Season of Darkness

Season of Darkness In the darkest days of the Second World War following the disastrous retreat of the British army from Dunkirk in England is plunged into a state of fear The threat of a German invasion is real

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  • Title: Season of Darkness
  • Author: Maureen Jennings
  • ISBN: 9780771043253
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the darkest days of the Second World War, following the disastrous retreat of the British army from Dunkirk in 1940, England is plunged into a state of fear The threat of a German invasion is real, and many German Nationals are interned in camps such as Prees Heath, near Whitchurch in Shropshire, where Tom Tyler is the sole Detective Inspector.Young women from all walkIn the darkest days of the Second World War, following the disastrous retreat of the British army from Dunkirk in 1940, England is plunged into a state of fear The threat of a German invasion is real, and many German Nationals are interned in camps such as Prees Heath, near Whitchurch in Shropshire, where Tom Tyler is the sole Detective Inspector.Young women from all walks of life have joined the Land Army to help desperate farmers keep the country fed When one girl is found murdered on a desolate country road, Tyler is almost glad for the distraction from other troubles His rural posting is dull A lover has reappeared and turned his emotions upside down His soldier son seems utterly changed by Dunkirk His daughter is an unhappy 16 And he is uneasy becoming allied to a Prees Heath internee, a psychiatrist claiming expertise on the criminal mind.

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    1. Police officer Tom Tyler thinks his life is dull. It's England, 1940, and there's a war on, but you wouldn't know it in the quiet Shropshire town of Whitchurch. Things change when the body of a young Land Girl is found along side a road, shot through the head. Tom must find the culprit, while dealing with his crumbling marriage, a son left traumatized by Dunkirk and the return of a former love.This is well written and researched with finely drawn characters and a satisfying mystery. I loved the [...]

    2. First of a planned trilogy set in Shropshire, England in 1940. Inspector Tom Tyler is roused from his usual rather boring job in the small town of Whitchurch when one of the Land Army girls is found brutally murdered and posed. England is at war, and these girls are trucked in from the cities to help farmers with crops while most of the men are serving their country. The killing rouses suspicion that there may be a "Jerry" on the loose who possibly parachuted in, but Tyler believes the killer is [...]

    3. Season of Darkness is not a well-put-together book. The story is decent (but not superb), the writing style is easy enough to read, but the editing and proof reading was surprisingly bad for an accomplished and well-known author. Maureen Jennings' previous work, which became the popular TV movie and program called Murdoch Mysteries, should mean this new trilogy would be well-written and well-edited. Unfortunately there are far too many grammatical errors and omitted words to make it enjoyable. I [...]

    4. cbc/murdochmysteries/ep author's consultant on favorite TV 1900 Toronto Detective Murdoch is preferred, for humor, costumes. Cannot "like" this brutal murder mystery, or read sequels. But terrifyingly accurate powerful depiction of reality deserves credit. Uncorrected proof (disclaimer) kept me and others up all night (also tried to prevent nightmares by staying awake). Gruesome war visuals may be true, but hard to swallow. Title is from Charles Dickens 'A Tale of Two Cities'. First of trilogy i [...]

    5. I'm sort of surprised that I read this all the way through. What a creepy bunch of folks: Tom Tyler, the main character and a policeman, may no longer love his wife, but without more information about her and their relationship, I can say he acts like a total cad, to put it nicely. His main squeeze is also a creep from beyond the palee was Tom's lover once, and took off to be married without a word to him. Now she shows up again, still married, and refuses to acknowledge Tom's wife and family an [...]

    6. The last third of this story was well done; however, it was slow getting up to that point. Still a good police/historical mystery and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    7. Thanks again to First Reads giveaways :)This being the first uncorrected proof I've ever read I was at first highly distracted by typos (the curse of a teacher) but had to remind myself to move past them (they got fewer as I went along which also helped). Overall I enjoyed the story but found the use of "time specific" vocabulary and references a bit too much. I can see where someone like Tom Tyler and other characters might speak that way but would have appreciated a glossary of some sort to e [...]

    8. A well-paced historical mystery set in the Shropshire countryside in the summer of 1940, as England was moving from the false calm of the phony war into the full horrors of the Nazi threat. A Land Army girl is found dead on a country road and the search for her killer gets more complicated when another girl disappears and the fear engendered by the violence so close to home connects to the fear of the perhaps-looming German invasion and the complicated emotions stirred by the frantic escape from [...]

    9. I discovered the author when I watched the series Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix and found that she had been the writer who had inspired it. Perhaps for better or worse there's slightly less detail of the country and the times than in corresponding Ian Rutledge titles by Charles Todd. The ending might be less of a surprise solution than you might expect, but even when you knew it had to be, sympathy is the emotion anyone will feel as the last bit of answer is revealed. Tom Tyler (certainly well-su [...]

    10. A complex, exciting, and very credible mystery, set in rural England in 1940. I am so excited to discover Maureen Jennings. Her characters are entirely human, real and credible, down to the subtlest nuance. After the chaste high-mindedness of Jacqueline Winspear, my most recent mystery writer crush, Ms. Jennings characters are so refreshingly sexual and frank. I can't wait to read the remaining two books of the series, as well as her Murdoch Mysteries, which are set in Victorian Toronto.

    11. I liked the feel of the book, the sense of WWII era England. The main character, a policeman is married but cannot get over his first love who has come back into town. Neither of them seemed to have much of a sense of commitment, which bothered me a little. The ultimate mystery was a little thin, but okay. I do look forward to the next in the series. I think they will have to kill off the wife so he can "honorably" be with his true love.

    12. It's 1940 in Whitchurch a town in Shropshire England, shortly after Dunkirk. The land army girls have arrived to help the farmers and many German nationals and Jews who have escaped Germany are interned in camps. The setting and history is portrayed flawlessly and the mystery and the characters are fantastic. Very atmospheric read and I could not guess who the murderer was before the ending. Supposed to be the 1st in a new trilogy and I can't wait to read the next one.

    13. While I enjoy the English setting and the WWII time period, I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. I couldn't seem to care for any of the characters so it was hard to keep an interest in what they thought or did. The mystery aspect was well done and kept me turning the pages. But I found parts to be a little coarse. Not sure if I will read the others if it is a planned trilogy.

    14. Very disappointing. It can't make up its mind whether it wants to be a police procedural, a WWII historical novel or an adventure/thriller novel. Although it all fits together well as a plot, there's no sense of urgency or excitement until near the end vut, by then, it's all too little too late.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    15. Although this is not the first of the Tyler books, it seemed developed. I am unfamiliar with the setting of the book which enhanced the reading. I have read almost all of the other series and seen the tv and DVDs. Easy read, but not a waste of time.

    16. Finally finished. The book got better as it progressed. You are gradually introduced to the main characters.The end is a bit of a shock. will look to get hold of the second book in the series.

    17. Season of Darkness is a historical police procedural set in rural Shropshire in 1940. Detective Tom Tyler is in charge of an investigation into the murder of a land girl – a working class Londoner who has moved to the area to help work on local farms. The girl was known to be a flirt and possesses money in-excess of her salary. Shortly after her friend also disappears while taking a short cut to a church service. While some suspect their deaths are the work of a German parachutist, others susp [...]

    18. Disappointing. I picked this up in a charity shop - seduced by the cover ;)The writing is fine, but the constant inclusion of pages of italics made this a very difficult read and in the end I simply skipped all those sections which meant I missed out on a lot of the plot.I have no idea why authors feel the need to use italics like this - my heart always sinks when I turn a page and there they are- pages and pages of the dreadful things. (I am sure I am not the only one who hates reading italic p [...]

    19. This book takes place in Shropshire, England, in 1940. Four local boys, all friends from childhood, had joined the military and were caught up in the evacuation at Dunkirk. One was killed and one came back with serious mental issues. Another became a sort of ne'er do well. The fourth is the son of the local detective inspector, Tom Tyler. Shropshire is also the location of a camp of German internees. When two young Land Girls are murdered, Tom Tyler, uneasily, takes up the cases. His difficultie [...]

    20. Season of Darkness by Maureen Jennings 5 stars our of 5Excellent book set in 1940, England. Where to begin. I love background history of WWII in 1940. She covers the Farm girls (girls who came out of city to work in farms), internment camps for Germans and Jews living in England, rationing coupons and people trying to get around the system. Characters are very well written and with many dimensions. Our main character Tom Tyler is a flowed man but a hard worker and a good inspector. Ms. Jennings [...]

    21. This was an excellent police procedural with a few twists: it took place in the quiet Shropshire countryside early in WW2; it involved "land girls" who had volunteered to work on the Shropshire farms; there was an "enemy" internment camp (mostly German Jews without papers) near the scene of the murders; and the lead inspector (Tom Tyler) who was married with 2 children, was engaged in a romantic relationship with a mysterious old flame just back in the country. I particularly liked the realism a [...]

    22. c2013: (4) FWFTB: Whitchurch, Luger, poppies, Land-girl, internment. The mark of a good author, I feel, is if you can jump into the middle of a series and not feel that you have missed a vital part of the story. I have picked up books like this before and have been driven to start from the very beginning of the series, they were so good. Unfortunately, not so with this one. I just could not understand the underlying emotions that were driving the main characters and it was heavy going just getti [...]

    23. While initially a little slow going, this first book in the Tom Tyler series picks up speed as events pile on top of each other. It's 1940 and in rural Shropshire a large internment camp of enemy aliens is the centre of much intrigue and suspense. There's a spy and a series of murders that put a lot of pressure on Inspector Tom Tyler. Meanwhile he's dealing with an unhappy marriage and two troubled offspring, plus the surprise return of his old love. It all makes for quite a lot of stress.I like [...]

    24. Tom Tyler is the police inspector in a small English village during WWII. His son, a soldier rescued at Dunkirk is having problems. A woman Tom loved 20 years ago has returned. There is a detention camp in the area where German nationals and people considered security risks are interned. The majority are Jewish intellectuals who escaped from Germany but don't have their British naturalization papers. Two Land Army girls, working the farms around the neighborhood are murdered. An interesting stor [...]

    25. This historical mystery is set during the Second World War, in Shropshire, England. Tom Tyler is a policeman who has to investigate the murder of a Land Girl. Was it a "Jerry parachutist" or was the murderer one of the interns at the nearby intern camp, or was it a local person? Atmospheric, and entertaining, although Tom does seem to come and go as he pleases, he doesn't seem to have to explain anything to his unhappily married wife. The first in what was described as a trilogy, but I found a f [...]

    26. This is an easy, enjoyable read which carried me along with it. I'm not sure how sympathetic we are supposed to be about the main character. I can't become invested in his relationship with his first love, because his wife and her emotional suffering are somewhat cursorily glossed over.The descriptions of Dunkirk were, I believe, accurate and horrific - as they should be.It is an interesting description of life in an internment camp in England at the beginning of WW2 and the end is very exciting [...]

    27. I loved Setting of 1940 England. A good murder mystery with lots of suspects and very interesting characters. The background of this book also touched on the events in Dunkirk and I have just seen the movie so I felt the connection. I'm looking forward to reading more Maureen Jennings books.

    28. First time reading one of Maureen's other series. Quite enjoyed it. The Tyler series is set later than the Murdoch books (1940) and I plan on continuing with the series. The detective has many sides and is someone easy to like. It's evident the setting and time period were well researched.

    29. Being the first book of a new series, I gave some allowances to the slow start. The story was very good and the characters were interesting enough that I would like to learn more of their story. As other readers commented, I was a little disappointed in the editing.

    30. By the author of the Murdoch Mysteries. Story takes place in England during World War III and features detective Tom Tyler. Ok read.

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