Juicy Secrets

Juicy Secrets I was meant to be the committee chair of the benefit and I will be Cameron Warner announced And you re going to help me No way Cameron Adrienne Lewis said We had a deal remember Cameron pointed h

  • Title: Juicy Secrets
  • Author: Victoria Ashton Nick Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9780060731816
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I was meant to be the committee chair of the benefit, and I will be, Cameron Warner announced And you re going to help me No way, Cameron, Adrienne Lewis said We had a deal, remember Cameron pointed her perfectly manicured finger at Adrienne What deal Adrienne asked innocently, but she cringed inside She d hoped Cameron had forgotten their conversation at the ManhatI was meant to be the committee chair of the benefit, and I will be, Cameron Warner announced And you re going to help me No way, Cameron, Adrienne Lewis said We had a deal, remember Cameron pointed her perfectly manicured finger at Adrienne What deal Adrienne asked innocently, but she cringed inside She d hoped Cameron had forgotten their conversation at the Manhattan Cotillion You help me dethrone Princess Mimi, Cameron crooned And I let you in on the secret Parker Devlin is keeping from your gal pal Liz And, believe me, this is something she oughtta know Adrienne sighed Cameron could make her life hell, as she had in the past Fine, I ll help you, Adrienne said So what is this secret of Parker s No, no, no Cameron smiled her evil, megawatt smile First you help me Then I help you There are secrets everywhere After school nanny Liz Braun s wealthy boyfriend, Parker Devlin, has a secret one so scandalous that he won t share it with Liz When the secret is finally blown wide open on the evening news, all of Parker s so called friends dump him Hurt, Parker pulls away from Liz the one person who can actually help him Eight year old Emma Warner, the little girl Adrienne Lewis takes care of after school, has a secret too And she says it s about Adrienne What could Emma know Evil Cameron Warner has many secrets, but her two juiciest ones are about Parker s sordid extracurricular activities and about Adrienne

    One thought on “Juicy Secrets”

    1. This book is the sequel to Rich Girls. It is about that Parker has a sectret he's hiding from Liz and due to a promise, Adrienne has to go out on a date with Graydon, Cameron's brother. Parker always have some kind of phone calls that he has to take, even in the middle of an date. Soon, Parker starts to skip school and not even pick up his phone calls. Later, everyone found out that his family went bankrupt, and now he isn't rich anymore. Adrienne went on the forced date with Graydon, and surpri [...]

    2. Courtney. GaleoteConfessions of a teen nanny.1. What did you think the book was about?I thought the book was about two teenage girls that are best friends and are going through normal teenage drama. With rumours, gossip and all of the above theirjobs are just another stress. Overall this book is about teenagers going through teenager things. For example: All the rumours and gossip about Parker Devlinand about Liz. People are saying he's selling drugs, their breaking up, but in their school its h [...]

    3. Erin Behr3/28/13Period 3Confessions of a Teen Nanny: Juicy SecretsNanny Liz Braun’s rich boyfriend, Parker Devlin, has a secret- one so big that he won’t share it with anyone. When the secret is spread all over the news, all of Parker’s so called “friends” don’t talk to him anymore. Parker is so hurt that he doesn’t talk to Liz anymore- who is the only person who can help. Liz’s best friend, Adrienne Lewis, takes care of Emma Warner after school. Emma has a secret too, and she sa [...]

    4. Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadTooThis third novel by Victoria Ashton, JUICY SECRETS, is another great addition to the CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN NANNY series. In this book, many things change! There is also a huge cliffhanger for what will happen in the next book! I would only read this book if you have read the first two books, which are equally as phenomenal. If you don't read them in order they might not make a lot of sense. Many secrets about people in the book are reveled and some odd c [...]

    5. A continued book of the series of Confessions of a Teen Nanny, Adrienne and Liz are finally starting to live the fabulous life. Adrienne has cleared the memory of her ex-boyfriend and Liz's relationship with Parker is beginning to build stronger and stronger. However, all of this is about to change when secrets starts to spread and kept. The evil Cameron has her hands on the two juiciest secrets, one about Parker and another about Adrienne. Now she is using this as an advantage to convince Adrie [...]

    6. considering that i finished this book before the gossip girl, i really see the flip side of what how the "other side lives". i was really duped by author's emotionaly appeal. i thought that a so called "bad guy" can changeturns out not. at least in this book. the one thing that kept me from being totally disappionted was that in the end she realized her friendship was the most important thing and that people that use her to get what they want out of other people is not what she wanted to do. wea [...]

    7. Juicy Secrets, the sequel to Confessions of a Teen Nanny and Rich girls is a come back for Adrienne. In this book Adrienne is going to take revenge on Cameron Warner for taking her boy friend and making her life miserable. Also, she find out the true meaning of the Warner family, everybody in that family, except for Emma is a lier and evil. Adrienne will make Cameron and her brother Graydon embarrassed in front of the whole media world.In this book it shows how revenge is sweet and power is grea [...]

    8. I read this book out of a splurge. I should have read the first 2 books so I can understand this one better.This is a very cliche book about teenage girls or maybe women in general. Cameron knows two secrets, that if exposed, would hurt Adrienne. So she uses this to get Adrienne to help her. This type of storyline is in many tv shows like One Tree Hill or Gossip Girls. It's human nature for people to be selfish and want things. Also out of fear, they will do anything to protect themselves no mat [...]

    9. I didnt know it was part of a series so I read this book first. Didnt expect much from this book based on the size and the cover but was surprised. Please check out the links below for my written and video review. contemporarylightreadsspoyoutube/user/applehea

    10. I am seriously annoyed by Adrienne. What is wrong with her? Who gets duped twice by the same person? Emma is awesome as always. Liz and Parker. I loved reading about the two of them. I love "their date" after Parker goes bankrupt. On the other hand Mimi was a good character as well. It was fun to read this book.

    11. well it was short and i thought it was high time Cameron gets a taste of her own deedsd i loved the way they ruin Cameron and Graydon. those 2 really had it comming but i also thought they shouldnt have left Adrienne single but i love her confidence at the end!overall it was short, fast and i liked it :)

    12. MUCH better. She finally gets that Brian sucks and that she should let him go, but then she goes for Cameron's brother!!!! hello!!! can you not smell trouble. The guy's a sleaze bag,, super rich, HOT, but still. She falls for another once again. Will Adrienne ever learn that guys suck!!!Not all guys I know.

    13. Clearly, this was not my type of book. There are a lot of characters--a LOT of characters, and most of them are like little paper cutouts. There's a lot of dialogue, and there is not a lot of (any?) introspectiono.

    14. OH.GODst ending ever! Ashton did a great job wrapping up the series. Wish there was more.(sigh). The way Adrienne gets back at Cameron always surprises me.I LOVE IT!THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE!! (i would love to be in it!!)

    15. Awh I can't believe Gray didn't actually like A!:( they would of been such a cute couple! I'm glad Liz & Parker are still together & happy!(:Good book overall! So intense.

    16. Okay series, nothing spectacular. Actually I was thinking it might be a good series to use to teach my future children how NOT to act lol

    17. 2006-2009 Chapter Book:This was a fun, playful book about the lives of two best friends who nanny for two of the richest people in their city.

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