Silent Playgrounds

Silent Playgrounds The monsters that torment a child s make believe world turn out to be rooted in reality This chilling novel is set in Rotherham as parochial and placid a place as anywhere in south Yorkshire but the

  • Title: Silent Playgrounds
  • Author: Danuta Reah
  • ISBN: 9780007351213
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • The monsters that torment a child s make believe world turn out to be rooted in reality This chilling novel is set in Rotherham, as parochial and placid a place as anywhere in south Yorkshire, but the scene of two murders in the local park.

    One thought on “Silent Playgrounds”

    1. Disappointing. There are so many points of view in the novel, and they sometimes switch so rapidly that you feel punch drunk as you are flipped from one person’s thoughts and perspective to another.The main characters are perhaps Suzanne Milner and D.I. Steve McCarthy but there are at least another half a dozen points of view – some of them very minor characters – it is as if Reah feels she has created all these people and wants to be fair to all of them, give them all a turn. She even fin [...]

    2. All too often 'damaged' people try and help others who are also damaged, not always a good choice. The role Suzanne has taken in this book was certainly not a role she could have filled, and it was for that very reason that she has placed herself in danger. The plot moves like a car travelling up the wrong side of the motorway, the reader can see what's going to happen because they are, unlike the main character, perceptive and alert to the possible dangers. I'm not sure whether it was a case of [...]

    3. -Noir sobre realidades incómodas.-Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. Suzanne se especializa en delincuencia juvenil, su origen y manejo, tema sobre el que espera realizar su tesis doctoral para lo cual hace muchas entrevistas a muchachos sumergidos en situaciones difíciles. Su amiga, Jane, está preocupada porque ni su hija Lucy, una niña extrovertida que está convencida de que hay “monstruos” en su entorno, ni su niñera Emma han vuelto a casa tras su paseo por el parque, por lo que ter [...]

    4. I gave it a shot but had to stop on page 70. Please keep in mind, however, that I'm not a very patient reader. This author has superb descriptive skills. I usually find descriptive writing boring, but she paints an excellent picture. Actually, she's one of the best descriptive writers I have ever read. As far as the story goes, it seemed intriguing, but it just took to long to get to the point.

    5. I received this book for free when I went to the Harrogate Crime Writers' Festival back in 2003. I liked how well Reah wrote the children in her story, they had real personalities and a function in the narrative. Still, I thought that her heroine was a bit of a ninny. Her hero was a lot more promising

    6. Il m'a fallu passer le cap des 250 pages pour finalement être happée par l'histoire. C'est plutôt long pour un "début de roman" J'y ai trouvé du bon comme du mauvais, notamment à mon avis dans la traduction. Une lecture qui aurait pu être bien plus agréable si je ne l'avais pas faite trainer sur des années

    7. 3 1/2Novela negra muy amena, con una trama compleja pero accesible. El recurso al tema infantil y los monstruos, que sólo al final descubrimos si son reales o imaginarios, es de lo más original de la historia.Me sobra el idilio entre personaje femenino e investigador. Demasiado tópico y manido, y bastante innecesario aunque podría habérsele dado más peso, lo que habría sido peor.

    8. I gave up on this book about half way through. It just wasn't keeping my attention. I you like a very serious murder-who dunit then this one might be fore you. I need a little more emotion in mine.

    9. This author has been compared to Minette Walters, and Barbara Vine. Literary and seriously creepy. All the puzzle pieces fit in the end.

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