Sleepy Dog

Sleepy Dog It is time for Sleepy Dog to go to bed He gets a good night kiss from Mom Sweet dreams Sleepy Dog

  • Title: Sleepy Dog
  • Author: Harriet Ziefert Norman Gorbaty
  • ISBN: 9780394868776
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is time for Sleepy Dog to go to bed.He gets a good night kiss from Mom.Sweet dreams, Sleepy Dog

    One thought on “Sleepy Dog”

    1. While adding my favorite childhood books I thought it would be fun to add a despised childhood book as well. Haha. I don't know if it was because this one my mom actually forced on me as part of learning to read, or if I would have found it creepy and annoying anyways, but I HATED this book.I am so glad my mother read enjoyable books to me before learning to read, and that she continued to do so while and after I learned to read. Otherwise, because of this book, I may have not known any better b [...]

    2. Not a very relaxing nighttime story for children…especially when it is constantly reminding them of the alarm clock!

    3. Read this to my two-year-old Granddaughter on Saturday and she loved it so much that I sent it home with her.

    4. This book is about a dogs nighttime routine. The dog does not have a name, nor is he a strong character. However for it being a beginning readers book, it isn't too necessary. The theme of the book still gets across. He has a pet cat and his mother that is also a dog. This book is more informational in a exciting way to catch a young child's attention. It has edge to edge photos that enhance the text greatly. There is not a substantial amount of rhyming. The way it is written focuses on building [...]

    5. 1. This book is about what happens to Dog from getting ready for bed to waking up in the morning. Chapter one is Sleepy Dog. Chapter two is Dreaming. Chapter three is Clock.2. There are many books that are like this book, both illustration style and in the way that it's about what happens at bedtime, and when asleep. The chapter this week relates because it talks about different types of picture books and different styles of illustration. 3. This would be good for kids who can read on their own. [...]

    6. This book is about a dog that is trying to sleep, and then he fell asleep. And then he was awake, and he went to drink water. And he went back to sleep and that was Chapter 2: the Clock. "Tic tic tic." The clock says, "Tic." The clock shouts, "Ring, ring, ring. Wake up. Good morning, Cat. Time to play. Good morning, little dog." I liked this book because there's dogs and a cat. -by Alexander

    7. This is the worst going-to-sleep book ever. a) One of dog's dreams is scary, which doesn't help a kid go to sleep. b) It ends with time-to-get-up, which doesn't help a kid go to sleep. However, since it's a going-to-sleep book, it doesn't have a plot, and thus would never be read at any time other than when a kid is going to sleep. Seriously, people need to read what they've written before sending it off to a publisher.

    8. Neither I nor my six year old were very impressed with this. The wording is awkward and the story didn't engage compared to other similar goodnight books. I had hoped he would read it himself, but as it happened I read it to him, and he just isn't interested enough to listen to it, let alone read it out loud!The puppy in the illustrations is cute though.

    9. This is a level 1 reader it has one sentence per page explaining what the dog is doing. most of the sentences start with "I am" would be an easy book for a learning reader to learn to read for themselves.

    10. BEGINNERS BOOK!Sleepy Dog by Harriet Ziefert was a very great beginner's book for many reasons. This book is about a cute dog with his adorable pet cat. They both sleep together and have many dreams together, I felt like this was an excellent beginners book for a child.

    11. My husband and I can probably retell this story without opening the book. It is so simple, but one that we read to our daughters every night -- they can even recite some of it from memory. Love Sleepy Dog.

    12. I think this book would be great for kindergarten readers that are just learning how to read. It is really cute and is a very easy read.

    13. Cute book about a puppy who really needs to get to sleep. The illustrations are adorable and the text is short and simple, perfect for beginning readers.

    14. My son would kill me for writing this, but this book bores the living tears out of me. He had me read it 2 or 3 times a night for a while. The illustrations are cute, at least.

    15. It's good for my autism sister.I want to read to her,It Can help her to talk.If I read it to her.I want to Help My Sister to talk.

    16. A bedtime story about a puppy and his pet cat. For young and beginning readers. Full color illustrations.

    17. This short children's book is a very easy read. It would be a great book for children who are starting to read. Sleepy Dog reminded me a lot of the Spot books.

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