Dustin Time

Dustin Time Kaitlyn thought she was happy with her life Her veterinary practice successful and a boy toy to keep her satisfied At least until the night she turns thirty when the inevitable biological clock star

  • Title: Dustin Time
  • Author: June Kramin
  • ISBN: 9781500912536
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kaitlyn thought she was happy with her life Her veterinary practice successful, and a boy toy to keep her satisfied At least until the night she turns thirty, when the inevitable biological clock starts to tick Convincing herself that he is simply not father material, she decides to let him go Dusty refuses to leave without a fight, and fate strongly agrees After anKaitlyn thought she was happy with her life Her veterinary practice successful, and a boy toy to keep her satisfied At least until the night she turns thirty, when the inevitable biological clock starts to tick Convincing herself that he is simply not father material, she decides to let him go Dusty refuses to leave without a fight, and fate strongly agrees After an unsuccessful breakup, she wakes up once again in Dusty s arms, only he s not the same man He s an older version and their child is crying from the next room The days that follow bring of the same arriving at a time in her past or alternate future, on her birthday Dusty is the only constant in all of her travels, anxious to win her over in each timeframe.Seeing a whole new side to him and knowing that they were truly meant to be, she allows herself to finally love him Knowing she has to have fixed what was wrong, she expects it all to stop only it doesn t Battling her frustrations daily, Kaitlyn desperately searches for the answers that will bring her time traveling to an end.

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    1. Katie was turning 30 and so very unhappy with the way her life was going. She had a great business and a very sweet guy in her life, but there was one problem. He was just to young. So, she decided to dump him. Yeah, that's really not going to happen. :) Just before she falls asleep she wishes she had met Dustin when they were younger. Happy Birthday! She got her wish. When Katie wakes, she's no longer in her time but in a future, where her and Dustin are married. From that night on when she fal [...]

    2. I read Dustin Time years ago but somehow never wrote a review! If you love a good romance, I'd recommend this, but if you also love time travel then you HAVE to read this! Katie is a relatable character who's concerned about her future, and whether she can even have a future with her younger boyfriend. When she begins time-traveling, the only constant in her life is him, and it gives hope to those of us who may not do things "by the book", but still want happiness. As a woman with a much younger [...]

    3. Kaitlyn thinks she is happy with her life, other than needing to replace her current boyfriend, who she thinks is too young for her. On her thirtieth birthday she starts time hopping back and forth and the only constant is Dustin. As she tweaks things in the past, then comes back to check up on them, she learns who he is and how she can' t live without him. Every time I thought she had things figured out she would jump again! Fun read; glad I won it as a first reads!

    4. I read this over the summer, recommended by a friend. I was not disappointed. Well-rounded characters, well-paced plot, this book has something for everyone. I highly recommend it.

    5. I rated this book 5 starsd I promise not just because I know the author! What I AM doing, mainly because I know the author and am an aspiring author myself, and the writing community is a very close family, is writing this review. The truth is, I'm no good at reviews. But this, being Ms. Kramin's first published novel, deserves to be read, and I need to pass that along to as many as possible!DUSTIN TIME throws an interesting and fun twist on time travel. Katie runs a successful veternary clinic [...]

    6. Hunter’s Review Kaitlyn wakes up on her thirtieth birthday (though she insists its 29. LOL) and has great sex with her friend and sometimes sex partner, Dustin. They’re not serious about each other, even though they’ve been ‘dating’ for a long time. At the end of the day, as she thinks about her life, Kaitlyn decides she really wants more out of life and muses aloud that while she and Dustin have to break up because at her current age she needs more than ‘I like you’ if she’s goi [...]

    7. This was my first time reading anything by June Kramin and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story.Ms Kramin has given us a story that will suck us in and keep us there from start to finish ,and then will leave us wanting more from this author.This is Kaitlyn sweet story. Katie is turning 30 ,but at the same time she's thinking that she happy with her life. But she thinking she needs to replace her boy friend ,because he's she totally believes that he's to young. So Katie has decid [...]

    8. I will be honest. At first this is a little wobbly. Too many sentences begin with She. She did this. She did that. And then she did some more stuff. But hang in there. It quickly gets past the first two chapters and that is no longer an issue. I adore Dustin. I wanted to go through the pages of the book and strangle the female character at times, cuz he's such a doll. I understood her hang ups, I've never been a gal who understood hooking up with a younger dude, unless it's just for kicks and gi [...]

    9. Kaitlyn is a veterinarian with her own practice and is happy with her current boy-toy Dustin Andrews who is 5 years younger then her. On her 30th birthday Kaitlyn decides she needs to break up with Dustin but things don`t go as planned as Dustin believes that they are meant to be. When Kaitlyn wakes up she finds herself in her past and begins various time changes that keep placing her at different times in her life with the only constant being Dustin. As she learns more about their love she real [...]

    10. This is sweet, clean romance (though the couple is quite frisky, their encounters are romantic rather than graphic) features lots of authentic dialog and solid characterization I’ve come to expect from June Kramin. Dustin is a true hero, steady and sexy. The author does a great job of putting you in Kaitlyn’s head. You feel her confusion, pain, and frustration as she fights to figure out what’s going on and why. The conflict is less between the two leads than with the situation. Kaitlyn ge [...]

    11. June Kramin has encouraged me to do what few authors of romance -- paranormal or not -- have done: Make me read an entire romance novel. Her characters are vivid and real, without the syrupy quality present in so many novels of this genre. The dialog is sharp, and you can almost hear the characters speaking it. Time travel, especially with as many time jumps as are present in this novel, can be confusing, but Kramin handles it with such skill that you're never jolted out of the story by the twis [...]

    12. Dustin Time is a well earned 4.5 stars. I loved this book so much, I stayed up until 1 am just to finish it. When Katie tries to break up with her boy toy Dustin, the universe. (either that or a man named Frank) schemes to keep them together by sending Katie to an alternate future where Dustin and she are married and have a little baby girl. But then she falls asleep, and wakes up in another alternate reality. Katie must choose which Dustin she is meant to be with, or if he is with being with at [...]

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed Dustin Time. It’s a touching story about love with tons of humor. The story kept me reading as Kaitlyn would wake up on another day in time. June Kramin’s time travel showed just how much Kaitlyn and Dustin love each other, along with showing how choices can change who we are and our lives. I found myself cheering for Kaitlyn with the hope that she finally gets what she wants. I recommend Dustin Time for anyone looking for a timeless love story with twists of humor.

    14. A really unique, fun romance novel. June's debut novel, Dustin Time has believable characters, believable supernatural elements and is really great fun. I heartily recommend this book. And in fact, told so many of my friends about it, in real life, that June sold about 15 books to people I know. :)

    15. I wasn't quite sure when I started this book. Then, I got into it, then I couldn't stop. I felt like a nosy intruder poking about the two main character's lives. I wondered, also, how June Kramin didn't end up confused with all the time leaps in the book. I began to lose track, but it all sort of worked well, weaving nicely together that it made sense. Great read, and thanks June!

    16. Contemporary Romance I didn't like this book, Kaitlyn is unlikeable throughout the Story. It's hard to imagine someone being given a chance to relive 5 years of their life and not being thankful for a second chance to get it right. Completely lacking in depth. When will I learn not to trust a high average rating when there are so few ratings posted?

    17. I enjoyed this book that i received as an arc. I usually do not like or read books about time travel but this was enjoyable. It is about a couple with an age difference who are in love but she is not so sure it will work out. It was easy to keep interested in this book and I was interested until the end.

    18. June Kramin has the ability to develop amazing characters. We feel like we know them almost instantly, and you can't help hoping, hurting and laughing along with them. Dustin Time is no different. Read it. You will love it.

    19. I read this in about three days. It's a fast read. It's fun. And it's very sexy. And it has time travel! What more do you want in a book? You need to read it!

    20. June has a way the keeps you wanting to read. The storyline is interesting and keeps your mind moving. Can hardly wait for more books by June!

    21. I enjoyed the story enough to give a 4, but I'm giving 3 stars because of the many times an editing error distracted me from the story.

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