all leading in to the events of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the writer understands the characters- Zack Whedon was one of the co-writers on the original webseries. Many of the comics are short enough to serve as character sketches, especially Captain Hammer's. Best was a tie between the Evil League of Evil's adventure and Dr. Horrible's origin story. Least favorite was Moist's origin story. Overall, great fun for Dr. [...]

    6. In 2008, I fell in love with "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," an Emmy winning musical webseries about wannabe supervillain named Dr. Horrible. Unfortunately, it was a very short series. Fortunately, Dark Horse has published, Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories, a collection of Dr. Horrible-themed short comics that have appeared previously in print, or online. Written by one of the writers of Dr Horrible (Zack Whedon), Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories succeeds by perfectly capturing t [...]

    7. I'm really not sure what I was expecting to get out of this. More of the movie that I like so much? More of that complexity and level of hilarity?ha.There's a reason I don't read spin-offs of works I like in other mediums, and that reason is that they usually suck. Dr. Horrible is such an excellent movie that it didn't leave me wanting more; despite its brevity, it was just enough to satisfy me with a complete story. That makes this graphic novel completely unnecessary on a whole bunch of levels [...]

    8. Tüm zamanların en iyi dizilerinden biridir Dr. Horrible benim için ve hala soundtrack'ini dinler dururum. Çizgi romanı da iç içe geçmiş güzel bir origin hikayesi olmuşT: Diziyi mutlaka izleyin. NOT2: Toplam 42 dakika sürüyor zatenNOT3:Diziyi mutlaka izleyin:)

    9. This was a pretty good read. If you are a fan of dr. Horrible's singalong blog movie, you'll enjoy this graphic novel with characters from the film including penny, captain hammer, bad horse, and dr. Horrible. Definitely check it out.

    10. I think there might be some vague spoilers in here if you haven't watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog which you should totally drop everything and watch right now watch, by the way.So, I've had this in by TBR for awhile now and then I saw it. Just sitting there on the shelf of the library. How could I not check it out? I mean, it's Dr. Horrible.I was really hoping it would be amazingBut, alas, I mainly just enjoyed the final story in the set.I mean, the intro was fun and sassy, and the colour [...]

    11. This is a slim volume of super-short vignettes that offer some origin and foundation stories for the characters from Dr's Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The graphic novel is lean and mean, but it's a highly amusing read. I'm an unabashed fan of the the original web video, so I loved every bit of it.The stories here are very short, with five separate stories fit into 78 pages. Even so, everybody gets a turn. Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible get introductions that dovetail nicely into the canon. Penny [...]

    12. These are a few charming little stories about what the characters of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog were doing before the events of the Joss Whedon internet musical. They're OK, generally lightweight looks at the lives of Captain Hammer, Penny, Moist, Dr. Horrible, and the members of the Evil League of Evil, mostly grouped around one particular event that serves as a crossover point. The art is enjoyable, with styles varying from issue to issue but not going wildly in one direction or another, a [...]

    13. As a fan of the Sing-Along-Blog I was excited to pick this one up. And with the seemingly never ending wait for a sequel, it was nice to have some more Dr. Horrible in my life. The book is an anthology of five short comics that flesh out the backstory of our characters. Although it is rather slim, I enjoyed it very much. It has a lot of wit and charm and I feel it captures the spirit the source material very well. I laughed a lot while reading this.The art was a bit hit or miss for me, but that' [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this prequel to the Dr. Horrible sing along blog internet miniseries. It gives you a bit of an inside view into Moist, Captain Hammer, the Evil League of Evil as well as Donnie Snow, and shows you how Dr. Horrible decided to become the evil villain he is now known for. Zack Whedon did a fantastic job in the story telling and what can I say, I still totally dig “Bad Horse” he is the badest of villains. ;op It was interesting to get to know the other villains a little better t [...]

    15. This is a delightful little collection of stories in the Dr. Horrible universe, and though I loved them, I felt like they were way, waaaay too short. The art's fantastic, the dialog is silly in dead-on Dr. Horrible way, and the best part had to have been the ELE taking advantage of the hero retreat to do evil, but it's all far too truncated. Of course, if that's my only complaint, I suppose we're doing alright."Why do I even bother, sickly pigeon?"I don't know, Penny, but I feel you.Anyway. :)

    16. I don't know if this one suffered by comparison to Death: They High Cost of Living, which I read just before it, or if it's because the Whedon involved was not Joss. Or if having Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day read the lines made the Sing-A-Long Blog funnier than what was on the page. Whatever the reason, this one fell flat.

    17. Very uneven, only mildly entertaining and adds nothing to the near perfect story that Joss and company created.The DVD is a complete story and if they don't leave it alone they will ruin it. We got the whole story, we don't need anymore.

    18. This is a fantastic addition to the Dr Horrible story. I love seeing how Moist and Dr Horrible first meet. I love all the little references to other characters - even Jonny Snow is in it! Poor Penny ): Always poor Penny. Absolutely loved it.

    19. If you liked the Sing-a-long blog you'll like this graphic novel. It has the same tone. It's a bit short, especially for the MSRP, but I enjoyed it. Basically it gives you the background stories on all the main characters and, more or less, ends when the short film begins.

    20. A set of prequel stories to the Sing-along-blog. It doesn't do much introduce the characters, but does give a bit of background on what was going on before we meet them in the blog.A very enjoyable and quick to read comic. Fans of the show should check it out.

    21. While written by co-creator Zack Whedon, unfortunately these stories just are not as good as the web series. They do add a little character background depth to Captain hammer, Dr. Horrible, penny and Moist.

    22. Honestly, disappointing. I didn't find the stories terribly amusing or compelling the way the musical was.

    23. This was highly enjoyable. :-D I haven't watched the "Sing-Along Blog" yet, but this graphic novel just pushed it to the top of my list. :-D

    24. Una buena introducción a los personajes del musical, pero, por las limitaciones del mismo formato, se pierde el encanto de ver toda la historia cantada.

    25. Scoop and Dr. Horrible And Other Horrible Stories! With Singing!!Some time ago the internet exploded with something wonderful and fun and beautiful.That's right, Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog took over the world and made us better for it.Except that I was an idiot and did not watch it till several years later. That's when I caught up with every other geek.And still catching up!At a FanExpo or so ago I scored a copy of Dr. Horrible And Other Horrible Stories, a graphic novel collecting a bunch of [...]

    26. This collection includes five stories, so it's understandable that I would like some better than others. Some of them I loved, and others I was unimpressed with.The first comic, Captain Hammer: Be Like Me! is mediocre. The artwork is interesting and the jokes are funny, but it's in the form of a "Do your part" PSA and there isn't room for much of a story.Moist: Humidity Rising I was more impressed with. It tells the origin story of Moist, who used to be unusually dry. The story is captivating an [...]

    27. Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories is a graphic novel, which collects a few short stories about the characters in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which you should watch, if you haven't already).The first story is called Captain Hammer: Be Like Me! Captain Hammer narrates it, talking about how awesome he is and urging people to do their part fighting crime, by doing things like reporting your friend who's good at science, because he might be a supervillain. It's basically an intro to the cha [...]

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