Harem Rich in visual imagery Harem vividly depicts the exotic bazaars and dangerous alleys of the city and palace chambers brimming with conspiracy and betrayal as well as love and redemption A seductive a

  • Title: Harem
  • Author: Dora Levy Mossanen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rich in visual imagery, Harem vividly depicts the exotic bazaars and dangerous alleys of the city and palace chambers brimming with conspiracy and betrayal as well as love and redemption.A seductive and intriguing journey from the humble Persian Jewish quarter to the fascinating world of shahs, soothsayers, eunuchs, and sultanas, Harem follows three generations of strong wRich in visual imagery, Harem vividly depicts the exotic bazaars and dangerous alleys of the city and palace chambers brimming with conspiracy and betrayal as well as love and redemption.A seductive and intriguing journey from the humble Persian Jewish quarter to the fascinating world of shahs, soothsayers, eunuchs, and sultanas, Harem follows three generations of strong willed and cunning women Rebekah a poor girl married to the abusive blacksmith, Jacob the fatherless who emerges from her disastrous match with a mysterious brand between her breasts Gold Dust, Rebekah s treasured daughter, who enters the opulent and perilous world of the harem and captivates the shah with her singing bones and Gold Dust s daughter, the revered and feared albino princess Raven, who will one day rule the empire.

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    1. Harem / 0-7432-3021-3"Harem" is a great example of how *not* to write; this promising novel is completely riddled with Mary Sue characters and "tell, don't show" writing. The three multi-generational Mary Sues here are Grandmother Rebekah (stunningly violet eyes), Daughter Gold Dust (molten yellow eyes), and Granddaughter Raven (ruby red eyes and silver hair that glows in moonlight). Grandmother Rebekah possesses magical brand in the center of her chest that changes color and shape depending on [...]

    2. This book was amazing. It's so rich and full of colour and flavour, and taboo history. As a writer, I wonder what one has to do to write like Mossanen. "Harem" reminded me of Colette's work, but without all of the French-ness and bit more "erotique"

    3. Takes place in 14th century Persia, story of 3 women, Rebekah, Gold Dust (yes that’s her name), and Raven. Great imagery, I felt like I was in the harem in Persia.Learned some Persian history.

    4. Highly visual and evocative, Mossanen brings us a novel that pleases the human sensuality while upholding the empowerment of women. Centering on three generations of female protagonists, "Harem" points out the weaknesses of men in society and teaches the general public how women, though seemingly frail and powerless against the tides of a male-dominated history, take their own role in shaping the world. Vividly visual with Ancient Persia's myth and grandeur, Mossanen takes her readers on a journ [...]

    5. I wasn't expecting to dislike this book, but it wasn't what I expected. Was this supposed to be historical fiction or fantasy? The boundaries were too distorted for me. I was hoping for something on the level of Rebecca Kohn's The Gilded Chamber and I was disappointed. The main character was not admirable, sure she is out to make a good life for her daughter by any means possible. Truly. But, was it really necessary for the author to write an explicit sex scene between her (a seasoned prostitute [...]

    6. Jewish women enter the Turkish harem. The description of the tastes and scents made the scenery come alive. I was also intrigued by the magical elements. The three-generation storyline teetered on the edge of "epic" and basically justified the 378 pages. Some additional thoughts were posted to Helium.

    7. The story of three cunning women and the way the all get what they want in the end. I love it. Mother, daughter and grand-daughter, three generations all living completely different lives. It was extremely vivid for me. I read it all in one sitting. For a debut novel I think it was worth every penny and every minute of my time.

    8. The first two sections of the book that introducted Rebekah & Gold Dust were not too bad.but did not enjoy the last portion that included Raven. Found the book centered on the characters and not on the "Harem". Title confuses you on what the book really is about.

    9. This book is a must-read for all those people out there who, like myself, enjoy the tales of seduction and intrigue. in a journey from the humble Persian Jewish quarter to the fascinating world of shahs, soothsayers, eunuchs, and sultanas!!!

    10. Very good. I liked the part where Rebekah decided to take her daughter to the harem so she could have some sort of future.

    11. When I was at page 171 of this book, I wrote in : Very lush, rich, delicious. Like staying in a five-star hotel in a foreign country.I rated it four stars then. So why the drop?It's a bit silly, but I'll try to explain. See, there was this scene in page 211 where our intrepid mini-heroine/scarychild Raven has to brave a body of water filled with sharks, and here's what she excitedly thought (as narrated): What if she conquered the voracious mammals? If she survived, nothing could ever stand in h [...]

    12. This is a story centering around 3 women: Rebekah, a Jewish girl who's sold into marriage by her mother; Gold Dust, Rebekah's daughter; and Raven, Gold Dust's albino daughter. Rebekah's husband is abusive and nasty, and she tries to leave him but cannot. When he finally dies, she has to do what she must to survive, and she becomes a prostitute. Rebekah also begins collecting a dowry for Gold Dust and searching out the perfect husband for her. When those plans fall through, Rebekah turns to the r [...]

    13. I'm gonna be judgemental and say that I'm surprised a woman wrote this book. It toed the line between being a novel and porn. I'm not talking like "he mounted her with his quivering member" - I'm talkin rim jobs, girl on girl action, incest and putting hungry rodents in certain places. Normally I like a book with some steam to it but it was almost distracting with this one. You had to set the book aside every few pages to jack off.That being said - I definately recommend this one to all you guys [...]

    14. This novel was apparently Mossanen's first, and it was an incredible debut. Three generations of women, all amazingly powerful and spiritual in their own ways. Rebekah, the first, has violet eyes and the ability to seduce any man. Gold Dust, her daughter, captivates the shah and becomes the favorite of the harem. Her daughter, Raven, an albino princess who becomes her father's lover, is destined to be the queen of Persia. It's a very rich novel, with settings and descriptions that literally enfo [...]

    15. A very interesting and unique novel about women back in 14th century Persia. The story starts with a young girl who is married off to an abusive blacksmith shortly before her mothers death. She bears him a daughter and after she convinces him to commit suicide and discovers she can't find his hidden fortune she becomes a prostituwe and vows her daughter will have a better life so she wiggles her way into the Shah's harem and gets her daughter married to the Shah. But life within the Harem is not [...]

    16. a magic journey in the persian world full of memories flavors colors thoughts and memories.a wonderfull experience of love between souls and fire inside the bodies and mind.Three woman want everything with any cause ey finally have it after a lot of sorrow pain blood emotional death.when you finish this book you know that true love is outside and she will find you whenever you areMAGIGAL USE OF LOVE AND DEATH IN THE SAME TIMEA UNIQUE SAD FAIRYTALEA TOTAL FEMALE WORK OF POWER USED WITHOUT THINKIN [...]

    17. I bought this at the King's English and well, you know. The title is Harem. What did I expect. The concept in itself is interesting; how does a branded Jewish woman establish herself in the court of a shah through exploiting and supporting her daughter as his wife. The language is thickly laden on, but you know, I might have been expecting more than the book had to give. The end completely falls apart and then dives straight into complete melodrama.

    18. Ugh I tried y'all. Started out really interesting and magical realistic but then it had a weird "fair and beautiful skin, dark skinned people are subhuman" racial thing and aggggh.The sex was really vague and gross when it wasn't being vague. There were a lot of times when I was sure sex was happening but I couldn't tell and a prostate stimulation scene I could have gone the rest of my life never having read.

    19. This book was just dumb. Smutty, but not even in an exciting way. It was trying to raise the half-hearted romance novel sex to the level of feminist treatise, but how a daughter lusting after her father is supposed to be empowering is beyond me. Basically, all I got out of this book was that the authoress has some issues about men she needed to work out and that she has an obsession with the reactions of her nipples.

    20. I've never been a huge fan of magical realism. This novel definitely includes a hefty portion of the fantastic along with more down-to-earth passages. I'd say that I liked the plot, but some of the details got to me. I also found the ending to be too unbelievable, and not in the magical realism sort of way.

    21. The story disturbed me profoundlywell pretty much any story involving incest puts me in the disturbed category. That being said, it was extremely intoxicating and well written. It also, sadly, simply added to the large amount of literature that mystifies and orientalises the Middle East!

    22. Very triggery for rape and incest. It's very strange, and I felt like I was in an opium haze the entire time I read this book. I liked parts of it, but other bits were hard to take. I don't quite know if it worked, but I think I would give Ms. Mossanen another try.

    23. This book was very good. It gives a lot to think about, and makes you question which characters are "good" and "bad," and whether any of them can really be classified as either.Although I really liked this book, I can't really think of anyone to whom I would recommend it.

    24. Gerbils up the keester, father-daughter incest, flat charactersnsider this a yawnfest with the occasional bizarre (and unnecessary) sex interlude (and it isn't even well-written sex).

    25. Sensual novel, brilliantly creative and fantastical. Vivid images and forbidden subjects are touched upon in a classy way.

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