The Matzo Ball Heiress

The Matzo Ball Heiress Q How does Heather Greenblotz the thirty one year old heiress to the world s leading matzo company celebrate Passover A Alone In her Manhattan apartment With an extremely unkosher ham and cheese pan

  • Title: The Matzo Ball Heiress
  • Author: Laurie Gwen Shapiro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Q How does Heather Greenblotz, the thirty one year old heiress to the world s leading matzo company, celebrate Passover A Alone In her Manhattan apartment With an extremely unkosher ham and cheese panini But this year will be different The Food Network has asked to film the famous Greenblotz Matzo family s seder, and the publicity op is too good to, hem, pass over.Q How does Heather Greenblotz, the thirty one year old heiress to the world s leading matzo company, celebrate Passover A Alone In her Manhattan apartment With an extremely unkosher ham and cheese panini But this year will be different The Food Network has asked to film the famous Greenblotz Matzo family s seder, and the publicity op is too good to, hem, pass over Heather is being courted by the handsome director and the subtly sexy cameraman, and she s got family coming out of her ears It s enough to make a formerly dateless heiress feel like a princess Here s hoping that no one will discover that a Greenblotz family seder is about as real as the Easter bunny With the family cast of her mailman as her uncle, an ancient shopkeeper as Grandma, and her best friend as .well, her best friend, Heather thinks she s pulled it off Until her bisexual father, his lover and her estranged mother stage an unexpected walk on As the live broadcast threatens to become a Greenblotz family expose, Heather must dig deep to find faith in love, family and, most of all, herself .

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    1. I'll admit it; I loved this book! I'm turning into a chick lit fan :) Laurie Gwen Shapiro is one of those authors who writes characters I can actually see in my mind's eye, or I have actually known. So many of the scenes (believable or not) were easy to imagine, because she has such a great "descriptive gene". I could have done without the mini-sex scene early on in the book, but did find it fascinating that there wasn't a sex scene at all with the hero/guy-we-were-cheering for. Intentional? Bec [...]

    2. My sister gave me this to read - I doubt I would have picked it up otherwise - and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Several pages in I found myself googling "matzo" and "seder" though - maybe I'm slow but I didn't seem to be completely understanding what they were from the context, only generally, and I'm a bit of a freak about exactness. I knew what matzo ball soup was, but not just "matzo."Heather is a Jewish woman, heir and sometimes participant to the world's largest kosher matzo fa [...]

    3. Heather Greenblotz has the life that many people would envy. She is an heiress to one of the largest food companies in New York City, Greennbolz Matzo. She is extremely wealthy. She is a documentary film maker with a few Emmy awards to show for her brilliant work. However, when the Food Channel decides to produce a special on her family’s Passover seder—suddenly, her world comes falling down. Heather’s family is as disjointed and dysfunctional as they come and they have not celebrated Pass [...]

    4. I want to like this book, the premise was interesting but upon reading it, I find everything in it to be so contradictory. She said it's a big secret that her family, the Matzo Ball Biggest Maker in America isn't kosher but she blabbed/revealed about that fact to everyone that she has just meet for only 5 seconds, including someone that can clearly be seen as very unreliable like her intern, Roswell. Second she said over and over again she's a heiress but she mentions about buying from a sample [...]

    5. This book was kind of super cute!I liked that Heather didn't annoy me to no end like the majority of chick lit heroines do. She was fun! And even though she was pretending to be something she was not - a chick lit plot that is also usually annoying - it was different in this case because it wasn't some ridiculous scheme she had come up with herself. It wasn't her idea! It was for the good of the family business! The whole family was in on it! Oh, and I really liked that the love interest knew he [...]

    6. Okay, I'm not sure I can quite legitimately claim this one was recommended by Rebecca more like she mailed it to me with a post-it note that read "terrible, but amazingly so!" And since I do whatever Rebecca tells me to do, and I can also be convinced to summon up at least a vague interest in pretty much anything involving Jews in New York, I read it. And totally enjoyed it. It's pretty absurd, but no one reads chicklit expecting anything less. And it turned out to be marginally less fluffy than [...]

    7. The Matzo Ball Heiress is a great chick-lit book that is not only a good read, but also informative. Okay, so the protagonist does spend a considerable amount of time whining about how tough it is being from a rich, dysfunctional family but she is more educated and sympathetic than many chick-lit characters. The author includes plenty of tidbits about Judaism which I found interesting and relevant to the story. I also liked the behind-the-scenes look into making documentaries and television show [...]

    8. Heiress to the most well-known matzo brand, Heather Greenblotz is everything you wouldn't expect: she doesn't go to synagogue, she doesn't read Hebrew, and she is mot certainly NOT kosher. Heather's dirty little secret isn't that big of a deal until the uber-cute producer at the Food Channel wants to do a live broadcast of the famous family's seder. The seder that doesn't exist. Suddenly Heather's having to pull together her far-flung family and start hiding their massive secrets. Not to mention [...]

    9. Very entertaining story about the heirs of a matzo ball kingdom whose family life is severely dysfunctional. Yet, in order to boost their failing business, they must act like a normal Jewish family at their seder, televised live. The book's full of interesting characters from the best friend, the Egyptian diplomat, the gay father, the shopoholic mother, and the eccentric therapist. Not quite as good as The Anglophile, in my opinion, but still superior to most of the chick-lit out there.

    10. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I'd picked up a romance book by accident or something but it had more depth than i expected. Now it's no War & Peace and it is a bit light weight easy read but it was also enjoyable and I liked the characters. Good story, actually more plausible than one might think, and has some good humor.

    11. Honestly, I was lured by the chartreuse- cutesy cover & witty title. The wit, characters, modern allusions, & plot of this comedy make for an entertaining read. I suspect it would translate well into a screenplay for a modern romantic comedy starring a team the likes of Ryan & Hanks. -- Definitely a light read suitable for summer lounging.

    12. How much fun to find Jewish chick-lit! Matzo ball soup, dysfunctional Jewish family, gay characters, and Jews in all their different chosen traditions. I'd like to spend one of my Passover seders with this crowd (though on the second nightn't miss my favorite holiday with my family on the 1st!)

    13. Surprisingly, this was very cute. Home with a bad cold, I wanted something light - didn't expect to quickly finish it and find it as enjoyable as I did. It's VERY heavy on the Judaism - the language, the cultural references, the humor. may not be as easily enjoyed by someone less familiar with it all.

    14. This is a light book, a fast read, and is great fun. Brings out the Passover family spirit, and there's some romance too. Goes to show that no matter how much money someone has, it doesn't mean they're happy; and it's written in a way that makes me smile.

    15. The only satisfying read of September's terrible chick lit binge. Solidly mediocre in every way, bordering on offensive, yet the mounting absurdity made my day. Ah, twist ending, how heartily you made me laugh. Best worst ending EVER.

    16. It was cute. I bought it last year before Passover, but never got a chance to read it then, so I waited until Passover again this year. It was a fun and cute read, which I enjoyed timing it with the holiday.

    17. Just remembered this book when I found it at the Avenue J library and recommended it to my sister. Much in the vein of the shopaholic books and the like, but I found it much wittier and acerbic (right up my alley!) Plus, the heroine is Jewish, the heiress to a matzo factory fortune.

    18. I was between books when I re-read this one. It doesn't hold up quite as well as I remembered, but it's still a good read. I figure any book you don't quite want to finish simply because you don't want to leave the characters has done its job well.

    19. Fun, and a superfast (as in I can't put it down, even in stairwells) read. I guess it's a chick book, but it seems like it would have greater appeal. Funny with compelling characters and story.

    20. I liked this Jewish-themed chick lit book featuring a matzo-heiress protagonist. It had more gravitas than other books of its kind, and yet kind of had a silly, everything-ends-up-perfect ending.

    21. Shapiro is a hilarious writer, and I really appreciated the truth in having a family that is culturally Jewish, but doesn't practice.

    22. A fun, delightful read. The main character Heather, heir to a matzo ball factory, is definitely entertaining.

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