One thought on “Graphic Design Manual: Principles And Practice”

  1. کتاب مبانی هنرهای تجسمی کاری از آرمین هوفمان ترجمه مهرنوش ارشدی توسط انتشارات کتاب آبان در سال 1388 منتشر و بارها تجدید چاپ‌شده است و چاپ آخر آن (چاپ پنجم) در سال 1393 به بازار عرضه‌شده؛ عنوان دیگر این کتاب طراحی گرافیک: تئوریک و عملی است.کتاب حاضر تلاشی است که توسط هنرمند و گرافی [...]

  2. The first 20 pages of writing carry an intense tone that is not as approachable as I'd like it to be—but when you synthesize it down, the information is very valuable. The links he makes from dots, to lines, to planes, to the confrontation of design elements, and the introduction of letterforms make you feel like they couldn't be relayed more efficiently.This book is a resource for explaining the building blocks of design. The image samples are an amazing step-by-step guide from simple to comp [...]

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