The Spirit of Food: Thirty-Four Writers on Feasting and Fasting Toward God

The Spirit of Food Thirty Four Writers on Feasting and Fasting Toward God Description You are invited to a feast for the senses and the spirit Thirty four adventurous writers open their kitchens their recipe files and their hearts to illustrate the many unexpected ways th

  • Title: The Spirit of Food: Thirty-Four Writers on Feasting and Fasting Toward God
  • Author: Leslie Leyland Fields Nancy J. Nordenson
  • ISBN: 9781608995929
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Description You are invited to a feast for the senses and the spirit Thirty four adventurous writers open their kitchens, their recipe files, and their hearts to illustrate the many unexpected ways that food draws us closer to God, to community, and to creation All bring a keen eye and palette to the larger questions of the role of food both its presence and its absencDescription You are invited to a feast for the senses and the spirit Thirty four adventurous writers open their kitchens, their recipe files, and their hearts to illustrate the many unexpected ways that food draws us closer to God, to community, and to creation All bring a keen eye and palette to the larger questions of the role of food both its presence and its absence in the life of our bodies and spirits Their essays take us to a Canadian wheat farm, a backyard tomato garden in Cincinnati, an organic farm in Maine into a kosher kitchen, a line of Hurricane Katrina survivors as they wait to be fed, a church basement for a thirty hour fast inside the translucent layers of an onion that transport us to a meditation on heaven, to a church potluck, and to many other places and ways we can experience sacramental eating In a time of great interest and equal confusion over the place of food in our lives, this rich collection, which includes personal recipes, will delight the senses, feed the spirit, enlarge our understanding, and deepen our ability to eat and drink to the glory of God Featuring the writings of Robert Farrar Capon, Wendell Berry, Lauren Winner, Luci Shaw, Andre Dubus, Jeanne Murray Walker, Brian Volck, and many others, INCLUDING ORIGINAL RECIPIES Endorsements I m trying to resist the temptation to pun describing this as a rich feast of essays, or essays one will relish with delight, or essays that one should savor, and so forth but I can t This collection is a meal for the mind Mark Galli Senior Managing Editor Christianity Today This is a gift to the Body of Christ delicious prose and glistening dishes to assist the necessary recovery of our whole persons As Saint John Chrysostom proclaims The table is rich laden feast royally, all of you The calf is fatted let no one go forth hungry Let all partake of the feast of faith Let all receive the riches of goodness Taste and see, indeed Scott Cairns author of The Compass of Affection From the sheen on the belly of a fresh caught salmon to the reassuring heft of homemade bread straight from the oven, this new collection by thirty four outstanding writers opens by celebrating the sheer joy of eating, then ushers us into the realm of holy sacrament The Spirit of Food, edited by Leslie Leyland Fields, is not only rich in wisdom gained the hard way through the gathering, growing, and preparing of what winds up on our multifarious tables but shines with luminous gratitude at the abundant graciousness of God Paula Huston author of Forgiveness Following Jesus into Radical Loving Leslie Leyland Fields has done those of us interested in The Spirit of Food a great service by collecting thirty four wonderful essays and recipes Her careful choices remind us of the many ways God can be present in the human experience of eating The essays on fasting, feasting, and the Lord s Supper join others which recall the experiences of grace or the call for justice which occur in everyday meals Shannon Jung author of Food for Life The Spirituality and Ethics of Eating I loved reading all these wise, honest, and funny people writing about eating the conundrums and efforts and delights involved in our relationship to food, and God, and God as food It s a beautiful and inspiring collection of essays I ve been praying and eating better since reading it Debbie Blue author of Sensual Orthodoxy About the Contributor s Leslie Leyland Fields is the author of seven books, including Surviving the Island of Grace A Life on the Wild Edge of America and Parenting is Your Highest Calling and 8 Other Myths That Trap Us in Worry and Guilt She teaches in Seattle Pacific University s Master of Fine Arts Program and lives in Kodiak, Alaska.

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    1. Our “Thing”When I was dating my wife, I would often hear the question, “What do you two have in common?” While we enjoy similar bands, movies, and comedians, we do not have a “thing” that defines us. Some couples’ “thing” is theater, for others, it is season tickets for a pro sports team. We, on the other hand, just enjoyed spending time together. Is spending time together a “thing?” Perhaps. But if so, it is a rather boring “thing.”However, I loved cooking with Tara. W [...]

    2. I thought I was hungry for more theology of food this summer. I checked out a whole bunch of thick, systematic books that expounded on food in the scriptures, Christian attitudes toward food production, and more. One by one, I abandoned these books. They lacked the celebratory attitude that I was seeking. And then only one book remained. This book not only remained in the pile, I enjoyed it so much, I decided I wanted to own it. So I bought it and read it and since then have been savoring my fav [...]

    3. Okay, so maybe a 5-start rating is premature since I haven't read it yet, but since it does contain one of my essays and those of several other catapult-magazine-connected folks, I can tell you with confidence: it's going to be good. :)

    4. The Spirit of Food provides 34 short essays on food, fasting, feasting, and faith. There a few "classic" essays, excerpts from Capon's Supper of the Lamb, Wendell Berry, Alexander Schmemman on the Eucharist, but most are new and grounded in memory of family and of church, that keep well from sentimentality. A large majority of the writers are women and the collection also contains a high percentage of more liturgical (Episcopalian, Lutheran, Orthodox, and Catholic) writers evoking more sacrament [...]

    5. This is a wonderful collections of essays. I discovered several new authors to add to my to reading list. I particularly enjoyed the lack of pretension that makes its way into a lot of food writing today. The essays are short, interesting and heartfelt. Although primary Christian,the focus is on the sacred nature of food and how we share the experience. There is no heavy handedness only good writing and a love and respect for food and the earth.

    6. This is a thoughtful and sustaining collection of essays and recipes, a diverse portrait of the ways we nourish our families and ourselves. Read my complete review here.

    7. The Spirit of Food: 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting Toward God (Cascade Books, 2010) is a wonderful collection of essays by an all-star cast of gifted writers on the connections between food and Christian faith. The book reminds me of one of those summer food festivals that feature samplings from all the best restaurants in town. I remember growing up with the annual Bite of Seattle. We would pay an entrance fee to get in and then tent by tent we would make our way around the festival stalls, [...]

    8. Even as I ask these questions, I know something is missing. Something our grandmothers and mothers knew at their church potlucks, as they carried to the communal tables Velveeta broccoli casseroles and Jell-O salads greener than any fruit dared to grow. In our zeal for purity and right living, we may have forgotten something other generations and cultures knew. That food is more than politics; food is more than economics; food is more than culture, entertainment, nutrition, even justice. As impo [...]

    9. I just really loved this book. As noted in the title, 34 writers submitted an essay about food, and at the end of most chapters a recipe is included. I seriously just want to start inviting people over to dinner. It seems to me that eating has just become a task that we do. We feed our bodies in order to live, we feed our families because that's what we are supposed to do. But sharing a meal together is really a time of consecration. This book will make you slow down, and really consider what sh [...]

    10. Last fall, I spent a quarter with a junior English class looking at (and sometimes eating) food. We talked about its various dimensions: aesthetic, nutritional, economic, ethical, spiritual. Toward the end of that quarter (too late, really, to benefit the class) I came upon this book while looking for readings on the spiritual dimensions of food. It provides a feast of enjoyable and meaningful reflections.Fields, who directs the writing program at Seattle Pacific University, draws many essays fr [...]

    11. Increasingly, food is becoming a matter of law. And not simply by the governing authorities in what they tell us we should eat and not eat. But also within the church. The human heart within a person is not satisfied to simply make decisions about non-essentials (like food) for itself. It needs to call others to the same. Whther explicitly or simply by comparison."I will not feed those foods - with all those chemicals - to my children."How many believers have watched a documentary like Food, Inc [...]

    12. I found these essays when I was looking for books on spiritual disciplines. I thought I needed something new for a class and it turned out that I found something new for me. It took awhile until it was the right time to read these and then I devoured them. (pun intended) I found the authors, their reasons for writing and their recipes fascinating. From the beginning where the writer is preserving wild fruits through the essay on hollandaise and another on hog mog to the last essay on baking brea [...]

    13. AMAZING BOOK! Before the end of the first "chapter" I was in love. I say "chapter" because it is a collection of stand alone essays or short stories. Often as a homemaker I feel discouraged; like I play a meanial or unimportant role. This book elevates eating, food preparation, gardening, baking, cooking, entertaining, hospitality, etc. to a whole new level. Great stories, so much Christian and Biblical perspective.Some other awesome part of this book is that it is such a fantastic resource! Eac [...]

    14. Like any compilation, this one had delightful essays and others that left me nonplussed. It also had the unique feature of recipes at the end of every essay—-some I'm dying to try and others at which I didn't look twice. This anthology's thoughtful lines and lovely stories provided a helpful balance to the “sinful eating issues” books I've read, helping present a positive picture of how eating and drinking can point to and glorify God.

    15. Loved the format - an essay and a recipe from each author - somehow tied to God as Provider, or Jesus as the Bread of Life. Parts are over the top green and would ban us all from ever stepping into a grocery store. but I can appreciate people who enjoy growing things and feeding their families well.

    16. This anthology is quite thought provoking. Each essay very different and searching. I liked some of the essays better than others, but that is the joy of an anthology! Just skip one if you aren't taken by it and get on to a different one.

    17. Really interesting book on the relationship between food and a spiritual relationship with God. Loved the essay about how to cut an onion -- now I think of it every single time I chop one. I'd say that's a sign of good writing!

    18. Preparing home grown food is almost a holy thing. Gathering together, the uncrushed pace, enjoying each other's company. It all goes together for the endace.I came away with new thoughts on making food, eating and hospitality. Refreshing book!

    19. I loved some of the insights in this book and argued in my head with others, but a whole book about food and the spiritual life was an overall treat for me! I'm glad I own it to reread parts from time to time, and there are some yummy looking recipes to try as a side benefit.

    20. Hands down, one of 3 favorite books from 2013. An amazing compilation of essays which help us to understand there's more to food than calories.

    21. I loved this book. Food has a lot to do with the spiritual life, and the authors bring this out in their essays. A book to make you thinkd recipes to make you eat!

    22. Interesting concept, good book. I'd give it a 3.5 and recommend it to anyone interested in spirituality and food. A few of the essays were incredible, a few were terrible, most were pretty good.

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