Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Classic I Am Wonder Woman Kids who love action packed stories will be excited to see Wonder Woman fighting for justice in this I Can Read book Meet Diana Princess of the s and discover how she becomes the amazing Wonder Woma

  • Title: Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman
  • Author: Erin Stein Rick Farley
  • ISBN: 9780061885174
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kids who love action packed stories will be excited to see Wonder Woman fighting for justice in this I Can Read book.Meet Diana, Princess of the s, and discover how she becomes the amazing Wonder Woman Full of super hero action, Wonder Woman Classic I Am Wonder Woman is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

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    1. My husband didn't think that my nephew would care much for this Wonder Woman book. He told me that boys typically don't identify much with female superheroes. After talking to my friend Deirdre, however, I decided to give this one a shot. This wasn't the first superhero book that my nephew chose for me to read to him, but it wasn't the last either. Honestly, I really didn't notice that he was any less interested in Wonder Woman than any other superhero. He was just as interested in her backstory [...]

    2. Reading level 2. My son liked it. We don't read a lot about girl superheros so its a nice change. Great story too.

    3. Who doesn't love "Wonder Woman?" She is kick-butt! An awesome crime fighter and the daughter of a queen! She destroys all the false theories that a woman cannot do what a man can do! She slays the gender biases and helps to create an equal space for all boys and girls. Everyone can defeat evil, no matter what gender you might be!

    4. Good book for going kidsI work with kids with special needs and although they were not a fan of her being a girl, they thought it was ok. I personally liked reading it to them though.

    5. I need one based on the latest movie. Not bad at all, just doesn't follow what her older siblings now have seen in the movie.

    6. This was my daughter's first library book from her new kindergarten. Not sure she really recognized the character, though she saw some promotional stuff about her when the movie came out and it's been a popular Halloween costume this year. The book itself is very simple, with very brief descriptions to tell the story. Typical of many books in the I Can Read lineup. Good for small children, not so exciting for adults. Still fun to see her excited for library days.

    7. This is a cool presentation of the Princess. The greatest part about reading it aloud is that you can do the Linda Carter t.v. show battlecry "WONDER WOMAAAAAAAN" every time WW is mentioned in the story. Kids won't know why the heck you are doing it but it goes well with the telling of the tale, I think. At the end of the book they throw Batman and Supes in there. Kind of unnecessary. If you're going to do that, throw in a couple of D.C. heroes that deserve the spotlight but don't get it. Like B [...]

    8. Short, sweet, simple and to the pointMy daughter and I both enjoyed this. We are both decently new to the comic book world. I think this did a good job explaining who Wonder Woman is and what she does. She was very excited and told me she would love for me to read this again to her.

    9. I thought that it was cool because Wonder Woman is friends with Batman and Super Man, and they got to train Wonder Woman, and even though the crimes are too hard to defeat them, they still tried hard.

    10. Wonder Woman is introduced in this exciting story. She tells of her home land and how she came to be a super hero. This book is great to show girls that they can be strong and fight crime just like the boy super heroes.

    11. WONDER WOMAN!!!a very cool book for very young readersrls into the Princess phase will love itWonder Woman is a strong female kids of all ages can look up tow, go get the kids some comics!!

    12. This is a nice introduction of Wonder Woman for children. It's a reader, so there's not much of interest for adults here.

    13. This is a great book about Wonder Woman that discusses her career and her origins. Perfect for kids learning to read.

    14. I like to see Wonder Woman represented in the superhero pantheon. The boys seem to like her adventures just as much as the guy heroes.

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