Schattenst rmer Garrett und seine Gef hrten m ssen das Horn des Regenbogens finden bevor sich der Unaussprechliche erneut erhebt Doch das Horn liegt in Hrad Spine gewaltigen unterirdischen Pal sten aus denen bishe

  • Title: Schattenstürmer
  • Author: Alexey Pehov Aleksej Ju Pechov Christiane Pöhlmann
  • ISBN: 9783492701877
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Garrett und seine Gef hrten m ssen das Horn des Regenbogens finden, bevor sich der Unaussprechliche erneut erhebt Doch das Horn liegt in Hrad Spine, gewaltigen unterirdischen Pal sten, aus denen bisher niemand lebend zur ckgekehrt ist Unterwegs wird Garrett der magische Schl ssel f r die Beinernen Pal ste gestohlen, aber Garrett w re kein Meisterdieb, wenn er sich den ScGarrett und seine Gef hrten m ssen das Horn des Regenbogens finden, bevor sich der Unaussprechliche erneut erhebt Doch das Horn liegt in Hrad Spine, gewaltigen unterirdischen Pal sten, aus denen bisher niemand lebend zur ckgekehrt ist Unterwegs wird Garrett der magische Schl ssel f r die Beinernen Pal ste gestohlen, aber Garrett w re kein Meisterdieb, wenn er sich den Schl ssel nicht wieder beschaffen k nnte Nach einer abenteuerlichen Reise breiten sich schlie lich die schrecklichen immergr nen W lder Sagrabas vor den Gef hrten aus Scheitern sie kurz vor dem Ziel an den R tseln des Waldes

    One thought on “Schattenstürmer”

    1. The band of travelers had to make a detour to the second largest city of the kingdom and its former capital Ranneng knowing that it most probably was not a good idea at all. Considering that the book is full of battles, betrayals, daring escapes, even more daring thefts (after all Harold is a master thief) and that more than three fourths of it takes place inside the said city it is easy to see that the idea was not good indeed. Despite a gruesome ending of the first book this one began on a ver [...]

    2. Σε αυτό το δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς η κατάσταση βελτιώνεται σημαντικά. Οι περιπέτειες αρχίζουν και μέσα από αυτές γνωρίζουμε πολύ καλύτερα τους χαρακτήρες. Επίσης η γραφή γίνεται αρκετά πιο ενδιαφέρουσα, κάτι που σε συνδυασμό με την εξίσου ενδιαφέρουσα εξέλιξη της πλοκή [...]

    3. My thoughts:It’s not often these days that I read translated books, but this is one of them as it is translated from Russian, and the translator does a good job.In the last book they all left on a long journey, and one traveller died and the loss is still felt. They all know now that they all will not make it to Hrad Spein and even fewer will make it out of there. It will not be an easy journey.Harold the thief doesn’t have the same spotlight as in book 2, in this one we get of the rest too. [...]

    4. Perhaps the finest series of classic fantasy I have ever read, LOR and The Hobbit being excluded. Explore the mystical world of a thief (Harold), who ends up on a journey to defeat an enemy so evil, so powerful that it looks like his world will be totally destroyed. While he initially does it for a King's ransom, his character's evolution from book-to-book is actually very moving. I stumbled across this while looking at a Bookburb email (which I highly recommend anyone signing up for). One of th [...]

    5. Really liked the humor, action and characters in the first book of this series. But the second one didn't add up to me. The jokes were kind of "flat" the characters didn't really develop, the action wasn't really exciting and overall it was just not that engaging for me.Too bad, because in the first one I thought humor and suspense pretty balanced and the dialogues witty.

    6. Suvine keskpäraste sarjade läbilugemise masohhism (?) jätkub. Tegelikult tahtsin kohe esimesele osale otsa lugeda järjed, sest olin õigesse meeleolusse häälestunud, aga need pagana raamatud peitsid end mu eest ära (kööginurka pugemine ei ole aus mäng!) ja noh, suurem osa õigest meeleseisundist oli loomulikult hääbunud. Mulle meeldib Garreti avameelne ebausaldusväärsus endale hinnangute andmise juures ja tema raamatutegelasele harukordne kinnisus oma hämmastavamate kogemuste jaga [...]

    7. Kniha je hezky designově zpracovaná, stejně jako u prvního dílu mi rozložení stránek i velikost písma vyhovovala. Co mě ale obrovsky, opravdu hodně zamrzelo je, že jsme přišli o ty nádherné ilustrace. Roman Kýbus je nadaný ilustrátor a jeho ilustrace mi hodně chyběly.Kniha navazuje na první díl, se skupinou, která doprovází Harolda Stína, se snažíme postoupit po cestě dále. Doprovází jej různorodá skupinka společníků, od elfů po gnóma. Toto se mi na knize [...]

    8. Shadow Chaser begins right where the previous book left off with the group heading into the city of Ranneng. Unfortunately, they spend almost the entire book just in this city because the precious key they are traveling with ends up getting stolen so they have to get it back. Turns into a big fiasco. Even though most of the book is spent just in this city, and it can be slow in parts, the story still remains rather interesting, and I really enjoyed it.The characters are great, especially Kli-Kli [...]

    9. Harold Stín je dobrák od kosti. Pravda, nemá zrovna nejpočestnější povolání, ale o záchranu světa už se pokoušeli i větší prosťáčci.Tanec ve stínech začíná přesně tam, kde „Tulák“ skončil. Děj obou knih tedy přímo navazuje. Nekoná se žádné rychlé zopakování děje prvního díla, žádné upřesňující detaily, které by pomohly čtenáři se v knize lépe zorientovat. Proto se může docela nešťastně stát, že se v knize trošičku zamotáte.Právě [...]

    10. Harold en zijn metgezellen zijn na hun confrontatie met dienaren van de Naamloze aan het einde van boek één weer op pad gegaan. Harold heeft namelijk de Opdracht van de koning aanvaard om in de krochten van de Hrad Spein, bijgenaamd het Bottenpaleis, af te dwalen om daar de regenbooghoorn vandaan te halen. Dit instrument is onmisbaar in de op handen zijnde strijd tegen de Orks van de Naamloze. De reis verloopt uiteraard niet over rozen en het gevaar loert in elk dorp dat ze tegenkomen. De aanh [...]

    11. rantingdragon/shadow-cLike most readers of fantasy and sci-fi, I’m also a big sports fan. (What? Don’t look at the screen like that.) Either way, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “sophomore slump.” If not, well, think about it and you’ll get the meaning (Google works, too). This is a term I’m going to apply, loosely, to Shadow Chaser by Alexey Pehov. Shadow Chaser is the second in The Chronicles of Siala trilogy, translated from Russian to English (and quite well, I might add) b [...]

    12. This book was surprisingly interesting good for having a plot revolving around a journey. Usually, those types of storylines are really boring to me, but the author made it move along pretty quickly. This was a strong follow up to the first book of the series.

    13. I think I read Shadow Prowler, the first book in The Chronicles of Siala, about a year ago. Although I enjoyed it a lot, I have not re-read it since. So when I opened Shadow Chaser I found myself digging in my memory to recover the story and remember all the characters. Thankfully it did not require a lot of time! The Chronicles of Siala tell the story of a band of warriors from different lands in the Empire who join together to retrieve the magical horn that will save Siala from the Nameless On [...]

    14. Another delightful romp through Siala with Shadow Harold and company. While I do have serious doubts as to whether they will ever actually get to the Palace of Bone, it was entertaining to see how many references to legendary Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors that Pehov could make. I mean the "shadows" are a clear nod to Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. Some of his humor comes across as pretty low brow, but it's a fun ride, where you get learn more about the Wild Hearts and the crazed mythos that Pehov [...]

    15. When this series was translated in Dutch, it was announced as the Russian Tolkien, with a fascinating storyline and intrigueing characters. After finishing this second part, I'm still wondering why they've made this comparison.The best part of the series, is the description of the different species on Siala, and their mutual relations. Whereas most authors stick to the more classic, Tolkienesque image of the species, the portraying in this books is rather refreshing. The difference between the l [...]

    16. C2009: It took me a while to get hold of this second volume as my library had catalogued this book under Pekhov instead of Pehov. It took me a while to remember what had gone before and there was no summary or introduction to remind me. So, I had to go back to the first book to try and remind myself. Great pace, interesting characters and just a great plot. I think I preferred the first book but it could be because there had been quite a long period of time between the reads. The author has no f [...]

    17. 3,5 sterretjesZit weer wat humor in, het leest lekker. Maar ik heb qua verhaal nauwelijks het gevoel vooruit te zijn gegaan tov het eerste deel. Ook is er nooit ook maar 1 poging gedaan om je 'up to speed' te brengen voor het geval je het eerste boek een flinke tijd geleden hebt gelezen. Gelijk 10.000 namen, geen enkele verwijzing naar wat dan ook.En om het nog verwarrender te maken wordt er soms iemand bij 3 namen genoemd binnen 3 regels. argh.Voor een te groot deel van het boek ben ik dit:En d [...]

    18. The first book started little slow but I felt this has more action. There doesn’t actually happen all that much but there was still many battles. I should have re-read the last book because I had forgotten who was whoand what happened but it didn’t take long to remember everyone. Harold isn’t too happy to be the supposed hero and thinks his life was much more simple as a regular thief. But he’s also started to wonder if he has changed. He didn’t have any friends or family, which he tho [...]

    19. Χμ. Δεν ξέρω τι να πω γι’ αυτό. Δεν ξέρω καταρχήν αν μου άρεσε ή δε μου άρεσε. Δε λέω, πέρασα ευχάριστα, γιατί ώρες και φορές έχει ένα πολύ ωραίο χιούμορ. Αλλά είναι λίγο βαρετό. Ξεκινάει πάλι όπως και το πρώτο των Χρονικών της Σιάλα, με τον Χάρολντ σε μια πόλη (αυτή τη φορά είναι [...]

    20. As with the first book, Shadow Prowler, I was enchanted with this tale because it is not your typical epic fantasy. The Elves are brutal and none too pretty. The goblin is petite, ridiculous, and cunning. The humans, especially the talents band of Wild Hearts, are a mix of deadly and horribly vulnerable. Ogres, first born children of the world, seek domination and will not be easily turned back. Harald has been sucked into this affair and doubly bound to see it through. In this particular instal [...]

    21. Brilliant!!! Read it already a couple of times, still enjoy!!! Main characters easily become your friends, so it gets quite hard to say goodbye to some of them =\ Anyway, there are three books in the trilogy, and they all are awesome, imho, so I strongly advise to read it to those, who love adventureous quest with a fine mix of magic, humour, noble loyalty, mean treason and a lot of nice riddles for mind =) Hooray for the author!ДУЖЕ класно =)Я взагалі страшний фана [...]

    22. I liked the first book in this series a lot. This one left me luke-warm. Looking back on my review for the first book, I think it's because what I liked about the first book (a thief doing thiefly things) is missing from this one so far (about 150 pages in). There's a large ensemble of characters, all of who blend into each other without distinct characteristics. Not a fan of the goblin comic relief, either.The first part of the book is largely about finding a dentist (seriously) and getting in [...]

    23. Shadow Chaser by Alexey PehovShadow Prowler was the first book in the Chronicles of Siala. Pehov may be well known in his native Russia but I had never heard of him until I read that book. I think the quality of that book will insure that Pehov will be known far and wide as well as in Russia. Shadow Harold, a master thief, finds himself enmeshed with the establishment to save the world as they know it. This book carries on the story and gets the band of misfit compatriots further along in their [...]

    24. My review for the first book in the Chronicles of Siala series can be found on my blog.Actual rating 3.5 stars.I like the Estonian title - Džanga varjudega (literal transaltion would be something along the lines of: djanga (a dance) with the shadows) more than the English one. It simply sounds better although neither makes all that much sense. If I could speak Russian, then maybe I would even prefer the original title because I believe that one makes most sense.I liked this book more than the f [...]

    25. I liked this much better than the first in the series. It's still nothing very original in fantasy terms, but it's competently done and the characters are more rounded this time, I think. Harold isn't any more outstanding to me than he was the last time, but the secondary characters - Eel and Kli-Kli especially - are much more interesting (and in the latter case, much less annoying) than they were before, and I'm beginning to feel invested in them.The book seems to read quicker than the last one [...]

    26. Harold and his team of wisecracking hardasses and mystical elves head further towards their goal. They encounter numerous delays and dangerous foes. Of course.This one was not as good as the first. The first half of the book is drawn out unnecessarily and the second half is a bit truncated. Characters are introduced and then thrown away in grand Martin style, but before you get a chance to really know them or why you should care about them. But the action sequences seem real enough, the interpla [...]

    27. Most definitely a middle book. Our heroes spend some time in a city, get kidnapped, escape, steal things, then head out into the wilderness and have more adventures that bring them closer to the giant dungeon that's their ultimate goal, but which will not come onstage until the third book.Still, I was entertained -- Shadow Harold has a very conversational style to his narration and the various incidents and adventures were well-drawn. And since it was translated from Russian, I choose to hear th [...]

    28. Nadat Harold en zijn metgezellen in De vloek van de schaduw een van hen verloren, zetten zij ondanks hun bedrukte stemming toch hun tocht door naar het gevreesde ondergrondse paleis van Hrad Spein. Hoewel ze weten dat talloze legers van krijgers en tovenaars al hebben gefaald, zijn ze vastbesloten om hun queeste te vervullen en de magische hoorn te vinden die de Naamloze zal kunnen verslaan. Maar voordat ze de catacomben kunnen bereiken, zullen ze al hun kennis en listen moeten gebruiken om de v [...]

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