One thought on “The Devil Did It”

  1. Unusual, layered little story about a girl who is plagued by a troublesome imp, visible only to her. Unable to get rid of him, she becomes accustomed to his presence. Jeschke's illustrations tell most of the story. She draws people with such individuality and expressiveness.

  2. april wins.I have been thinking about this book for yearsars and years and years. Problem was, I couldn't remember the titleor the authord I wasn't totally sure of the plot either.I knew that this is one of the first books I had any recollection of. I remember borrowing it from the library when my sister was a baby, so I was no older than four. I remember sitting in a big chair and looking at the book by myself and feeling so sad for the girl when (view spoiler)[ the devil went away (hide spoile [...]

  3. This was one of my favorite books as a little girl and DEFINITELY the most memorable! Still a fantastic read, I return to it every few years, and love to pass it on. Too bad it's so obscure - not only is the story touching and fantastical and hilarious and VERY well told, but the illistrations are stunning: Beautiful graphite drawings, realistic but stylised. The characters expressions are priceless. I just love this book! It was perfect for mischievous little me, still is ;)

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