Arrow's Flight

Arrow s Flight The Herald s ChallengeIt is the fulfillment of Talia s dreams she has finally earned the rank of full Herald But in truth it is only the beginning because now she must face trials far greater than th

  • Title: Arrow's Flight
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780099625506
  • Page: 364
  • Format: None
  • The Herald s ChallengeIt is the fulfillment of Talia s dreams she has finally earned the rank of full Herald But in truth it is only the beginning, because now she must face trials far greater than those she had previously survived Talia must ride out to patrol the kingdom of Valdemar, dispensing Herald s justice throughout the land.But in this realm beset by dangerousThe Herald s ChallengeIt is the fulfillment of Talia s dreams she has finally earned the rank of full Herald But in truth it is only the beginning, because now she must face trials far greater than those she had previously survived Talia must ride out to patrol the kingdom of Valdemar, dispensing Herald s justice throughout the land.But in this realm beset by dangerous unrest, enforcing her fulings will require all the courage and skill Talia can command The dangers of her work are one thing What she has not perceived is the threat within For her powerful mind gift barely tapped, and neglectfully untrained is way, way out of control.

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    1. Talia' story continues right where the previous book left. Our heroine finished her studies and the only thing which stands between her and her acceptance into being a full Herald is one and a half years of internship. Basically she has to patrol the borderlands in the north dispensing Queen's justice and helping defend against the raiders. During one of very heavy snowfalls Talia is trapped with her mentor Kris in a lone shack in the middle of nowhere. The spend most of the book brooding in the [...]

    2. It's strange, but in between Arrows of the Queen and this novel, the style has become so much closer to the way Lackey writes the rest of her books. Less narration-in-the-guise-of-dialogue, less voice of god telling about the behind the scenes stuff that readers need to know but that can't be explained in any other way. The story is driven more heavily by character interaction than before, and that's what I like most about her Valdemar novels. The style is still less refined than in later books, [...]

    3. Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Book 2This is not the first 2nd book of a trilogy I've read to suffer from 'dark gloomy valley of emotional despair' syndrome. 1st books are about beginnings, new things and getting to know characters. 3rd books are about resolutions and endings. Middle books are about slogging through.Do they have to be? I'm not so sure, but I also don't know if I've read enough to give an accurate judgment. What I *DO* know is I did not enjoy this second b [...]

    4. Probably closer to 3.5 stars but rounding up. I enjoyed it, but not as much as Arrows of the Queen. I recently learned that the trilogy was originally written as one book and split into three; it makes the stopping points make more sense. I think this one moved a little more slowly than the first one, but it dealt with more interesting topics. Onto the third

    5. I'm tired of having to struggle for what seems to come easily to everyone else.I started this book more than a month ago, but only got about 20 pages in before I was absorbed in something else. I picked it up again today, and started again from the beginning.I enjoyed reading it, but it felt a bit like both too little and too much happened over the course of about 300 pages. There was some interesting character development, and I continue to like Talia as a protagonist, but there was very little [...]

    6. Talia has problems with her empathy in this book, which I liked because everything within her own power seemed to come far to easily in the first novel. Two people of opposite sex are snowed in on the road, make out, and it does not lead to everlasting love and babies. I really like Lackey's style.2017 Reread Update: The little touches really make this story last the test of time where other genre fiction from the time often seems dated. Abortion is absolutely a reasonable option for a rape vict [...]

    7. None of this shit ever happened to Harry Potter. Talia continues her training to become a full-fledged Herald, although during her year-long internship she faces major set backs in terms of her power and her confidence. She's out of control, constantly on the verge of breaking down and taking anyone near her down with her. While I like the fact that Talia's heroic journey isn't one straight, ascending line into awesomeness, I was not necessarily keen on reading such a bleak story at this moment [...]

    8. Book two of this trilogy. The early part of this book I enjoyed quite a bit more than the first book as there was a lot less 'magical horses' silliness and more character development. However, that was about all that happened. Great characters but little else. I have read that the final volume is a great conclusion so I will be continuing on later in the year.

    9. I’m not entirely satisfied with the way Talia’s Gift was handled. I liked how she lost control and Kris had to teacher her grounding and centering. However, when she appears to actually get a hold of the Gift it feels glossed over. I hope the next book continues to explore her difficulties with controlling it.

    10. Talia's 4-5 years of Herald training has come to an end and she's finally getting into her whites. Now all that's left is her 2 year circuit riding where she's partnered with a Senior Herald and learns to dispense justice. As suits her upbringing she's put on a circuit that's right on the border of Valdemar near the Forest of Sorrow where the legendary Vanyel died and laid a curse upon the woods. Talia's partnered with pretty boy Kris who is Talia's opposite. He was born to a privileged elite fa [...]

    11. Out of all the novels in this trilogy, this has to be my least favorite. But I still enjoyed it, and the series, a lot, so my saying that it’s my least favorite isn’t something bad, really.In this installment of the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy, Talia is sent out on her 18 month intership and the entire book revolves around the duties a Herald is likely to perform on circuit. To be honest, it was a refreshing change of scenery from the Collegium – there were only so many situations Talia co [...]

    12. Another fantastic book from Mercedes Lackey, especially considering I read this straight after the first book. I adored the slow build up, and the entire snowed in chapters. Talia and Kris' growing friendship, and their regard for each other, not excluding Dirk and the part he will have to play made this story for me. It has all the fun of being a Herald outside of war time, but still with enough excitement and challenges to keep the book flowing.I'm super glad I downloaded this as a set of thre [...]

    13. After I finished Arrows of the Queen I knew I had to read the next book ASAP. I WAS JUST (and still am) SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WORLD. AND ALL THE PEOPLE IN IT. It's so great. It's like dated high fantasy, you can just tell it was written in the late 80s, but it still is so enjoyable. It's not like reading SFF from the 60s and being like, ah yes this is clearly Old. And feeling like you're constantly brought out of the story because of itYWAY I thought this installment was a bit more mature than th [...]

    14. While "Arrows of the Queen" showed us how the life of a herald trainee looks like - especially of Queen's own - Arrow's Flight gave a brief example of the time of herald internship. So you can count this book as a background book on valdemar and the heralds. Talia's strugle against and with her gift just spices the story up a little, but may also be ignored. References to Marion Zimmer Bradleys Darkover Cycle are more than a bit obvious.

    15. Initial review thoughts: I liked this book more than the first. I enjoyed how the main character was given such an enormous growth opportunity and tackled it well. However, the point of view switching paragraph by paragraph did jump out at me more. I'm sure than if this world and the characters weren't so nostalgic for me I would be harsher on this book (and the others).

    16. Re-read 2017The second book in Talia's series. It mostly focuses on her leaving the collegium and actually being a herald though she's still in training. However, it's not as simple as the description I gave sounds, multiple things happen and even though she's out of Haven issues from the city keep affecting her. Still one of my favorite series by this author.

    17. A good read, but the pace was rather slow and a bit stagnant when compared to the first in the series. But do read it because the third one is better. I read all three volumes in an omnibus and this one is very much the middle section and works in that context.

    18. I'm not up to reviews right now, so no more than a quick comment. Sorry.I did enjoy my reread, even if it took me a lot longer than I planned. I shall continue on with Tor and continue to revisit my teenage reads.

    19. Back to continuing my #readinghistory reviews of favorite books. Yeah, this is a bit of a bridge book that sets up the third in the trilogy, but I loved it with all my heart back then. And yes - went straight on to book 3!

    20. This was absolutely delightful. Fluffy and sweet and practically perfect in every way - exactly what I needed.

    21. This is the second book in the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy, following “Arrows of the Queen”. Both were published in 1987. I was quite impressed by the first book, due to its choice of narrative and because it showed that even a childish plot summary could become a great story if well worked. On the first book, Talia was a young maiden living in an oppressive male society. Her destiny was to either become a priestess or be forced to marry and breed for the rest of her days. Her only refuge wa [...]

    22. 2.75 - 3 starsI thought this was very slow, and compared to the first book, there wasn't enough action to hold my interest. Since Dirk is being set up as Talia's love interest, I thought all of the time spent building Kris up as her buddy with benefits pointless (he's not my favorite Herald, anyway). I liked the pairing of Skif and Talia better if the relationship wasn't going beyond friends. Dirk was in this installment for only a couple of pages, and since I like him better than Kris, I was di [...]

    23. Arrow's Flight, being the second book Mercedes Lackey published, was far better written and the interactions between characters were much less corny and forced. Lackey seemed to do less explaining through dialogue, and created much more realistic conversations. I enjoyed Arrow's Flight even more than I enjoyed Arrows of the Queen, but I must say that I am disappointed with the patches of internalized misogyny found throughout the second book. There are some social issues that Lackey gets so righ [...]

    24. I've really enjoyed this series so far. I'm new to Mercedes Lackey and while the text isn't super mature, it's still an incredibly light and fun read. Its target audience can definitely go wider than I think was originally anticipated, which is a good thing. I like watching Talia grow up and the pace in which Lackey progresses her development. This is the kind of book I can read and wish that I knew about when I was a teenager. It's a lovely coming of age fantasy, that delves into topics every g [...]

    25. Far too much of this book suffers from the I can't talk about how I am feeling or what is going wrong plot device. This turned what should have been a great book into something rather weak. It is full of angst, Talia regresses as a character and it is slow. Add in grammar and typo issues, which didn't bother me in the previous book but became much more noticeable with the lack of character or plot movement, and there wasn't a lot to love in this book. (view spoiler)[ also why would Kris sleep wi [...]

    26. Talia, having survived and conquered a number of challenges as a trainee, has now earned her Whites and is a full Herald. More, she is the Queen's Own Herald - a critical player in the royal court and support to the Queen. But before assuming her place at Court, Talia must complete her internship - 18 months on the road with her mentor, Herald Kris. As they set out, however, they discover that someone has been spreading rumors that Talia is using her Gift as an Empath to influence and manipulate [...]

    27. This book, like many 80s epic fantasies, was constantly alternating between really good and really draggy. I also felt the absence of a real overarching conflict more than I did in the first book. And as much as I loved the fact that this book gives the message that one doesn't have to necessarily choose between multiple people they're attracted to, the casualness of such encounters in this book was a bit much. I have nothing against casual sex, especially in books, but Talia seriously went stra [...]

    28. 1.5 stars - Not horrible but this book went downhill significantly compared to Arrows of the Queen. All the confidence and self esteem that Talia built in book 1 vanished, and her self pity got out of hand. I also didn't care for who was selected for her internship (and the intimate events that followed). The way of Heralds being "loose" in relationships didn't sit well with me and Talia's uncertainty made me feel depressed. Bluntly, this book sucked as book 2 but I will finish the series for th [...]

    29. I wanted to read a fantasy series but instead I got 80s feminist propaganda. This is the 2nd in the series and I wish I hadn't read it. I was hoping the series would get better because the 1st was okay. However, these books are basically about having sex with whoever you feel like whenever you want, and it even has an abortion at the end. I don't think I'll be reading any more from Mercedes Lackey.

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