The Window

The Window Mandy survived the terrible accident that killed her mother but she was left blind and alone Now she lives with relatives she doesn t know attends a new school and tries to make friends all the whi

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  • Title: The Window
  • Author: Jeanette Ingold
  • ISBN: 9780152049263
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mandy survived the terrible accident that killed her mother, but she was left blind and alone Now she lives with relatives she doesn t know, attends a new school, and tries to make friends all the while struggling to function without sight Her unpredictable life takes its strangest turn when she begins to hear the oddest things through the window of her attic room In fMandy survived the terrible accident that killed her mother, but she was left blind and alone Now she lives with relatives she doesn t know, attends a new school, and tries to make friends all the while struggling to function without sight Her unpredictable life takes its strangest turn when she begins to hear the oddest things through the window of her attic room In fact, what she hears and seems to see are events that happened years ago, before she was even born

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    1. Mandy survived the terrible accident that killed her mother, but she was left blind and alone. Now she lives with relatives she doesn't know, attends a new school, and tries to make friends--all the while struggling to function without sight.Her unpredictable life takes its strangest turn when she begins to hear the oddest things through the window of her attic room. In fact, what she hears--and seems to "see"--are events that happened years ago, before she was even born. . . . 3.5 stars. I enjo [...]

    2. Such an amazing book, really.I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to be blind and that young still.This book really gives you insight into a couple things:1. how important family is2. how hard it is for blind people to get around on their ownand 3. always wear a frickin' seatbelt!loved it.

    3. I thought this book was very interesting because it shows how difficult it can be but also how gifted someone can be, who is blind. Mandy is very gifted but it also isn't a very good gift, she has a hard time dealing with what she can see when she stands by the window. It's like she is living another life, which she is but not. Mandy doesn't want to tell anyone what she can see because they'll think she's crazy. With the class she has and the people in it, don't have this "gift" like she does, w [...]

    4. Mandy, an only child, survived an horrific car crash that left her mother dead and her blind and alone. Case workers did manage to locate some distant relatives whom Mandy has never before met and now she is taken to Texas to live with them. New family, new school, new friends, new situations in which she finds herself - especially without being able to see. One afternoon, while leaning out her attic bedroom window, Mandy hears things. Voices. Children’s voices calling for a girl named Gwen. O [...]

    5. This book is about a blind girl who is sent to live with her relatives after her mother died in a car crash that left her blind. She is learning how to make friends and live with out sight. She discovers voices in a window and is transported back to the past where she learns the story of her grandmother and of her new family. I liked the details and the storyline, it was really sad in some parts. It was a good book.

    6. The book, The Window by Jeanette Ingold, was published in 1996. It was published in New York City, New York by Harcourt Inc This Book keeps you interested by diversifying the plot and characters, making you want to read more. Mandy is a teenage girl who is faced with the struggle of being blind. She moves to Texas and starts a new school there while living with her great aunt and uncle. She comes across a weird gift that allows her to “see” into the past out of her bedroom window. The people [...]

    7. Spoiler Alert!!!!The Window is a great book that I picked up at The Public Library. When I began reading it I was very impressed at the choice of vocabulary. I actually had to look up some of the words! The story started with a girl named Mandy who survived a horrible crash, but unfortunately her mother died when taken to the hospital and she was blind and lonely. She was taken by her Aunt Emma, Uncle Gabriel, and Uncle Abe. At first she was ungrateful and upset, but I mean who wouldn't be right [...]

    8. The writing in this book is so charged, it's almost electrified. Most of the scenes are short - just a page or two - but sharp and vivid - stripped of visuals (since the MC is a 15 year old Mandy, still adjusting to her blindness after a severe accident), but rich with other senses and not a word wasted. Mandy's independent, I-can-take-care-of-myself vulnerability comes through as a strong voice I quickly fell in love with. I dare you to read the first chapter and not be so hooked you can't put [...]

    9. Sometimes the smallest packages have the largest impressions. Such is with Jeanette Ingold's novel, The Window. Sometimes you decide to hold onto a book because it has way too many magical elements that you wish all books had. This will be a book I only lend to the most valued friends and family I encounter, and no, I am not sure I want to tell everyone I own this book in fear of losing it. Excellent excellent excellent story within a story that touches on family, life in general and you can act [...]

    10. True rating: 4.5To be honest, I almost gave away this book but something made me read the synopsis and I was like "okay, maybe I'll keep it for a while". And then I read it and read it. I got through, like, three quarters of the book before I took a break. This book stayed on one or two main topics for the duration of the story, but it was done so well. It's been a long time since I wanted to read a book to the end like that and I can't help but think that I almost gave it away. Smh. Anyway, the [...]

    11. Though I think that I've found many flaws to this novel, I would still like to avoid spoiling this review with unpleasant details I could avoid. Is it actually possible for a normal to 'see' the way a blind person perceives the world? I am not blind. I cannot say. However, what I do know is that this book gave me a window to the world of a young lady who faces different challenges every day. What is easy for a person with perfect sight is totally a pain for a blind person. This books made me mor [...]

    12. i gave this book five stars because it told a really encouraging story. it proved that even if you are blind, you can do almost anything you want to if you have the courage and determination. it told a life story of a blind girl that lost her mother in a car accident and had to live with three relatives she didnt even know. i liked this book because it made me think that you could do the impossible. this book made me smile and almost cry it had so much detail. i would encourage you to read this [...]

    13. Small and fast-paced book! A little drama/tragedy in the beginning to make the settings, after the introductions we realize the story is about family/friends and sixth sense/Time travel/flashback/ghosts (the story didn't specify) with a very slight touch of mystery.I really enjoyed this little book, love positive stories when people overcome barriers! The change in scenes got a little confusing sometimes, markings would be welcome.

    14. There isn't much to review really the story is confusing like one line you're Mandy the second you're Gwen there's little relevence between the two storylines anyway and I don't like the main character Mandy I mean does she have to be that rude and grumpy about everything!! Three stars is more than enough and they go mostly to the potential this story might have had if it was written in a different way. I guess it was OK but I wouldn't recommend it.

    15. I've always been a fan of books that had a slight mystery to it. This is one of the perfect books for me. Not only does it have time travel, mystery elements, it's about a teenager who is trying to deal with being blind. I love it all. I've always been fascinated on people who are blind. They are amazing and so talented.

    16. When a terrible accident kills Mandy's mother and blinds her, she goes to live with relatives she does not know. As she learns to live with them and deal with her blindness, she also learns their stories and the 50 year old story of her father’s parents--by experiencing it when she leans out the window of her attic bedroom. Positive story and theme.

    17. I picked this book because the main character was disabled(she was blind), but the story didn't have much to do with that. Even though she recently lost her sight, she didn't seem to have any trouble with it. This seemed like a book written for teenagers, even though I found it in the adult section.

    18. I read this probably eleven years ago. I don't remember much about it. I do know that it was the first book to make me cry. I just happened to think about it the other day. I couldn't remember the name so I put a few words into Google (YA novel, blinded, mother dies, window), and it popped up. Lol I might look it up at my library and read it again just for fun.

    19. I really enjoyed Mandy's voice - she was strong and a bit sassy. Even though she was dealing with the tragic loss of her mother and her eyesight, she was still a typical angsty teen, struggling to navigate a new school and make new friends. A quick and enjoyable read.

    20. Talk about a diamond in the rough. I found an old beat up copy of this book at a thrift store. It may only be a couple of hundred pages but it is a roller coaster of emotions. So glad that I gave this little beat up paperback a chance! :)

    21. This is one of the most realistic portrayals of a blind teenager I've read. Highly recommended.You can read my full review here.

    22. Overall, I really liked this book, but I hated how Mandy was so defensive of people trying to help her. I think she could have been nicer, but I guess since her and her mother were never really, "normal" I guess, in their living she was a pretty independent girl.

    23. The main character really stuck with me for a while after I read it. It's a little heavy, but it's a pretty short book so the heaviness isn't drawn out; I really enjoyed it.

    24. Very good "clean" book. My older girls read it and really enjoyed it. No sex, no cussing, all the modern teenage things you encounter were not present. Very good book.

    25. I enjoyed this book because it is an overall good story and it is witty yet filled with sadness and suspense

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