Wanting What You Get

Wanting What You Get Chunky and unpopular in high school Ellie Stepp was often the brunt of hurtful remarks and other cruel behavior Now a librarian in the very town where she had such a miserable adolescence Ellie has

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  • Title: Wanting What You Get
  • Author: Kathy Love
  • ISBN: 9780821776131
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chunky and unpopular in high school, Ellie Stepp was often the brunt of hurtful remarks and other cruel behavior Now a librarian in the very town where she had such a miserable adolescence, Ellie has resigned herself to being overweight and single But Ellie has always had a crush on Mason Sweet, and when they find themselves paired off at her sister s wedding, Mason is fChunky and unpopular in high school, Ellie Stepp was often the brunt of hurtful remarks and other cruel behavior Now a librarian in the very town where she had such a miserable adolescence, Ellie has resigned herself to being overweight and single But Ellie has always had a crush on Mason Sweet, and when they find themselves paired off at her sister s wedding, Mason is flirtatious Ellie can t imagine what a popular mayor would want with a dowdy librarian, but Mason is drawn to her curves, unruly blonde curls, and big, blue eyes Unfortunately, both of them start this new relationship with enough baggage for several couples Because of the secretive nature of Mason s courtship, Ellie s already low self esteem hits rock bottom, and Mason drowns his sorrows in alcohol.

    One thought on “Wanting What You Get”

    1. With the exception of the first 30% and last 10%, this book was dangerously approaching a 2 star rating. The premise sounded great and I love seeing the shy/wallflower type landing the unattainable male. I was actually excited to read about Mason and Ellie as they played pivotal roles in the first book, 'Getting What You Want'. Parts of this actually reminded me of 'Devil in Winter' by Lisa Kleypas, where we saw the socially awkward and shy wallflower, Evie, land the notorious philanderer and la [...]

    2. Saying that Wanting What You Get is one of the best romance books I've read this year doesn't mean much, since it's only January 9, 2010 - so I will go ahead and say it's one of the best I've read in two years, if not more.AVAILABILITYThis book is very hard to find - out of print on , so only used copies are available and they start in the $20 range, PaperbackSwap didn't have any, neither did my local library system, and I finally resorted to buying a used copy on (no new ones there either). It [...]

    3. I couldn't get past the fact that Ellie and Mason have such little self respect for themselves AND each other.Ellie has been painfully shy and insecure her whole life. She's the short, chubby librarian in town and feels completely insignificant. She can't fathom why a hottie like Mason would be interested in her---even when he tells her numerous times how attracted he is to her, how much he wants her, likes her, etc. I confess I have little patience with virgin wallflower heroines to begin with [...]

    4. Many years have passed since high school, but librarian Ellie Stepp is still the short, dumpy "ugly Stepp sister" -- at least in her own mind. So when her former -- only -- crush Mason starts to get interested in her, it's like a dream come true. But there's a dark side to Ellie's fairy tale: not only is Mason wary of committing to her, but it becomes increasingly clear that his biggest commitment is to alcohol.This was a very good, very readable contemporary romance, one that's realistic withou [...]

    5. A wonderful book about realistic people with realistic problems. The heroine, Ellie, is a shy librarian. Why are librarians always shy? Seriously is no one else ever shy? Perhaps a veterinarian's assistant or a dispersing clerk? But I digress. Anyhoo, she is a nice woman who has had a crush on the high school hottie, Mason, for years. Mason is divorced and is now the mayor of the small town where they grew up. He is an alcoholic who is in denial. They start a relationship which is eventually sab [...]

    6. "But I will stay sober not only for myself but for her too."I'm going to file this book under my "inspiring" shelf because I love the way how the hero (who's an alcoholic ) learns how to overcome his addiction.Look, we all have addictions in our life. Some are just more "dangerous" than the others. I have a book addiction and it's perfectly safe except for my wallet, while others have it with alcohol, cigarettes and abusive people. I know that to beat it, you have to accept that you have a probl [...]

    7. I forced myself to finish this book. I just felt that it portrayed the disease of alcholism as easily curable. It also infuriated me that Mason kept driving while intoxicated and that Ellie didn't stop him or call someone or whatever. Then we find out that his past DUI was totally swept under the rug? WTHeck?? Okay, you are the MAYOR of the town and get a DUI and it is hidden from everyone? Maybe his DUI was a misdemeanor and not a felony so that makes it okay? But blaming his DUI on the fact th [...]

    8. Ellie is the frumpy sister, she's always battled with her weight, she dresses to conceal herself - though she isn't obese, she is just curvy and very self conscious about her appearance. As the town librarian, Ellie was able to make a life for herself in the small town that she and her sisters grew up in, and were picked on all through school because of being poor, different Mason was the golden child of the town. From one of the richest families, he married, becomes mayor, and found himself div [...]

    9. 3 1/2 stars.This is the second book in the Stepp Sisters trilogy. Ellie is the middle sister who is short and a little round in the middle. She really doesn't have any self-esteem at all. She doesn't think any man would be interested in her. After her sister Abby's wedding (book 1 heroine), her new brother-in-law's best friend, and her secret forever crush, Mason Sweet, finds himself fascinated by Ellie. He can't stop thinking about her, but he doesn't think he is the right man for her. She is s [...]

    10. This is the second in the Stepp Sisters trilogy. I read the first one a couple of years ago and quite enjoyed it so I was looking forward to this one. However, I was quite disappointed. I did not like the "hero". It's not that he did anything really bad for most of the book. He was just thoroughly selfish and I really felt sick for the heroine for a good part of the book. I guessed what was going to happen and by the time he did his nasty bit, I already didn't like him. I actually had to force m [...]

    11. I thought Love did a good job dealing with Mason's alcoholism, but it's so hard to like a hero who is drunk for a good portion of the story.

    12. I can't endorse this book because of severable offensive incidents that appear to be accepted by the main character. A 30 year old female librarian who considers herself to be fat and totally undesirable asks the handsome mayor for help in saving the library. But since he has been attracted to this woman since high school, believing her to be curvy and sexy, not fat, his immediate response is - I'll help you if you sleep with me. I probably should have put the book down right then, but I am not [...]

    13. This is the story of a two people that each come with their own "baggage". One owns a Book Store, the other is the Mayor. One is average looking with a few extra pounds, the other is good looking, One was a wall-flower in high school, the other one was the "big man on campus". One is a virgin, the other is divorced. One has low self-esteem, the other has a drinking problem. Mason's and Ellie's romance is not smooth sailing, but their struggles will make their love stronger.

    14. Setting: Ellie’s home home, Mason’s ritzy mayoral home, library, fairTheme: love, accepting responsibility for own choices, accepting and loving oneselfCharacters:Ellie Stepp – middle sister, shortest, plumpest, stayed home to care for grandmother (who raised them), is the head librarian, doesn’t like her body (too busty, too soft)Mason Sweet – tried his whole life to please his father, and failed – straight A’s, but not valedictorian; hs quarterback, not get scholarship to play in [...]

    15. You got all bristly when you thought I was checking out your date for the evening. I'd say that's right gentlemanly of you."- NathanielNathaniel : Did it hurt?Marty : Excuse me?Nathaniel : Did it hurt?Marty : Did what hurt?Nathaniel : Did it hurt when you fell to earth? Because you must be an angel.If you were mine, I'd never ask you to be anything different than what you are. Never.- EllieDo you want to be mine?- MasonMen are far too annoying.- MartyHer life was orderly and tidy. And she had to [...]

    16. Alrightey.This one was good and almost approached the almost great area.Rating: 3 stars, 2 Mehs.I loved the fact that Ellie was a librarian and the contemporary setting. I've been on the hunt for good contemporaries these past few days because historicals have not been enough as of lately.Mason was a good hero for the most part. The town mayor, guy who went to Yale, whose Dad doesn't think is good enough. The ex-wife who left him for a senator. I dig that. The drinking problem, not so much.Mason [...]

    17. LEAST FAVORITE OF THE TRILOGYThis book was the least favorite of the trilogy, mostly because I felt like the author didn't show us enough of "why" Ellie and Mason fell in love. Ellie claims to have been in love with Mason since high school (or maybe it was even middle school) yet in all those years (she is about 30) she has never really gotten to know him on a personal level. So I ask, how could she really be in love with him? Could she have a crush on him for all those years? Yes, certainly. Bu [...]

    18. This book is interesting for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it shares a MAJOR plot similarity with Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me which was published @ 4 months prior to this.Rubenesque/voluptuous heroine who has low self-esteem and poor body image is set to rights by a handsome hero with a problem of his own. For Crusie, it was the hero's dyslexia. Here, it's Mason's alcoholism. Both heroes have additional family issues.Now this one does have an added bonus in that Ellie's a 30 year old vir [...]

    19. If I could give a rating of 3.5 stars I would feel "right" about my rating. This is book 2 of the Stepp Sister's trilogy. I absolutely LOVED "Getting What You Want" and was eager to read about the shy, romantic, librarian Ellie Stepp. Mason was also of interest to me because of meeting him in "Getting What You Want" as Chase's best friend. The good is that Kathy Love's writing continues to be very strong. I couldn't put this book down and it was a very quick read just like the first book was. I [...]

    20. I suppose the story behind this one is if you go completely against type and accept an indecent proposal from someone you've been crushing on for years you can find your HEA.I liked that the issue separating them at the end was a real doozy - I mean it wasn't a case for saying he must grovel a little and I'll take him back - Mason had to recognise that he had a problem and take concrete steps. Ellie showed real strength at that point becos I thought she was generally complacent throughout most o [...]

    21. Ellie is a figurative doormat in every sense of the word. She is the perpetual nice girl who just doesn't know when to say no or stand up for herself. However that does not mean that I don't like her. Usually characters like her irritate me but there's something about Ellie that made me sympathize with her instead of forcing me to stifle the urge to slap her. I liked her and even when she did something stupid I found myself strangely unable to blame her for it. With that said i do not like the e [...]

    22. This is the 9th? Kathy Love book I've read and it was a good thing it wasn't the first or I'm not sure I'd have read any of her others.I feel so angry on Ellie's behalf. (view spoiler)[Mason treats her terribly. Yes he gives her some mindblowing sex and showers her with compliments but he keeps her as his dirty little secret. And when he does tell people that they're seeing each other? It's either to practical strangers or whilst he's drunk. I was really disappointed that Ellie never grew a back [...]

    23. These books are my first experience with Kathy Love, but I am taken with her writing style and her extremely relatable characters. I identified with Ellie so much, a chunky bookworm with incredibly low self-esteem. Sometimes I felt like we were one and the same. So often in romance, the heroine is a willowy supermodel, and I just get so happy anytime I see a "real" girl get a happy ending.Mason was a very flawed and tortured character, but this only made me (and Ellie) love him more. There were [...]

    24. 4,5/5It's all about belief and second chance.Ellie Stepp, adl seorang pustakawati.Dia gak pede ama bentuk tubuhnya yg pendek n overweight.Jd ketika sang walikota Mason Sweet -what a cute name- bersedia memberikan dukungan yg di minta nya demi mempertahankan perpustakaan tempat dia bekerja, Ellie malah shock!Gimana gak shock, Mason brsedia bantu Ellie jika Ellie tidur dgn nya.Mason Sweet! Sahabat kakak iparnya.Cowo impian dia skaligus pangeran brkuda putih yg pernah nolong dia swaktu sma dulu.Pem [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this story, much more than book 1. This one had the romance, the laughs, the sexy times and the angst. The whole time you're rooting for Ellie and Mason to be together, but you know there is that underlying problem of his that he refuses to acknowledge. In the end it's the battle for Ellie to overcome her body issues and for Mason to realize he is worth the love that Ellie is wanting to give him. But before he can do that, Mason has to move past his daddy issues, his problem wit [...]

    26. Would I even classify this as a romance? This is actually a painfully realistic portrayal of alcoholism and how it impacts a person and his relationships. I would have enjoyed this book more if I had liked the heroine better: she was constantly described as being like a little porcelain doll, with tiny fingers and toes. Is she a grown woman or a baby? She never seemed like a three-dimensional character to me. But I liked that this wasn't a stereotypical romance, that people's actions in this boo [...]

    27. While all of the Stepp Sisters are very relatable in one way or another to every individual, I felt like Ellie was the most relatable to my own person. I really enjoyed this book and the trials and tribulations that went with the characters. I stated in my review of "Getting What You Want" that Ms. Love was minorly lacking in the vocabulary as she used the same adjective on several different occasions over and over, making it feel as if she didn't know any other word to use it. This time around, [...]

    28. Sigh. I love when I finally get my hands on a good book. This book was about an insecure chubby-but-gorgeous girl falling for the town's hunk and then having an affair . A SECRET affair. As the story unfolded they showed how insecure and unsure Ellie was and how Mason proved to her that she was pretty. And for once the H (Mason) wasn't portrayed as Mr. Perfect and rather someone who seemed perfect onthe outside but deep inside was fighting his own demons. All in all I loved how he changed himsel [...]

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