The Golden Age Sandman Archives, Vol. 1

The Golden Age Sandman Archives Vol The first batch of the Golden Age Sandman s adventures are chronicled in this volume reprinting stories from ADVENTURE COMICS NEW YORK WORLD S FAIR and NEW YORK WORLD S FAIR circa

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  • Title: The Golden Age Sandman Archives, Vol. 1
  • Author: Gardner F. Fox Bert Christman Creig Flessel Chad Grothkopf Ogden Whitney Jim Amash
  • ISBN: 9781401201555
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The first batch of the Golden Age Sandman s adventures are chronicled in this volume reprinting stories from ADVENTURE COMICS 40 57, NEW YORK WORLD S FAIR 1939, and NEW YORK WORLD S FAIR 1940 circa 1940 41.

    One thought on “The Golden Age Sandman Archives, Vol. 1”

    1. Golden Age super comics are rather hit or miss with me, but this collection of the earliest Sandman stories kept me interested all the way through. Many of the adventures are rather cookie cutter stuff, but the activity of Sandman is a nice change from the usual slugfests. Additionally, having as his aide-de-camp his girlfriend, Dian Belmont, a woman who definitely knows how to get into the fray if needed, is really a good bit of the attraction of these stories. If you've read the 90s Sandman My [...]

    2. These contain the earliest adventures of the Sandman, a character who Neil Gaiman would revitalize for the modern era often adapting the golden age stories. This book collects the first few stories from New York World's Fair Comics #1 and #2 and Adventure Comics #40-#59. Most of the book isn't all that impressive, with its regular run of toughs bent on various mischief. The early parts of the book with the art by Bert Christman were pretty typical of comics from the era. In many ways, the Sandma [...]

    3. The Sandman! The mysterious figure in the strange mask, with the gas gun that will put you to sleep! Often on the wrong side of the police, despite never breaking a law! Who is this protector of the innocent and do-er of good deeds?! And so on. Wesley Dodds is the man behind the formula - millionaire, brilliant inventor, and crime fighter. He is much less well-known than his cooler doppelgangers - Batman and Iron Man come instantly to mind - but stands tall in all his cheesy goodness. No dark ba [...]

    4. i loved this collection, had only read a couple of the stories over the years. one of the first superhero comics i read was the JLA issue in which Sandman finds out he trapped Sandy for 40 years because of a mistake, loved the character ever since then. this book also has some of the best art from DC, when Dian Belmont shows up she's as beautiful as anyone Lou Fine or Matt Baker ever drew. Belmont is also shown to be a partner and an equal in the stories, not a helpless Lois Lane or Joan Garrick [...]

    5. The New York World's Fair Comics #1-2; Adventure Comics #40-59I liked the character far more than I liked the stories. I liked that his girl friend was a world class safe cracker, I liked the look of the costume, I liked that it felt gritty and noir. It is just that the plots themselves were bland.

    6. interesting because of their classic status, but like most comics from the 30s its pretty much the same story over and over. good for a flip-through, but if you've read The Spirit, you'll be disappointed

    7. Pretty unremarkable compared to other GA characters, although I love the character, and I love that Dian Belmont spends a lot of time fighting crime next to him.

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