Beowulf The acclaimed author and illustrator of SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT return with an exhilarating edition of Britain s oldest epic Long ago there was a Scandinavian warrior who fought three evils so

  • Title: Beowulf
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
  • ISBN: 9781844287543
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The acclaimed author and illustrator of SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT return with an exhilarating edition of Britain s oldest epic.Long ago there was a Scandinavian warrior who fought three evils so powerful they could destroy whole kingdoms Standing head and shoulders above his comrades, Beowulf single handedly saves the land of the Danes from a merciless ogre named GrThe acclaimed author and illustrator of SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT return with an exhilarating edition of Britain s oldest epic.Long ago there was a Scandinavian warrior who fought three evils so powerful they could destroy whole kingdoms Standing head and shoulders above his comrades, Beowulf single handedly saves the land of the Danes from a merciless ogre named Grendel and then from his sea hag mother But it is his third terrible battle, with the death dragon of the deep, in which he truly meets his match Lovers of heroes, monsters, and the drama of battle will find this retelling as enthralling as it is tragic.

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    1. Blood, guts, destruction, bravery and all glory and honor to God Almighty, lumped into one little package! My daughter and I loved Beowulf by Michael Murporgo which is actually a retelling of the classic epic poem in a children's book format, complete with full color illustrations.If you're not familiar with the story, it's told in three parts: Beowulf, a mighty hero, is called in to save the day. An evil fiend had been brutally terrorizing folks in a mead hall in a nearby kingdom. What's a "mea [...]

    2. Loved it!!!My almost 12 year old son and I read this over the course of a few days and have thoroughly enjoyed it!

    3. I am not a fan of this classic epic. This type of book is too intense for the weak hearted like myself. All the talk of evil, blood, and violence doesn't rest well with this gentle heart, but I can understand the excitement that this book holds for some. The pictures in this book were very intense as well. Dark pictures, fearsome creatures, and perilous fights are depicted throuhout the book. This is such a tragic story and I am glad that I read it. I had always heard of this, but had never read [...]

    4. This is the third kids version of Beowulf I've found and read to my kids. This is far and away the best kids version. Wonderful translation, great pictures, and he sticks to the story. I'd love to shake his hand.

    5. A splendid retelling of the classic epic poem. Morpurgo does a solid job of maintaining the original poetic feel throughout the story, including the use of many alliterative lines.

    6. If you love adventure stories. If you love those scandanavian tales of battles and bravery, then Beowulf is a great book for you. This story has our hero overcoming insurmountable battles. He saves the Danish people from the Ogre, Grendel, and then from his own mother. I his final test, he must fight a fierce a powerful dragon Will this be the end of Beowulf. Young readers will enjoy this book.

    7. Brave and Kind King BeowulfI missed the real message of the story of Beowulf in high school because I was so lost in the language. Michael Morpurgo brings the story of Beowulf alive for all ages to enjoy!

    8. Michael Morpugo's cracking adaptation of Beowulf, enhanced by the beautiful of pictures of Michael Foreman, is a solid read with countless examples of simple yet majestic language harking back to the Old English epic poem of old. The book covers the swift dispatch of three mythical monsters - the "foul fiend Grendel", "his sea-hag of a mother", and "the death-dragon of the deep" - and is, in my opinion, a captivating read for anyone 7+ who is looking to develop their appreciation of legendary cr [...]

    9. Michael Morpurgo's retelling of the classic epic poem Beowulf comes in a hardcover of extraordinary quality with magnificent illustrations created by Michael Foreman. Though recommended for a 5th. through 8th grade audience the reading level is 7.0. The battles Beowulf fights against Grendel, Grendel's mother the sea-hag, and eventually the dragon are violent and graphic so consider your audience if you choose to share this heroic saga with a younger audience. Alliteration was a tool used by tho [...]

    10. Beowulf is a fiction story about King Hrothgar who is troubled by a demon Grendel. Every night Grendel attacked King Hrothgar’s castle Heorot, killing his warriors. King Hrothgar felt helpless, as he could not protect his men, however, the great warrior Beowulf travels to Heorot to kill Grendel. One evening, as Grendel arrived at Heorot Beowulf was ready to kill him, determined to kill him with his bare hands Beowulf succeeds. To celebrate Grendel’s death King Hrothgar had planned a great fe [...]

    11. Well's a fine rendition. We thought the illustrations were wonderful.We just didn't enjoy the story. We read through it because it fits our history, but it's as gory as I remembered, and taken out of the Old English, there seemed less reason to read it together, anyway.I pointed out some of the interesting history, and the interpolated Christianity which didn't fit the original story - and we waded through the gore. They know about Beowulf, and that'll do for now.On finishing, we started to watc [...]

    12. I read this to my boys 10 and 13 and they loved it. I think it's important to place the book contextually though. We don't get bogged down in historical detail but we discuss - before or after the fall of Rome, what was post Roman Empire like, before or after the start of Christianity, what was considered heroic during that time etc. It makes the reading and understanding that much more fruitful. During this time, this was NOT senseless violence (as I read in some reviews). During a culture of w [...]

    13. My fourth children's "Beowulf," after Gareth Hinds's stark and violent graphic novel, James Rumford's lovely homage to the story's language, and Nicky Raven and John Howe's splashily dramatic color extravaganza. Without Rumford's earnest attention to authenticity, Morpurgo captures the feel of the cadenced and repetitive flow of the ancient slabs of Old English words. This version is also the most complete of the four, if you don't count its lack of prologue. Michael Foreman's illustrations, whi [...]

    14. A good friend who knows how much I love the story of the greatest Western hero to emerge in literature between Aeneas and Parzival bought me this book at a used bookstore. It was one of the many translations and retellings I have read about Beowulf.Morpurgo tries very hard to keep the flavor of the original English, a language often difficult to decipher to those of us more familiar with the tongue's modern incarnation. Alas for the tragic events of 1066! He adopts the alliterative style of Word [...]

    15. I have not read the old English version of this story and probably won't. I thought that Morpurgo did a lovely job with a violent epic. He had just enough gore to make his point and please my boys. He wrote in a way that reminded me of how wordy those old books could be as well as mimic the beauty of well crafted sentences. Most of all I loved that the book included the belief in the providence of God.

    16. Often supported S1 doing kennings, etc. based on Beowulf so I thought it was about time I read it the whole way through. This ninety page prose version for children was really well illustrated and kept the original poem's imagery alive by using kennings throughout. The original story itself is a lot scarier and darker than I expected; the Grendel being a truly vicious Gollum-style monster. Excellent text for Beowulf newbies of any age.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. I sticks to the original epic just in a version children can understand. I love that though it is written in modern English it still follows flow of Old English. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about Beowulf with out having to decipher the Old English words.

    18. While I am re-reading the Seamus Heaney translation of Beowulf, I read this version with my children. It is a great telling of the tale and I am very impressed, both with his telling and with the illustrations. If you want to know the story of Beowulf but don't want to fuss with Old English in any way, check this one out.

    19. I was hesitant to start reading Beowulf because it always seemed so intimidating, but this adaptation was a very fun read. The story is exciting and memorable. He kept the alliterating and the prose was very well written. My son and I greatly enjoyed reading it together and now I am moving onto Beowulf translations no longer afraid of this amazing story. Fate will unwind as it must!

    20. If the original Beowulf was ever discussed in my HS English classes more than 50 years ago, I must have been absent or the Old English was above my head, because I have no recollection of it. This version was a great way to be introduced to the classic.

    21. It's very dark and violent, but so was the original. I read it to my kids multiple times years ago and now I need to get it again because we're studying the era again. They loved it. We checked it out from the library many times. Now I'm going to buy my own copy.

    22. Wonderful introduction to Beowulf!I read this with my 8-year-old son, and really enjoyed it. Morpurgo writes in prose, but does a wonderful job of utilizing the alliterative style of the poetry. Should definitely be read out loud, and your inner thespian should shine through!

    23. Pretty good book to introduce kids to the beowulf story. Be sure to research the history of the religion of the times to better understand the integration of Christian and pagan religions in the book. Kids loved the story though!

    24. i loved this booki know its a children's book but the characters were interesting and unlike alot of children's books the illustrations were actually really interesting and ice to look at and as someone that is not a child i enjoyed it alot!!

    25. A hero named Beowolf defeated three monsters. He went to the land of the Danes and killed the man-eating monster Grendel and his mother. Then back at home, he killed the poisonous death dragon but got killed on the process.

    26. Brilliant retelling of the famous story. Morpurgo manages to take the story and bring it to a level that can easily be understood and appreciated by primary students and students learning English

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