James Cameron's Titanic

James Cameron s Titanic Some jump some fall each dotting the water s surface like the period at the end of a sentence Then the stern slips under the water plunging everyone into a coldness so intense it is indistinguisha

  • Title: James Cameron's Titanic
  • Author: Ed W. Marsh Douglas Kirkland James Francis Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780067575161
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Some jump, some fall, each dotting the water s surface like the period at the end of a sentence Then, the stern slips under the water, plunging everyone into a coldness so intense it is indistinguishable from fire Ten minutes Twenty minutes The inchoate wail of 1500 souls slowly fades to individual cries from the darkness We know you can hear us Save one life 700 suSome jump, some fall, each dotting the water s surface like the period at the end of a sentence Then, the stern slips under the water, plunging everyone into a coldness so intense it is indistinguishable from fire Ten minutes Twenty minutes The inchoate wail of 1500 souls slowly fades to individual cries from the darkness We know you can hear us Save one life 700 survivors stand by in lifeboats built for 1200, afraid to act for fear of getting swamped They tell themselves that the voices from the water do not belong to their husbands or their loved ones They are merely the cries of the damned From James Cameron s Titanic

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    1. Amazing! This book answered so many unanswered questions from the movie. I was upset to see it only have 3 stars. I suggest you do your Titanic research before you take the movie too seriously. Read some good Titanic historical fiction books. A lot of characters in Cameron's movie were real please just because it has pictures and behind-the-scenes excerpts, doesn't mean it's going to be an exciting read. It's not the damn movie script! Take it seriously! This is how much I enjoyed this book. I j [...]

    2. My father gave me this beautiful book for Christmas seeing I loved Titanic. Was it the movie I loved or Leonardo DiCaprio. Kind of sick of the movie to this day after seeing it a million times but something about this book is timeless. It has great background into the making of this movie. Great photos, articles, and behind the scenes footage. Glad I was given this book.

    3. Yes, you do already have this book, if you're looking at your 1997 edition in confusion. The cover's all fancy and lenticular, but if you look deep beneath the cover, you will discover, not much has changed and it's a not-so-cheap cash in. You don't already have the 1997 book? Go ahead and buy this one, it is worth your money.So why do I now have two editions of what is essentially the same book? Because I'm a sucker for anything Titanic and books, which some people say is boring. I walked into [...]

    4. A manuscript of the movie; changes made; shots and dialog that didn't make the movie; facts; wardrove info. and thoughts

    5. This book is the most tragic thing I have ever read in my life. Jack Dawson is the guy every girl dreams about and Rose is the luckiest girl in the world. I think that this book touches the topic of the rich being rich and their benefits and the poor being poor. I also feel that this is a contemporary version of The Prince and The Pauper. Love isn’t how much money; love is the feelings you have for someone regardless of their background. That is the message this book sends. The love Jack and R [...]

    6. If you've ever wanted the inside scoop on " how they did this or that on a blockbuster film" this is the big book for you. With text by Ed W. Marsh and photos by Douglas Kirkland the pages are absolutely full of incredible detail. From the impeccable reproduction of the interiors of the ship itself to the china and glassware that adorned the tables, to the embroidered caps of the ships employees, this shows what went into the making of this epic. Everything was lovingly done to recreate the orig [...]

    7. I am probably the biggest Titanic fan writing in about this one--it is my favorite movie (seen it 7 times), my biggest obsession and fascination, and I know so much about it. This book was a really interesting behind-the-scenes look at the brilliant film. James Cameron is really a God-send, and bless him because I certainly could never do anything the man has accomplished. It's amazing how he made this movie, and the book is chockfull of fun facts and beautiful color photos. A must-read for fans [...]

    8. This was a perfect companion to my favorite movie of all time and my favorite ship! I learned more about how incredible and hard of a job James Cameron had to recreate the Titanic. Even if you think that you know everything about the movie or the real ship you will learn more and get more into Jack and Rose's relationships if you read this book.

    9. My friends will know that I'm a huge fan of the film - and so are many of them too! Strangely, I've managed to end up with 3 copies of this bookI love it because it gives a real, in-depth insight into the making of the greatest movie of all time, along with little known facts and anecdotes from the cast and crew.A must for any Titanic movie fan.

    10. I think that Titanic was a great book to read. It tells us that this could happen again on a ship because it did happen in real life and it was very scary.I hope this never happens to anyone again.I would recommend this book to anyone that likes true stories.

    11. A guide to the movie that James Cameron filmed of the Titanic. Lots of pictures and information on how the movie was made. Well worth buying/reading especially if you are a Titanic or James Cameron fan! I still can't believe they made a replica of the ship to sink! It still amazes me.

    12. Yes, I saw the movie. In the theater. 3 times.Yes, it was awful. And absurd.The screenplay sucked.And Leo does nothing for me.But man, did I lust over that ship-- even if it was a scaled down partial replica.Totally impressive in that regard.

    13. I really enjoyed 'The Titanic' it is a very sad story but its very enjoyable. I would recommend this book for upper primary and up. I enjoyed the movie alot more than the book because it is more interesting.

    14. This is a pretty in depth view of the making of the movie. There's more of a focus on the technical side than I would have liked, but it's a pretty decent read.

    15. Titanic became a slight obsession of mine when I saw movie back when I was 13 years old or so. I remember sitting on the couch watching Titanic with my mom and brother, not entirely understanding the movie, as I knew very little, if anything at all, about the history behind it. But, somewhere around that time, I fell in love with it, and Titanic became not only my favorite movie of all time, but one of my favorite history subjects.I hope Cameron's film has brought about some awareness to the tru [...]

    16. Splendido libro fotografico che si occupa di tutta la parte tecnica della realizzazione della pellicola. Regalatomi nell'estate successiva l'uscita del film, quando nel mondo imperversava la follia da parte di chiunque e non si pensava ad altro; sul momento non lo apprezzai, ma dopo averlo letto mi sono dovuto ricredere.Molto dettagliate le ricostruzioni dei set 'fisici' e digitali, i commenti della troupe (dal regista al direttore della fotografia, ai costumisti, ai modellisti, ecc), le tecnich [...]

    17. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of the movie. It goes into the history of the Titanic, contains some backstage secrets and has amazing photos.

    18. Words cannot express how fantastic this book is! It was very informative and descriptive. So many questions I had were answered!

    19. Titanic is one of my absolute favourite films and has been for years, so I was really excited when I saw this book, rereleased with extra material to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking and the 3D release of the film. I'm a sucker for behind the scenes stuff anyway so this book looked right up my street! The insights from James Cameron are brilliant and it's amazing to see how much research went into the film, and it reveals a lot of details of the tricks they pulled to create the grander [...]

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