Billy Bathgate

Billy Bathgate In s New York Billy Bathgate a fifteen year old highschool dropout has captured the attention of infamous gangster Dutch Schultz who lures the boy into his world of racketeering The product o

  • Title: Billy Bathgate
  • Author: E.L. Doctorow
  • ISBN: 9780452280021
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1930 s New York, Billy Bathgate, a fifteen year old highschool dropout, has captured the attention of infamous gangster Dutch Schultz, who lures the boy into his world of racketeering The product of an East Bronx upbringing by his half crazy Irish Catholic mother, after his Jewish father left them long ago, Billy is captivated by the world of money, sex, and high socieIn 1930 s New York, Billy Bathgate, a fifteen year old highschool dropout, has captured the attention of infamous gangster Dutch Schultz, who lures the boy into his world of racketeering The product of an East Bronx upbringing by his half crazy Irish Catholic mother, after his Jewish father left them long ago, Billy is captivated by the world of money, sex, and high society the charismatic Schultz has to offer But it is also a world of extortion, brutality, and murder, where Billy finds himself involved in a dangerous affair with Schultz s girlfriend.Relive this story through the title character s driving narrative, a child s thoughts and feelings filtered through the sensibilities of an adult, and the result is E.L Doctorow s most convincing and appealing portrayal of a young boy s life Converging mythology and history, one of America s most admired authors has captured the romance of gangsters and criminal enterprise that continues to fascinate the American psyche today.

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    1. This picaresque novel about Bronx-born “Billy Bathgate” Behan, a street urchin and errand-boy for the Dutch Schulz mob, memorably evokes the tough urban streets of the early '30's, but its principal achievement is the voice of the first person narrator, “Billy Bathgate” himself.Like his literary ancestor Huckleberry Finn, Billy speaks naturally, with colloquial snap and humor. He describes his streets and adventures in the way that an intelligent boy of his age would see them, and he soo [...]

    2. (Updated 1/8/17)After having recently binge-watched the last couple seasons of Boardwalk Empire, I was in the mood for some more 1920s/30s gangster action, and Billy Bathgate scratched that itch nicely. It's more of a coming-of-age story as opposed to straight-up mobster violence and crime, though there's plenty of that as well. Dutch Schultz, a real-life bootlegger and numbers runner who controls the entire Bronx, is pretty much a maniac, and I'm disappointed that he was barely mentioned in Boa [...]

    3. دکتروف نویسنده مورد علاقه منههم فیلمشو دیده ام و هم کتابشو خوندم.عالی بودشاید در سطح هومر و لنگلی و رگتایم نبود ولی باز هم دکتروف عالی بود.

    4. 189. Billy Bathgate, E.L. DoctorowBilly Bathgate is a 1989 novel by author E. L. Doctorow that won the 1989 National Book Critics Circle award for fiction for 1990, the 1990 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, the 1990 William Dean Howells Medal, and was the runner-up for the 1990 Pulitzer Prize and the 1989 National Book Award. The story is told in the first person by Billy "Bathgate" Behan, a fifteen year-old boy who first becomes the gofer and then surrogate son of mobster Dutch Schultz. A 1991 f [...]

    5. وقتی کتاب خیلی خوبی از نویسنده‌ای می‌خوانم یک تصویر بزرگ از او در ذهنم ایجاد می‌شود و ستون بلندی از توقعات و انتظارات. به خودم می‌گویم او نابغه است. درست مثل وقتی که «رگتایم» را خواندم. و شخصیت هری هودینی با وجود تکثر شخصیت‌ها هنوز توی ذهنم هست. بیلی بتگیت در نگاه من شخصیت ما [...]

    6. Only one other writer in my mind can spin out such golden tresses, long sumptuous sentences that runonandon & imbue an actual soul, a literary ghost that moves on and on and that's Latin America's Gabriel Garcia Marquez.Billy Bathgate is one. Outstanding. F*****g. Read. E. L. Doctorow gives us another story for us and lots of future readers to savor. He is clearly in the good company of E. Leonard and M. Puzo. This is virtuoso storytelling (like a movie, as cinematic, but better), and even t [...]

    7. The simple truth is no one writes Historical Fiction like Doctorow does. Like Ragtime, like Book of Daniel, like Homer & Langley, Billy Bathgate is an awesome read that not only tells an individual story, but captures an era so well you are helpless but to be drawn wholly into the romanticism of that era. This is a coming-of-age story, but unlike most stories like that, Billy Bathgate is presented to us in one of the most moving narrative voices ever to grace that niche. Billy, for all his i [...]

    8. Doctorow is such a master wordsmith. His vocabulary is impressive, his turn of phrase striking, the cadence in his character’s voices is captivating. This is Billy’s story of his attempt to escape his impoverished tenement neighborhood in the 1930s by affiliation with a well-known gang of mobsters. This runs from funny to morbid, from tender to cruel with amazing agility. I enjoyed this book. My only problem was that Billy’s narrative voice was too sophisticated for a minimally educated 15 [...]

    9. This is not a book I would have chosen to read on my own, even though I enjoy historical fiction and coming of age stories. I'm just not that interested in gangsters or reading about what I imagined would be a lot of graphic violence. But since my book club wanted to read this book to honor the author who passed away earlier this year, I joined in. And to my amazement, I became fascinated with gangster life and the hierarchy within it. And I had no problem with the violence which was even less p [...]

    10. این درست که بیلی باگتیت به نسبت بقیه داستان‌های گنگستری، از هیجان و حادثه کمتری برخوردار است ولی مگر می‌شود از یک داستان نسبتا شخصیت محور توقعی جز این داشت؟ در عوض شخصیت پردازی منحصر بفرد، توصیف موقعیت ها و ارتباط بین کاراکترهای داستان تو یِ خواننده را آنچنان مسحور می کند که [...]

    11. My first misfire since I came home in November.Huge run on sentences, extensive description, and I'm outta here.There are only two humans on earth who should be able to bend the rules of the English language to tell their story: Cormac McCarthy and James Ellroy. I realize Doctorow came well before these authors, so I can understand why some people may have a soft spot for him. Not me.This same plotline of boy meets mafia was done much better in Nicholas Pileggi's Wiseguy, which later became the [...]

    12. This was fun! There were a couple of instances of somewhat graphic violence - this was Dutch Schultz's gang - but not in a squeamish way and so much that I was fearful. There was also a somewhat graphic sex scene. It was probably a lot more graphic when first published in 1989, but sex in books has become more graphic of late, and I think this might be a bit mild. Doctorow's prose is interesting. He is a bit free with his sentence structure and there were a couple of times I went back to reread, [...]

    13. Doctorow reface portretul gangsterului Schultz Olandezul, anii săi de declin. Suntem în America anilor 30 și cei puternici controlează totul. Mafia italiană își construiește imperiul, mafiile locale se războiesc pentru control și supremație, iar poliția mai degrabă asistă pasivă la acest război civil, în parte datorită corupției generalizate.În lumea aceasta, puștiul Billy Bathgate își croiește repede drumul spre cercul intim al Olandezului. Fascinat de bani, de străluci [...]

    14. داستان از کودکی بیلی شروع میشه که در محله ی فقیر ِ نیویورک زندگی میکنه و آشناییش با سرکرده یک باند گانگستری باعث ورودش به گروه اونها میشه . در ابتدا در جریان کارهای مهم قرار داده نمیشه تا وقتی که هوش و زرنگیش باعث میشه پیشرفت هایی داشته باشه و بهش اعتماد کنند. بیلی داستان زندگیش [...]

    15. Doctorow, you probably are aware, is best known for a kind of historical fiction concentrating on different episodes in 20th century American history (everyone from Stanford White and Emma Goldman to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg has their story revisited). He adds a few fictional characters (typically the narrator), some propulsive but not modernist prose, and the story tells itself!This time it is Dutch Schultz, Lucky Luciano and the other gangsters of the Prohibition (and just post) era. The nar [...]

    16. I do enjoy reading Doctorow but I can't find a word, a relevant sentence, something which reveals my high respect to him and his works / novels. بیل باتگیت با ترجمه ی زیبای نجف دریابندری به فارسی منتشر شده است.

    17. Doctorow's book is a challenging read. First, the story is told from the point of view of Billy, a 15-year-old boy. Punctuation and wording are appropriate to the speaker. Second, the story is not told in chronological order, and I had some trouble figuring out the chronology of the events. These aspects of the text didn't discourage me from reading the book, but if you're looking for a fast and easy read, this book is not for you.Billy Behan is a 15-year-old boy who gets involved with Dutch Sch [...]

    18. The 1920s/1930s gang world is notorious for its colorful characters. Bootlegging, racketeering, and a sense of class created a veneer over the brutality of power and death that often followed these. In this novel, Doctorow looks at this life through the eyes of the tiitle character, a 15 year old who not only witnesses murders of those who turn on the main gang leader (Dutch Schultz), but also becomes almost a protege of this leader. He survives the mayhem. The ending is a bit quick and Billy Ba [...]

    19. I have to admit, E.L. Doctorow is one of those writers whose work is a sure fire hit for me. I love historical fiction, and I admire great word-smithery. Doctorow is skilled with both.This one is a period piece, a look at a hard time and the ugly risks that some folks took from desperation and perhaps a misplaced idea of what greatness might look like. To be sure, the government wasn't exactly setting a good example; those who searched for less-than-conventional means were, in my view, right to [...]

    20. -Un vistazo ficticio, entre bambalinas, al crimen organizado real.-Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. Billy es un adolescente que, a bordo de un barco en el estuario que hay junto a Manhattan, ve el destino que el mafioso Dutch Schultz le tiene preparado a uno de sus lugartenientes, Bo Weinberg, al que previamente Billy vio reunirse con miembros de un grupo rival. Billy entró en el mundo del crimen organizado cuando le cayó en gracia a Schultz, que le puso a trabajar como limpiador y chico par [...]

    21. Din colecția Romanul secolului XX de la Univers. Când am citit-o, parcă mă gândeam că nu am întâlnit carte din acea colecție care să nu îmi placă.

    22. In this book, a fifteen year old kid admires mob life. One day, while this kid is juggling for his friends, the great mobster Dutch Schultz rolls up in a big Packard, steps out and, upon seeing Billy juggling five objects, smiles and calls young Billy over. He pulls out a wad of bills, peels one off and hands it to the boy.It is this moment that defines young Billy. After this encounter, Billy ingratiates himself with Dutch Schultz and works to become, gradually, his protege, doing menial jobs a [...]

    23. Great writing seduces me like nothing else, and this is truly great writing. While reading this novel, nothing else existed for me. Doctorow has created an unforgettable character in Billy, a 15-year-old boy from the Bronx tenements who goes to work for one of the most notorious gangsters of the 1930s, Dutch Schultz. This is a vivid portrait of the gangster milieu with its numbers-running rackets and its deadly violence. Its appeal to a poor kid with limited options and a crazy mother is not har [...]

    24. Doctorow's prose style is surprisingly smooth and hypnotic, making this book about a boy's rise through the ranks of organized crime in the 1930s a wonderful read. I was pleasantly surprised by the way Doctorow made both his protagonist and his story clear-sighted and balanced. Billy never deludes himself about the ugly and violent side of gangland life even while he is attracted by and continues to pursue it. Doctorow also gives a lot of attention to the emotional and psychological experience o [...]

    25. This is a remarkable book told from the viewpoint of "a capable boy" from the tenement streets of the East Bronx who is taken in by the crimeland figure Dutch Shultz. It is E.L. Doctorow at the near-peak of his powers creating a fascinating story by winding history and fiction together. My only criticism was that I didn't quite believe the romance of a sub-plot which I won't discuss here as it would create a spoiler. But, when Doctorow is describing the sites and sounds of the streets or creatin [...]

    26. Per Doctorow, the language is dense and the syntax spirals on. Yet, rather than alienating or being at odds with the narrator and story, it actually makes both epic. I love the rendering of 1930s America, and I love the idea of a mob story beginning on the decline of the characters--it's more like Greek tragedy as opposed to Shakespearean (I knew things were going to fall apart, but the question was how), except of course for Bathgate. The final sentence was killer.

    27. Did anyone read this? *SPOILER ALERT* It didn't really make sense to me that Billy and his mother wound up with Drew's baby. She was very much the aborting type, and if she hadn't, I feel like she had the kind of marriage and lifestyle where they would have just left the baby with a nanny. Thoughts?

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