The Clinton Wars

The Clinton Wars An invaluable history of an extraordinary presidency and the chronicle of a generation s political odyssey When in Bill Clinton appointed Sidney Blumenthal as a senior advisor the former writer

  • Title: The Clinton Wars
  • Author: Sidney Blumenthal
  • ISBN: 9780374125028
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An invaluable history of an extraordinary presidency, and the chronicle of a generation s political odyssey.When in 1997 Bill Clinton appointed Sidney Blumenthal as a senior advisor, the former writer was catapulted into the front lines of the Clinton wars From his first day in the White House until long after his appearance as the only presidential aide ever to testify iAn invaluable history of an extraordinary presidency, and the chronicle of a generation s political odyssey.When in 1997 Bill Clinton appointed Sidney Blumenthal as a senior advisor, the former writer was catapulted into the front lines of the Clinton wars From his first day in the White House until long after his appearance as the only presidential aide ever to testify in an impeachment trial, Blumenthal acted in or witnessed nearly all the battles of the Clinton years His major new book part history, part memoir is the first inside account we have of the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.The Clinton Wars begins in 1987, when Blumenthal first met Bill and Hillary Clinton His chronicle of Clinton s first presidential campaign and first term draws on his experiences as confidant to both the President and the First Lady, and is enriched with previously unpublished revelations about both This remarkable personal interpretation goes far in explaining the polarizing nature of Clinton s presence on the national scene The narrative of Clinton s second term is even dramatic Blumenthal takes special note of the battle that was waged within the media between the President s detractors and defenders, which he expands into a vivid picture of Washington society torn apart by warring factions But he does not neglect the wars fought on other fronts in Kosovo, against Congress, and for economic prosperity His remarkable book ends with the inside story of the fight to elect Al Gore in 2000 and extend the legacy of the Clinton Gore Administration.Every page of this unrivaled, authoritative book, with its intimate insights into Clinton s personality and politics, attests to Blumenthal s literary skill, profound understanding of politics, and unique perspective on crucial events of our recent past The Clinton Wars is a lasting contribution to American history.

    One thought on “The Clinton Wars”

    1. Blumenthal -- like most political operatives with a book deal -- has churned out an indifferently written and profoundly humourless blend of hagiography, self-justification and character assassination. This is a highly detailed, disjointed, and boring look at the inner workings of the Clinton White House, focusing on its many political battles. The title fooled me into thinking that this was about foreign or defense policy, which is much more intriguing than domestic policy.What's wrong with thi [...]

    2. This book is exhaustively researched and great fodder for politicos. Blumenthal takes a step back from any situation or policy to explain the decades of politics leading up to it and often providing a lengthy quote of a speech or relevant document. Yes, this is a biased account of the Clinton presidency and Blumenthal goes out of his to talk about himself and his life. His role in the Clinton White House is fascinating, though, and–being a journalist–Blumenthal is an engaging writer with eas [...]

    3. You have to go into this one knowing that it is going to be completely biased towards the Democrats. Blumenthal is a pretty self-absorbed writer, and this book is as much about him as it is Clinton, though to be fair, he was part of the administration so I guess What put it at 3 instead of 4 stars for me was Blumenthal's selective citations and complete lack of a bibliography. For a former journalist criticizing a lot of people for not crediting their sources, an awful lot of material goes uncit [...]

    4. I liked this book, but there's way, way too much of it. Blumenthal's take on the "right wing conspiracy" remains on point today in an era of a different Democratic president facing the same kind of opposition. I appreciate his effort to critique mainstream press reports on Whitewater, but he settles too many scores and they grow tiresome.

    5. Good stuff, good stuff. Yea refreshing to find a prominent white liberal male use a progressive truth telling frame work to toss buckets of ice cold truth on the heads of Gooo Goo white and Black liberals. When I do it they write me off as an angry Black man instead of recognizing the truth and their own bold hypocrisy and unwillingness to be courageous. How deep is it to read a true account about how Liberals allow republicans to lie, cheat, steal, kill, etc, etc while doing nothing about it li [...]

    6. Reading this book has convinced me that Bill Clinton was one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States.I dare anyone to read it and draw a different conclusion. Blumenthal does a great job of matching the accusations made by the Republican smear machine with what was actually proved (nothing) in the extensive (8 year long $70 million) government investigations of the Clintons. He also reminds us of the accomplishments (peace, lowest unemployment in decades, budget surpluses, [...]

    7. Makes a compelling case for the role of the progressive president, and provides a gripping insight into the only impeachment of a president in living memory. Yes, it is fairly one-sided. But it works, and makes you realise the treatment of Mrs Clinton in 2016 was nothing new.

    8. Written by an insider in the Clinton administration, it reaffirmed many things to me, that Whitewater was a fraud; Kenneth Starr was politically motivated to remove Clinton from office; that the investigation of Clinton was utterly unnecessary, politically vindictive, and a waste of this country's valuable resources. And in their rush to be the next Woodward and Bernstein, the press became willing dupes of Starr's illegal leaks. Republicans could not show Clinton respect and presumed that he was [...]

    9. What an appreciative work of Clinton's presidency and issues. I knew there was a lot of Republican spin in all the scandals that were circulating about the Clinton's and his presidency. I have realized that the 5th estate isn't the responsible, truth-telling group I had once aspired to join. The prevarications created to swing opinion away from real issues, and intent upon sullying and smearing Clinton's efforts to make a positive and needed change, astound and embarrass me.It confirms my belief [...]

    10. There's a picture of a much younger version of myself at the Kentucky Governor's Mansion much like the one of Sidney Blumenthal and President Clinton on the cover of The Clinton Wars. I mention this only to illustrate how easy it becomes for political aides to overstate their importance, and that might be Blumenthal's only fault here. This book is highly valuable for its insider perspective of the Clinton White House in the time of impeachment, although Blumenthal does seem a bit absorbed with h [...]

    11. The Clinton presidency was under attack since long before it ever even began. First from the outside perspective of a journalist, then the inside perspective of an administration official, Sidney Blumenthal tells the tale of the Clinton Wars, why they were fought and who won the battles along the way. Also sheds light on Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign in 2000, and the "stolen succession" election of 2000, with a thoroughly-supported takedown of the media-accepted version of events in the 2000 [...]

    12. A memoir and history by Sidney Blumenthal. He was hired by Bill Clinton in 1997 to be a White House adviser. He spent the next 4 years in the midst of all the late 1990's happenings. Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, the '2000 election, etc. He chronicles his relationship with Bill and Hillary and the right wing attempts to destroy him. This book makes one look back at the 1990's as golden years, when we had real leadership in the White House.

    13. Interesting insights into how the media handles controversy, but the bias comes through a little too strong some times. Especially when he discusses the Lewinsky scandal.

    14. An insiders look at the most talented politician of our time. A good writer too, who was a journalist before serving in the administration.

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