Cheet When sassy London cab driver Kathryn Cheet picks up Craig Summer he seems determined to create chaos in Kathryn s tightly managed life even if it means revealing a secret or two of his own The Ameri

  • Title: Cheet
  • Author: Anna Davis
  • ISBN: 9780452284296
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • When sassy London cab driver Kathryn Cheet picks up Craig Summer, he seems determined to create chaos in Kathryn s tightly managed life, even if it means revealing a secret or two of his own The American debut of Davis, Cheet is the unpredictable love story of two compulsive liars who have finally met their match.

    One thought on “Cheet”

    1. I liked this book.e from the ending! There isn't one all. The book just stops, leaving you to believe at least a chapter fell out of the back of your book. I guess you are just supposed to assume what happens next. It really wasn't what I was expecting.but overall I liked it.

    2. The writing for me was awkward, and the plot so convoluted it was hard to keep track of the trollops conquests, and what the importance was to the story line. I wish I could get my 2 dollars back.

    3. My attemp at Chick Lit starts (and ends) with this disappointing novel.Not sure why I chose to read it. Maybe, its because it was set in London with a cab driver - I don't know.What should have warned me is the name of the main character Katherine Cheet. Thats weak for a character who has five (or is it six - its so hard to keep track) lovers. She has a different coloured phone for each of them.There is father with daughter, a would be gangster, a rent boy, a lesbian, a would be rock star with g [...]

    4. Warning, while this book is packaged like chick lit, it's nothing of the sort. It has a modern woman, fear of commitment thing going on, but it is not a flippant book. I wanted to like it, but I really didn't like it very much. It was ok. The characters were interesting. What I really enjoyed about it was the growth of the main character Katherine and her revelations about her 5 lovers and her own needs. I think we can all relate to at least one of the situations she was in at one time or anothe [...]

    5. Kathryn juggles her life with different coloured phones for each of her lovers. As you would expect, this leads to a number of complications. This was a strange book. Kathryn is an interesting character (and it is not until later in the book that you come to understand something of why she behaves how she does), yet I couldn't warm to her because of her behaviour. And as for the ending? Just odd! My main gripe, however, was the use of American spelling for a book written by an English author and [...]

    6. Okay, so I've dated more than one guy at the same timeybe that's why I can loosely identify with the sassy cab-driving heroine of this humorous novel who juggles her love with five men with a clever color coded cell phone system. You have to admire the organization and the energy level it takes for her to succeed at this merry-go-round of love for more than a week. Alas, all fun plot devices must come to an end and so it follows in this novel as well. Read this book to discover who becomes the ' [...]

    7. I suppose this isn't true chick lit, but I don't know what else to call it. It's a light tale about a woman juggling five relationships who finds out that one really doesn't need all that to be happy. Oh and she's a Brit. It has comedic elements consistent with chick lit, though our heroine is not weak minded or self-deprecating. It's not a bad read but you're not going to miss anything by skipping it.

    8. This book was alright. I found it to be a typical story about the mentally dysfunctional young lady. The good thing about the story is that she did get her life together even though it took a tragic accident.

    9. Not a bad read, but was a little disappointed with the abrupt ending. Not sure how anyone can go years with multiple lovers without someone finding out.

    10. Irritating characters and an annoying premise. I've no idea why I stuck with it til the end - there must have been SOMETHING there.

    11. Un poco agrio el final, pensé que relataría algo mas con "Craig Summer" pero fué divertido y alocado cada situación que se dió con cada uno de sus amantes. Fué entretenido.

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