Child of Awe

Child of Awe Muriella Caldera young Scots beauty with auburn hair and wondrous green eyes Sole heir to castle and fabled fortune Stolen from her family and betrothed against her will to the second son of a rival c

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  • Title: Child of Awe
  • Author: Kathryn Lynn Davis
  • ISBN: 9780671725501
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Muriella Caldera young Scots beauty with auburn hair and wondrous green eyes Sole heir to castle and fabled fortune Stolen from her family and betrothed against her will to the second son of a rival clan.John Campbella proud young warrior and hero on the bloody fields of valor His courage has won him honors for the Campbell clan and made his name a legend but hisMuriella Caldera young Scots beauty with auburn hair and wondrous green eyes Sole heir to castle and fabled fortune Stolen from her family and betrothed against her will to the second son of a rival clan.John Campbella proud young warrior and hero on the bloody fields of valor His courage has won him honors for the Campbell clan and made his name a legend but his bloodlust dismays his stolen bride.Every corner of Muriella s new world seems locked in violent struggle, but none so fierce as that which rages in her heart She anxiously awaits the sweet awakening of love s first passion the tender touch and warm need of a gentle lover s lips, her proud heart s desire.

    One thought on “Child of Awe”

    1. Rating: 2.5The biggest FAIL of this book, in theory, is that the hero/heroine had no chemistry until the author started to force it, by then it was a little too late for me. The heroine had more (unintentional) chemistry with her maid, which is a WIN in my book. It even inspired a meme from me:This book was far from quality but it wasn't a hate read, so I'm going to round it up to 3 stars.My copy is falling apart, because the person who gifted me this, found it abandoned at a laundromat, so I'm [...]

    2. Engaging Scottish Historical and but it didn't Awe me either 3.5 stars. Child of Awe is the story of Muriella Calder whose father left her at a very young age as heiress to his large estates, much to the chagrin of the rest of the Calder and Rose clans. Muriella's guardianship was given to the powerful Earl of Argyll and he eventually takes her away from her mother's family (the Rose clan) by force with plans to wed her to his younger son John, who is not thrilled with his father's choice for hi [...]

    3. In truth, awe does not come close.This is a long book. It is also intense, suspenseful, and at times, frighteningly gory. But then, it tells of a time when men were often brutal, and women were mostly property - cherished perhaps, but still useful primarily as items rather than people.The author buildsthe suspense and intensity in this story from the very beginning, when we met our heroine (although she is still a bundled babe). The years until she is nearly old enough to wed are more or less sk [...]

    4. I read this book years ago and now that I've found out it's coming again, I am definitely going to grab a copy.The story was so intense and emotionally charged that I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to revisit all the places in this book. I loved John and Muriella. I also loved the part that it wasn't an easy fall in love with your captor story. They both struggled but overcame the obstacles to find their way to true and everlasting love. It thrilled me to discover that this story is based on r [...]

    5. My second reading of this historical novel and I enjoyed it more with the second reading. The story follows the life and times of Muriella Cawdor, from a very young child through to her marriage to the second son of a rival Clan, John Campbell. Muriella who was born with the Sight and who very often found it to be more of a curse than a blessing. The story is a wonderful tapesty of Scottish lore and a solid historical novel. Well worth the time.

    6. I don't usually enjoy paranormal or fantasy genres, at least not since I was a child. I get especially irked when I pick a historical fiction novel and the heroine has the Sight or visions or there is gypsy lore or witchcraft, without any irony or humor but as if it is a valid plot device. The blurb of Child of Awe does not hint that these elements are going to be a big part of the story. This was dishonest. I probably would not have chosen this book if I knew the plot would be mainly driven by [...]

    7. I considered adding this to my paranormal shelf. This is the story of Muriella. She is born and becomes the heir to Cawdor Castle and its properties then her father dies. To try to protect her, her mother goes to the Rose's for protection. Muriella grows up along side her cousin Hugh Rose and she expects that they will marry one day. His father certainly is greedy for the properties that their marriage would bring to their family. But when Muriella was very young the king named another man to be [...]

    8. I read this first when I was only 12 or 13. I didn't understand many of the more adult themes involved, but I did remember liking it. This isn't a genre I tend to care too much for, but in the case of this book, I have it a shot even when I was so young, and since it seemed to stick with me for decades after that, I decided I wanted to read it again and experience it as an adult.I feel like I must have gotten an edition that was different from the original one I read back then. There were elemen [...]

    9. An Amazing and Memorable BookBy the circumstances of her birth, Muriella Calder is heiress to a great estate and considerable fortune. By order of the king, the child is put under the protection of the Earl of Argyll, who leaves her with her mother until it becomes clear that her mother’s family can no longer protect her from the Calder family who want the child out of the way so they can reclaim the estate. Barely ahead of the Calder forces, the earl’s son rides away with the girl while the [...]

    10. If it were possible, I'd give this book 3.5 stars. It took me a long time to read this book. I understand the brutality of the era (1500s), set in the Scottish highlands, with Clans constantly clashing, wanting to take revenge, gain more power, to name a few motivations for the constant warfare, and I found this a bit 'too much' for me. However, I'm glad I stuck it out, as the momentum built in the latter third of the book, where the main characters were shown more depth. I also came to apprecia [...]

    11. I didn't know what to make of this story. It was well written with some beautiful descriptive phrases, but it was slow. It brought to mind the stories written in the 1970's when action was very frugal. Often nothing was actually happening and I found myself checking the percentage I had left to read. Muriella irritated me at times and her ability to see into the future didn't impact on the story whatsoever. In no way was she proactive with the Sight, using it as a tool to prevent events happenin [...]

    12. I read this as part of a book bundle Highland Charm: First Fantasies.This is not like many of the highlander books I've read where the captured bride settled easily with her warrior. It's probably more realistic with men political agendas, clan loyalty and grudges taking precedence. Woman being traded for alliances/property disregarding their wants or needs & the crushing sense of betrayal, humiliation, isolation as well the loneliness.Not a light read but filled with intrigue of conniving p [...]

    13. This story is about Muriella Calder, a child born to inherit a great fortune. She is being hunted by everyone. Some want to marry her off and others want to kill her off. I liked this book. The flow was well done and kept you reading. This book has mystery, action, love, tears and so much more. You grow up with Muriella, and feel her as she goes through everything that has happened to her. John Campbell the second son of the Earl is betrothed to the young lady and is a reluctant as she is with t [...]

    14. Enjoyed the story and the bits of legend and history incorporated. Don't usually write reviews for this kind of fiction, but I felt the need to include a disclaimer, since I wouldn't recommend it without one (especially as a married Christian woman). This is the first book I've read where I had to skim through any kind of sex scene. Though not immensely graphic, I did feel like the level of description in those few scenes was unnecessary to the story and not something I felt particularly edified [...]

    15. This book was very heavy, lots of characters, lots of details. Muriella's visions were sometimes confusing but other times made her sound like she had a mental illness. Although I realize life was difficult during this period, especially for women, the story was really depressing. Constant fighting between clans and political maneuvering got to be boring and made it drag quite a bit. The marriage between Muriella and John lacked emotion until the very end.I would have classified this as historic [...]

    16. I bought this book on impulse for twenty-five cents at a discount book store. It was sitting on the counter when I checked out. I had no clue what to expect from it, but it turned out to be a fantastic historical fiction novel, with a light romantic element. The story is set in the Scottish Highlands about the 14th century. Muriella Calder is the heir to vast properties when her father dies shortly after her birth. She becomes a pawn as different factions seek to control her inheritance. There i [...]

    17. Child of Awe is the story of Muriella Calder whose father left her at a very young age as heiress to his large estates. The book went on and on about her. I did read on to find it interesting. The rest of the chagrin was about the Calder and Rose clans. It had a happy ending, so that was good, and it was a good book. I rate 3 and half stars. Carry on, my sweet author, I will buy another book by you, because, I believe in you.

    18. enjoyable read, well written, the dialogue never felt clunky. Historical fiction with a touch of paranormal & romance, it could've been such a mess but instead I wanted more, I wanted this to be a series so I could spend more time with the characters, Muriella, John, Megan, and Duncan. Would've liked to get more of Isabel Calder in this book, and there seemed to be a red herring towards the end with Colin, but overall I'd recommend it to my friends.

    19. I have to say the book was well written; imagery provoking and the story travelled well. However, I hated reading it. The storyline was boring and protracted. I ended up doing some speed reading to get to the "good bits" i.e. emerging love between Maurella and John but was so frustrated. It's not how I like to read a book. By the end of Part 1 I despaired that I had to get through a Part 2 before the book would end.

    20. Normally not my genre, but given that I misspent three formative years of my youth in Scotland (about as far north as you can get)I was drawn to the book. Scotland is a harsh and beautiful land and the book conveys this wonderfully. More violent back then, but violent enough when I was there. The romance is over my head, but the history,the mood, and the settings are spot on.

    21. Beautiful writing and descriptions of Scotland captivated me from the beginning. This book was a little frustrating because of so many misunderstandings between the main characters, and there was a strange plot twist, plus one that ended unresolved. Even so, this gets five stars, because of gorgeous GORGEOUS prose!

    22. This is historical fiction not a romance novel, and has some interesting parts about clan relations, weaving, politicals/power, and life in the 1500s. But I found the Second Sight storyline to be a distraction and ultimately it, for me, impeded the love story. (If you're looking for the best Scotland based historical fiction, look to Outlander.)

    23. was a interesting book but kinda lost it a lil when she kept on pushing him away everytime he tried to make love or touch her bc of her "sight" things she saw Im glad that they got together in the end but took a long time and looked like they wouldnt but wasnt one of the best historicals ive read

    24. I read this because it was recommended to me by a tour guide in the Scottish castle, Cawdor Castle (yes, the Shakespeare reference in Macbeth as the Thane of Cawdor is the same Cawdor). Anyway, decent book.

    25. I absolutely adored this book!!! I will be looking for more by this author. At first, it seemed that this book was going to be VERY depressing but it gradually changed and ended on a great note! Would highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Scottish romance with a touch of fantasy.

    26. From 1987On Kindle Unlimited Part historical fiction, part romance.Annoying misunderstandings ruined it fir me.Liked the historical aspect, but the heroines visions of drowning every time her husband tries to have sex with her, really, really got old by the end of the book.

    27. Overall it was a great story. Pretty easy read. Like other reviewers, I was impatient with Muriella to be content with her husband. I also wasn't totally entertained by her visions. I liked the story and Scotland setting.

    28. This is the book that started me reading about Scotland through stories, histories, maps, travels, songs, etc these since 1994.

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