Flesh and Bone

Flesh and Bone Anthropologist Dr Bill Brockton founded Tennessee s world famous Body Farm a small piece of land where corpses are left to decay in order to gain important forensic information Now in the wake of a s

  • Title: Flesh and Bone
  • Author: Jefferson Bass
  • ISBN: 9780060759834
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Anthropologist Dr Bill Brockton founded Tennessee s world famous Body Farm a small piece of land where corpses are left to decay in order to gain important forensic information Now, in the wake of a shocking crime in nearby Chattanooga, he s called upon by Jess Carter the rising star of the state s medical examiners to help her unravel a murderous puzzle But after rAnthropologist Dr Bill Brockton founded Tennessee s world famous Body Farm a small piece of land where corpses are left to decay in order to gain important forensic information Now, in the wake of a shocking crime in nearby Chattanooga, he s called upon by Jess Carter the rising star of the state s medical examiners to help her unravel a murderous puzzle But after re creating the death scene at the Body Farm, Brockton discovers his career, reputation, and life are in dire jeopardy when a second, unexplained corpse appears in the grisly setting.Accused of a horrific crime transformed overnight from a respected professor to a hated and feared pariah Bill Brockton will need every ounce of his formidable forensic skills to escape the ingeniously woven net that s tightening around him and to prove the seemingly impossible his own innocence.

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    1. Flesh and Bone is the second book in the Body Farm series and it was just as brilliant as the first one!Dr. Bill Brockton and his college and friend, Dr. Jess Carter, are restaging the death scene of a murder victim in order to narrow down the man's time of death, thus assisting authorities in their investigations into the killing. At the renowned research facility in Knoxville Tennessee, known as the Body Farm, Bill and Jess are using a donated body fitting the victim's stats, height, weight, e [...]

    2. Anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton, founder of Tennessee's world-famous Body Farm for forensic studies, is accused of murder. I enjoyed this story. I took off one star because the author engaged in one of the things I find most irritating in a work of entertainment, he got on his soapbox and ridiculed other people's cherished beliefs. In here there is a scene where Dr. Brockton lectures his college class on how ridiculous it is to believe in creation, and that all the evidence points to evolution. [...]

    3. A step down from the first with a meandering plot that went nowhere fast.What annoyed me into a review is that halfway into the book, there's a heavy handed creationism vs. evolution debate. I'm as atheist as any other atheist, I reckon, but I found it tasteless - with the creationists being portrayed as morons and the MC representing the Voice of Evolution. Whether this - the fact that creationists are generally morons - is true or not, it's still very obviously inserted into a plot that has no [...]

    4. The body farm is easy to imagine because I watch Bones, the TV show.I love Jessamine Carter, the ME for Chattanooga, currently filling in for Knoxville as well. She drives a red Carrera, that fits her personality and allows her to cut travel time off her commute.“Do men really believe that’s what six inches looks like? Try three and a half.”Humor and death do go hand in hand, don’t they?Dr. Brockton, is a forensic anthropologist and professor at the University of Tennessee and stages bod [...]

    5. Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass.This is the 2nd in the body farm mystery series and my 9th. Unfortunately I didn't read this series in order. Please don't make that same mistake. Dr. Bill Brockton is working with Jess Carter the state's ME on establishing the identity of a murder victim found tied to a tree. The shocking display of the victim has everyone on the case working long and exhausting hours. The toll becomes apparent on Jess who is fast becoming Dr. Bill's paramour.Then the unthinkabl [...]

    6. The forensic anthropology was more interesting than the character. I ran out of patience with the clumsily-devised protagonist. The ineptness of the 60-ish fellow, thrown into dating by the death of his wife, is not cute, just tiresome. His grandchildren run screaming when he knocks on the door because they saw on the news that he was a murderer. I mean, really. And there is some silliness about his being trans-phobic, and then inexplicably Miss Georgia Youngblood becomes his bosom buddy. Charac [...]

    7. The mystery part of this book was excellent. The science was interesting and a bit gross (much takes place at the Body Farm), it followed a good progression and didn't make any fantastical leaps. But there was an agenda in this book that made it feel preachy.There is a whole subplot regarding creation/evolution that has nothing to do with the mystery. This would be fine except that the way it is presented is highly insulting and disrespectful. Every time this issue is brought up in the book it i [...]

    8. I never read the back of a book before I start the book itself. This is one time that I wish I would have. After finishing the book I was so sorry to tell the characters goodbye that I went on to read 'About the Author' and learned that Jefferson Bass is actually a writing team. The 'Jefferson' of the team is Jon Jefferson, a journalist who also wrote and produced National Geographic's documentaries on the Body Farm. The 'Bass' of the team is Dr. Bill Bass, the University of Tennessee's professo [...]

    9. #2 in the Body Farm mysteries featuring Dr. Bill Brockton, founder of the research institute dedicated to learning more about how we decompose. In the first book, I enjoyed the forensic parts but was not crazy about the main character, and that trend continued in this book. For all that Dr. Bill Brockton is the consummate “nice guy,” I just can’t get attached to him, nor do I really care much about him—even when he’s suspected of murder. He’s just boring milquetoast for me. But I *di [...]

    10. 4 StarsStarted off with a simple murder, and it quickly became something else entirely. A twist that I did not see coming, ugh! :(

    11. Jefferson Bass return with their second explosive novel, equally as exciting as the first and full of teaching moments, as well as a well-laid plot and great character advancement. Not only is the reader treated to a great mystery (or two), but we learn a great deal more about physical anthropology and the environs of Eastern Tennessee. Although the book can get a little technical, it is not above the threshold of most readers and does entertain some interesting ideas/debates that remain prevale [...]

    12. So far, and admittedly, I am only about 5 chapters in, this is about 180 degrees in term of gore that the first of the series. I don't know if the editors patted the authors on the heads and said, "Nice first book, but you know what sells? EXTREME GORE." The first book focused on science, and on suspense and atmosphere. This second book is so disgusting that I might not be able to finish it. If we don't get past the preliminary scene of crime parts pretty soon, I'm moving on.Edit: Man, this book [...]

    13. I felt that this book was better than the first one. I found it hard to put down even though I had a pretty good idea who the murderer was. It was a little harder to figure out who was framing Bill Brockton. The forensic details are a little gruesome, but the are handled pretty well.This would be an excellent book if it wasn't for the diatribe against anyone who believes in creationism or intelligent design. I found it to be an intolerant and even bigoted. There are noted scientist who believe i [...]

    14. I thought I had written a review of this one. Apparently my mind is playing tricks on me.This was the second Jefferson Bass book that I've read, and I really enjoyed it. The reveal at the end came as a surprise to me (although it probably shouldn't have done.) But the characters were interesting, and well-fleshed-out, the story was engrossing, and I think I might have even stayed up way too late one night finishing it. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

    15. A good read! I could put it down for the first half, but accidentally got sucked into reading the rest of it, instead of sleeping! Liked how there was a lot going on before the extra body showed up! I wished there was more loose-ends tied up, though, before the end. I also enjoyed how you could see "brockton's gang" at the end. I thought the lawyer was an interesting character, too.

    16. MY INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHORS:Writing crime-thriller series to a deadlineCo-authors Jon Jefferson and Bill Bass insist it’s most important, writes Nicolette Scrooby THE Daily Dispatch chatted to American crime writers Jon Jefferson who is a journalist, writer and documentary film maker, and Dr Bill Bass, a forensic anthropologist who founded the Body Farm over 25 years ago, ahead of the South African release of their third book in the Body Farm series, The Devil’s Bones, out this month. The [...]

    17. Anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton founded Tennessee's world famous Body Farm where bodies are left to decay in order to gain forensic information. While helping Dr. Jess Carter, a state medical examiner, friend and hopefully girlfriend, recreate a death scene, Brockton finds his career, reputation and life in jeopardy. This story moves at a quick pace and is chock full of facts about bugs, decay, forensics, etc. which keep a body interested.

    18. I didn't read the synopsis before starting this book, so I was surprised when our intrepid hero turned out to be the main suspect in the murder. I spent a bit of time waffling between suspects, but was pretty sure I knew the perpetrator early on. I just had a few questions.Excellently written and well paced. I really enjoyed this thriller.

    19. Two-haiku review:Prof disses beliefsDr. Bill's in big troubleThen things get much worseLiked this one a lotReally made me feel for himLife's not always fair

    20. This is new author for me. Kept me interested but I was little thrown with creationist issue. I NEVER suspected whodunit in the end.

    21. I will admit, I have been trying to read this book for about 6 months now. It isn't that the story or the writing is bad, it is just that the first 13, to me were just really slow and didn't really leave me wanting to turn the pages. There were just small bits of exciting things, like the crime scene and the accurate description of the Body Farm, but other than that there was a lot of talking and setting up the plot for the remainder of the book. After chapter 13, things started to pick up the p [...]

    22. I *really* wanted to like this book- especially after Dr. Brockton's anti-creationism rant. LOVED IT. butI've enjoyed one of Dr. Bass' non-fiction books and looked forward to combination of fictional elements with a clinical expertise. Unfortunately, the fiction side of the writing team falls back on such trite cliches and repetitive descriptions such as "idling through the gate/driveway/road" among others. Really? Every single building is a block shape? Wow. I would imagine that Knoxville resid [...]

    23. Gave this series a second shot, and if anything this book was worse than the first in the series. The plotting is terrible, the pacing is off, and the main character is uncomfortably awkward and self-centered. There are a bunch of inconsistencies in the timing (for example, the main character gives a lecture on a Monday and mentions what he will talk about the next Monday, and then in the middle of that week he talks about how school is on Spring Break that week) and repetitive passages (for exa [...]

    24. Chattanooga medical examiner Jess Carter has been acting ME for Knoxville since the suspension of Dr. Garland Hamilton based on testimony by Dr. Bill Brockton, forensic anthropologist and founder of the Body Farm. When Brockton is asked by Carter to help investigate the death of a transvestite mutilated and bound to a tree in a state park, he recreates the crime scene at the Body Farm using a cadaver similar in appearance and body. As Carter and Brockton proceed through their investigation, they [...]

    25. This is another winner by the team Jefferson Bass. I'm not sure I liked it as much as "Carved in Bone" but it was still very good. The mystery: a man is found half decomposed hanging from a tree dressed in drag.This book delves more into Dr. Brockton's (founder of the Body Farm in the novels) personal life. Art Bohanan is a Marshall now and working pedophile cases which absolutely tear him up but he is still a top finger print expert and helps in identifying the corpse once Dr Brockton finds som [...]

    26. While this, the second in the Body Farm series was another good read, the first half of the book contained too much romance for my taste; It seemed to override the story. Upon reading further, however, you begin to see that the romance is essential to the continuance of one of the plot lines. About halfway through the book something quite unexpected and devastating takes place and rocks Dr. Brockton's world to the core. However that's only the beginning of the devastation for him; He finds he's [...]

    27. The first in the series written by the founder of The Body Farm at UT, Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. This is more about TN rural life than anything else and he goes out to Cooke County. Not sure if there is a "real" Cooke County - but there is a Cookeville - where I had to go take a test one time about 30 years ago. It's grown up some since then. At that time, it had been hard to find a place to stay or to eat. Now they have fast foods joints out the wazoo. Probably a lot of motels too. Anyway, o [...]

    28. I tried i really tried with this second installment in the 'Body Farm' series but life is too short to waste on monotinous rubbish like this. Firstly, it is dreadfully slow and is full of mind numbing, unessessary explanation's such as car journey's etc that could easily be condensed into a short paragraph instead of a whole page. Then there's the unfunny 'Creepy Christmas Uncle' humour the one liner's that are cringe worthy & the scenario's like the one in the gay drag queen club where ra [...]

    29. A good book!! It kept me turning pages quickly. Dr. Bill Brockton, a forensic anthropologis, and Medical Examiner Jess Carter have worked together on a number of cases and are on the verge of developing a romantic relationship. Brockton is director of the University of Tennessee's "Body Farm" and is a professor at the college. He inadvertently upsets a student with his rant against creationism, and is about to be sued by the student's parents. Meanwhile, he and Carter are investigating the murde [...]

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