South Phoenix Rules

South Phoenix Rules A handsome young New York professor comes to Phoenix to research his new book But when he s brutally murdered police connect him to one of the world s most deadly drug cartels This shouldn t be a cas

  • Title: South Phoenix Rules
  • Author: Jon Talton
  • ISBN: 9781590588161
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • A handsome young New York professor comes to Phoenix to research his new book But when he s brutally murdered, police connect him to one of the world s most deadly drug cartels This shouldn t be a case for historian turned deputy David Mapstone except the victim has been dating David s sister in law Robin and now she s a target, too David s wife Lindsey is in WashingtA handsome young New York professor comes to Phoenix to research his new book But when he s brutally murdered, police connect him to one of the world s most deadly drug cartels This shouldn t be a case for historian turned deputy David Mapstone except the victim has been dating David s sister in law Robin and now she s a target, too David s wife Lindsey is in Washington with an elite anti cyber terror unit and she makes one demand of him protect Robin This won t be an easy job with the city police suspicious of Robin and trying to pressure her With the sheriff s office in turmoil, David is even of an outsider And the gangsters are able to outgun and outspend law enforcement It doesn t help that David and Lindsey s long distance marriage is under strain But the danger is real and growing To save Robin, David must leave his stack of historic crimes and plunge into the savage today world of smuggling people, drugs, and guns in Phoenix Arizona s History Shamus returns in South Phoenix Rules It s the most gripping and personal David Mapstone Mystery yet.

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    1. South Phoenix Rules is the first book I've read by Jon Talton and I have mixed feelings. This one is part of the ongoing David Mapstone Mystery series. Not having read any of Talton's prior books in the series, I found the story hard to get into due to gaping holes in information I might otherwise have known. Mapstone's relationship with his estranged wife is a large part of the story, though it is not until the end of the book that their history starts to make sense. I don't know how much of my [...]

    2. Noir in blazing sunlight? Reach for a cold glass of water and read on. . . . The gripping prologue to South Phoenix Rules is chock-full of testosterone-laden thugs armed to the teeth with every conceivable death-pistol imaginable, and soon sets the relentless pace from this latest thriller by Jon Talton. The oppressive August temperature in Phoenix is reaching 114 degrees—and that’s just in the shade. The horrendous heat carries a special color for which even the great poet Dante would have [...]

    3. First Line: The August heat in Phoenix has a color.Changes are staring David Mapstone in the face. His boss was defeated in the recent election, and Mapstone knows he's on the way out, too. He has no clear idea of what he's going to do next. All he does know is that his wife is still on assignment in Washington, DC, and he's not exactly happy that her sister, Robin, is living in the apartment above his garage.When the history professor Robin is dating is killed and connected to a deadly drug car [...]

    4. Got this free as an advanced reader copy.It’s hot. Gasoline is running in short supply. Tempers are ready to flare. Gangs are at each others’ throats. Foreclosures are rampant. And deputy David Mapstone Maricopa County sheriff’s department historian has been called back into uniform duty due to cutbacks. Mapstone combines his skills as a historian with law enforcement knowledge to solve cold cases.In this page-turner, Mapstone’s sister-in-law (David’s wife, Lindsay Faith has moved to W [...]

    5. mysteriesetc/2011Another winner from Poisoned Pen Press! What an amazing story and I feel so enlightened in regard to the state of modern day Phoenix. South Phoenix Rules presents Phoenix with a brutal realism that expertly depicts the challenges that it faces today. Phoenix is presented as soulless city that has been exploited during the real estate boom. However, now its reality is filled with home repossessions and lost jobs. Talton does an amazing job of capturing the mood of the city. And y [...]

    6. Dr David Mapstone, historian and once again ex-cop, gets involved with his sister-in-law's life when her lover's head is delivered to her in a box, along with the military dog tags of a Japanese man. Who killed her lover? Why was he wearing the dog tags of a Nisei veteran? Was he actually a legendary hit man or a visiting professor like he had led her to believe?What's up with David and his wife Lindsey? Lindsey, who took a job in Washington DC with Homeland Security? And Peralta. He lost his jo [...]

    7. South Phoenix Rules (Audio CD) by Jon Talton Wow where do I start? The reader was kind of boring to listen to and all of the characters were unlikable. Now this is my first book by Jon Talton and the first in the David Mapstone series. 1. David "weak dick" Mapstone - a whiny, panicky former cop that can't resist sleeping with his sister-in-law even while crying over his wife, who moved to DC for a job2. Lindsey - The wife, sleeping her way through DC, being a total bitch and doesn't want anythin [...]

    8. South Phoenix Rules when you're outnumbered and backup can't arrive in time, when you have more assholes than bullets, all you can do is become the crazy Anglo.David Mapstone ends up involved with the mob and rival drug cartels in this latest adventure. Mapstone also battles his own internal daemons when his wife leaves him after losing their baby to a miscarriage. Then he ends up protecting his sister-in-law Robin when it appears she is somehow involved in the gangland style murder of her boyfr [...]

    9. I picked this book up at the library book sale for my husband, and then ended up reading it myself, on his recommendation. I enjoyed the way the author wove the history of Phoenix, AZ. into this mystery. He tackled a lot--the mob, the damage done by non-stop development, the former beauty of this once agricultural area, the Japanese internment camps of WWII. There were times I thought he might be biting off a bit too much, but it was what I liked best about the book. What a painless way to learn [...]

    10. A good mystery. David Mapstone has lots on his plate. His best friend, the sheriff, just lost his job so Mapstone decides to quite the force also. His wife is in D. C. and they are having problems and his sister-in-law is living with him. She has a package delivered with her boyfriend's head in it and Mapstone goes about trying to find out who killed him and why. He is trying to protect his sister-in-law and fails. He then tries to find her killer. There is a lot going on. The boyfriend was an u [...]

    11. This is one of those books I probably should have stopped reading after fifty pages (per Nancy Pearl), but I foolishly persevered. It's just not my kind of book. Historian and Deputy Sheriff David Mapstone has it all in the summer--but after a jump from the Prologue, by December he's out of work, his wife is working in Washington, and he's living with Robin, the beautiful sister-in-law that he dislikes and distrusts, watching his hometown overtaken by corruption and developers. Then things get r [...]

    12. This is a darker, almost too dark, novel in the Mapstone series, not as enjoyable as the previous ones. Mapstone and Lindsay are 'separated' by work, distance and 'distance,' and yet her sister Robin in living in David's house and trying to seduce him -- theater of the absurd to start and it only gets worse. There is the ongoing, incomprehensible and totally annoying animosity towards Mapstone by police person Kate Vare which runs throughout, and pretty much ruins, the book -- theater of the abs [...]

    13. This book is definitely part of a series, and not the place I would start reading. For those who already like the series, it a good but not stellar entry. Mapstone is now out of his Deputy Sheriff's job, and his relationships are going through big changes. He and his estranged wife face emotional turmoil, complicated by the presence of his wife's sister Robin in Mapstone's house and in need of his protection. The plot was a little convoluted, and I didn't get as drawn into the story as in some p [...]

    14. Following the bitterness of Arizona Dreams, this book has David Mapstone becoming a colder, harder person in how he deals with the bad guys. It's getting more noir. It opens with Robin opening a box delivered by FedEx that contains the head of her boyfriend. It appears he was killed by a drug cartel. David tries to figure out how Robin is tied to the guns and drugs running between Phoenix and the Mexican cartels. Personally, the hits to David keep coming but the book ends on a hint of hope and t [...]

    15. This is definitely not a love story for Phoenix. I used to read Jon Talton's columns when he wrote for the AZ republic (and his jabs at it in the book ring true!). This book exposes much of what is wrong with the city and brutally portrays the worst side of us. The sliding of the city parallels the slide of Mapstone, the main character. I have read all the books in the series and this is the toughest to read because of both of these. But it is a good story and worth the read. I only hope the clo [...]

    16. This is not like pump your fist in the air and scream South Phoenix Rules with exuberant joy. No, this about the "South Phoenix Rules" of how things go down. Drug cartels, police dirty and not so dirty, gangs, Mexico, and relationships in trouble pretty much sum up this book. This is a short easy read, interesting at times, boring and drawn out at others. ( I think I may have even skipped a couple of pages it went on so long)

    17. Good book with lots of twists and turns. Set in modern day Phoenix but Jon Talton provides a lot of interesting Phoenix history. As a Mesa, Arizona resident, I enjoyed the references to local landmarks and locations and recent events but even if you don't live in The Valley of the Sun or have not visited here, you would still find the book entertaining--it's not an "insider's" book. It's a good mystery and well written.

    18. Off the books, on his gameJon Talton continues to please with this Cop turned professor turned cop again, crossing over the line to get justice. A midlife crisis available only to the class of citizens in education, he finds a substitute for love in the worst place. And like all midlines crisis, the resolution is unglamorous as it is fitting.

    19. This is the sixth book in the David Mapstone Mysteries series. This book is a pretty dark and disturbing picture of Phoenix. It makes me want to move away. I don't recall that feeling from the other books. On the other hand, it is pretty entertaining to read all about the people and places We know in the valley. There is an especially accurate portrait of the Maricopa County Sheriff.

    20. I am not sure why I did not enjoy this book more. I thing the plot was just a little too busy. Too many subplots. The main character seems very conflicted. I enjoy a little bit of humor in even the grimmest of books.

    21. After living in Arizona for ten years, it is fun to read books that take place in and around Phoenix. Reminds me of good times in the desert. And, it helps that Talton is a good writer. I would compare him to JA Jance in how he intertwines the city locales with the story.

    22. I think I wrote previously of this author, his ties to the Az. Republic (our newspaper), and the fact that these books all take place in the Phx. market. Another good read!

    23. While the mystery plot is acceptable the true worth of this book is the background it relates on the history of Phoenix.

    24. David Mapstone series - action takes place in and around Phoenix AZ. Current setting. Would read another by this author.

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