The Elegant Corpse

The Elegant Corpse Genre BDSM LGBT Romantic SuspenseDetective Roger Corso is open about his sexual orientation He s less forthcoming about his leather lifestyle There s only so much his coworkers can take He thinks he s

  • Title: The Elegant Corpse
  • Author: A.M. Riley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Genre BDSM LGBT Romantic SuspenseDetective Roger Corso is open about his sexual orientation He s less forthcoming about his leather lifestyle There s only so much his coworkers can take He thinks he s doing a pretty good job of keeping it covert, but then something happen that changes his mind.Someone delivers an elegantly clothed corpse to his home His couch to be prGenre BDSM LGBT Romantic SuspenseDetective Roger Corso is open about his sexual orientation He s less forthcoming about his leather lifestyle There s only so much his coworkers can take He thinks he s doing a pretty good job of keeping it covert, but then something happen that changes his mind.Someone delivers an elegantly clothed corpse to his home His couch to be precise And that corpse is carrying a leather flogger Roger s taking that personally.Additional distraction comes in the form of the victim s younger brother Sean He s annoying Knows something about the murder he s not telling Wants something from Roger and is everything Roger ever wanted But before he can make Sean his, he s going to have to solve the mystery of the elegant corpse.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, BDSM with significant D s play, male male sexual practices, spanking, strong violence.

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    1. Like being buried underneath an avalanche of mediocrity, that’s basically how I felt about my latest reads. So color me very relieved when The Elegant Corpse turned out to be a breath of fresh air!You won’t find overwrought flowery sentences and metaphors in this book. If you adore your m/m romance clichés and manipulative tropes, ones that leave you teary-eyed, you’ll be barking at the wrong tree as well. So lemme just step on my soapbox once more and shout from the top of my lungsWhat a [...]

    2. Reading the blurb of this book I was hooked immediately, and no, not because it is a m/m BDSM. At least not immediately"There is a place for everything, Detective Roger Corso believed. And even though, in the chaotic and often grotesquely messy world of Los Angeles homicide, things could be misplaced or badly placed, still there were certain places where certain things most certainly never, and without exception, ever belonged. A mummified corpse did not belong stretched across his living room c [...]

    3. So maybe I don't have long red hair. Or look like a girl. But if I was wearing headphones and going up a glass elevator, I'd be dancing like someone told me I won the internet. Or a date with a certain actor of my dreams. AnywaysDetective Roger Corso comes back to his home to realize a corpse has been planted on his couch. And not just a normal corpse either, but a mummified one holding a leather flogger that points to his closeted BDSM lifestyle. Thus begins an investigation that will bring Rog [...]

    4. I wonder if I’ve read the same book as everyone else, because I’m kind of looking about in disbelief.Surely I’m not the only one that found that this book was mediocre at best. Hmmf perhaps I really have become a cynical cow Oh well, just so you know that this is a minority opinion review before deciding to read it, don’t let me sway you.The stand out thing about this book is the opening paragraph. It’s really good, and the story has an original premise - seemingly fresh and exciting w [...]

    5. LA based murder mystery with some kink? Why, yes…I"ll take that.Perfect timing for this read. I was so in the mood for this story and gobbled it right up. It had a nice mix of nostalgia, mystery and this coming to accept the changes of time. So, emotional and a bit sad at times, but the kind that makes you realize that it all still goes on. Some things get lost and new ones found.The murder mystery was an interesting premise and the everything up until the reveal was quite good. A little weak [...]

    6. Excellent mystery and crime solving, excellent romance, excellent character development, excellent writing. Just all-around excellence.I ate this baby up in one sitting – between eleven p.m. and two thirty a.m. (well, it is a very short book), actually, but my anal retentiveness forced me to mark it as “read from 22.08 to 23.08”, alas – and it was the only one, out of four books I started (or tried to start) today, that managed to fully capture my attention; more so, it did that from the [...]

    7. 4.5 stars. This is written in very spare prose, with the emotion delivered between the lines. I think it will have a variable reception, based on whether you feel that connection being made, or not. The setting seems a bit ambiguous, but with the MC having been a very young Dom in 1983, it has the feel of very late 90's or early 2000's (one remark suggests 2008, but it seems a bit older than that). Because the mystery involves old, cold cases, there is a lot of backward-glancing in this, to the [...]

    8. What a pleasant surprise! I really didn't know what to expect with this title but it's a who-done-it with some kink folded in for good measure. Roger Corso is a long time member of the leather community who comes to his impeccably clean home one night to a startling discovery lying on his couch-a mummified cross dresser from the 80s. Eep! Roger handles this development with considerable aplomb probably due to him also being an LAPD homocide detective. The body leads him down an odd & somewha [...]

    9. The Elegant Corpse is all about Roger Corso for me. The man hit my favorite characters list with force. BOOM! His presence on the page is intense. I couldn’t look away. Didn’t want to!Detective Roger Corso comes home one night to a body on his couch. And not in a fun, sexy way. A mummified corpse. A corpse wrapped up in Corso’s past. All sorts of old ghosts, memories, trouble, and feelings get stirred up and turned around in Roger’s world. You’re going to have to jump in and read to se [...]

    10. Actually a 3.5*, but as books getting BDSM even halfway right are so rare I'll round this up.This is well-written and well-edited, with only the transitions from one scene to the next occasionally being a bit abrupt. I'll not go into any of the plot, because that would give away things, the mystery itself is well-woven into the romance plot which ended with a satisfying HFN. I guessed who the culprit was about 60% in, but the resolution also still was satisfying.Lovely cover!Some of the cons wer [...]

    11. This was so damn good! Excellent plot. Characters were great. I enjoyed the way the mystery played out. 5 stars!

    12. I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous writing this review. In fact, I've been putting off reviewing this book. Not because the book was awful, completely the opposite, in fact. It's not often that I come across a book that I liked so much that it merits more than my standard 'Excellent' grade. I can probably list the ones I've read this year on one hand, but this book of murder, secrecy, friendship, love and the shady world of BDSM clubs was just so wonderfully written, that I hope that I can d [...]

    13. I am a little bit at loss with words at the moment. And a little bit in love with Roger Corso too.He is a character that is simple and complicated at the same time. He is a very disciplined man, he keeps himself in check and he controls how he lets himself go. Even his sexual release is just the right amount to satisfy a need, but it doesn't involve his feelings. Since when his lover died, Roger has put a lid on his emotions. His encounters with his old friend Peter, owner of a BDSM club, and th [...]

    14. Incredibly good story, romance and a mystery intertwined with a light does of BDSM. The author did a very good job of showing that the sub, even without having acknowledged his submissive qualities himself, does deteremine how and where the D/s relationship goes. It was riveting to watch Roger instinctively react and read Sean's vibes, excersing his dominant personality and obtaining behavioral changes, sometimes even against Sean's verbal protests. For example, the nail biting. Sean doesn't lik [...]

    15. Excellent. I can't quite express what it is I want to say about this one but the words that repeatedly come to mind for me are evocative, tender and nostalgia. I'm rarely a fan of BDSM stories because they so often get caught up in the mechanics of the scene and lose the relationship aspects in the process. In this book we have the exact opposite, a story where the rituals and trappings of leather culture reveal character, drive the plot and ultimately make the reader nostalgic for a glimpse of [...]

    16. After reading the summary I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but The Elegant Corpse kept me guessing and wondering throughout. Solidly written with fully realized characters and a fascinating mystery plot that was perfectly matched to the pace of the burgeoning relationship, this story satisfies on all levels. Great main characters blend with a heavy BDSM theme while giving a lovely setting of almost a fading era. The older characters create almost an old guard feeling of their community, some [...]

    17. 4.5 starsA good mystery is the one that can keep you guessing but at the same time give a good, solid, and best of all, complicated NON two dimensional characters that make you feel for them. This one simply delivers on all counts. Both Roger, the hard detective that first seems to want to detach himself from anything that might close to relationship (since he lost his partner years ago) and Sean, the brother of a victim who is fighting his inner turmoil hook me right from the get go. It's so in [...]

    18. 'Roger’s entire body had been an agonized knot of outrage since he’d crossed his living room and discovered the corpse where his tuxedo pillows were supposed to be'The sparsity of the language initially surprised me, there's no flowery sentences or clunky metaphor. LAPD homocide detective Roger Corso works with his partner and polar opposite Mary Anne Stelter to solve a case that begins when Roger returns home to find a mummified corpse posed in his immaculate living room. The synopsis sound [...]

    19. I wish there were more MM BDSM books like this one!!! I loved it everything is perfect. The original plot, the mystery, the romance, the BDSM scenes.Just a comment. There is not abuse in this book. At all. So if you are searching a BDSM with a strong, but lovely Dom and a younger partner (10 years less than the Dom) learning about love, about what he need, and that his needs are not wrong, this book is for you.I most of the times connect immediately with the Dom (Detective Roger Corso) but must [...]

    20. I enjoyed this old-school detective story and loved that it was set in Los Angeles. I also really liked that the main romance didn't seem to be the entire focus of this book. Unfortunately, I found myself re-reading several sentences and was a bit confused about some the story breaks. Not sure if it was the editing or just me.

    21. An excellent m/m bdsm mystery novel, all the right ingredients superbly put together!(Sean) knew he was in trouble. Roger struck him dumb. Scared stiff like a bunny in the road, watching the big diesel truck bear down on it. The six foot four, with a lumberjack's body eyes the color of new grass, wielding a whip type of truck.'

    22. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 stars am going to begin by saying I LOVED this story and the reason was all about the Dom, Roger Corso. His near OCD lifestyle belied such a fiercely coiled brute strength that he used with an intensity, coupled with gentle care and a nurturing spirit it left me breathless at times. Here was a man who could inflict serious damage with everything from a flogger to a whip and yet hold his sub tenderly after, soothing him, caring for him, and making sure any marks inflicted [...]

    23. I really really wanted to be inspired by this book. At a passing glance, it seemed to contain everything I could hope to read that would finally entice me back into the world of M/M where the only thing I wanted to do was to be the dirty little voyeur in every gay romance has ever seen. As such, it's only left a dimple of an impression -- a pleasant aftertaste that easily washes away with my next cup of tea.The opening was brilliant; it's not every day that someone finds a mummified corpse on t [...]

    24. 4.5 starsI've read this book too many times to count and it's still as fresh as the first time I've read it, even with knowing the resolution of mystery. This is one of those books when I completely lack the words to describe adequately why they worked so well for me: is it the unraveling of Corso's tight control and gentleness towards Sean, Sean's endearing immaturity and struggle with his needs and desires, the "old" BDSM community, the mystery or great secondary characters? All of it? I just [...]

    25. (3.5 stars)This was an interesting read, and while I can't say I truly enjoyed the BDSM scenes in it, the murder mystery was very good (even if I did guess the killer). Roger's journey back to humanity and Sean's journey to security added depth to the plot and the sole female role, played by Roger's detective partner was very likeable. I'd imagine for a fan of both BDSM and murder-mysteries, this would be close to a 5 star-read.

    26. I did not think I was going to like this book as much as I did. I'm usually not a big fan of the investigation side of a book but in this case I was actually wishing they would hurry with the sex parts (wtf?) and get on with the case. I really wanted to know who the killer was. I suppose some people figured it out ahead of time but I didn't and I was shocked. This one completely sucked me in.

    27. I really enjoyed this book. BDSM isn't the main plot (though there some very steamy scenes), but rather a backdrop for a murder mystery/detective story. Very refreshing change for a sub-genre I adore but can be somewhat predictable. This was anything but!

    28. How do you carry a blue tooth and type into it? That's a lot of flogging. I'm surprised it wasn't drawing blood at that point. First bdsm scene realistic sounding and safe.He is wound tighter than a spool of thread. I think he needs to sub--give up control to someone else. No way would a locker at the Y still be untouched 25 years later.Wow. That discipline thing only against women is horrific. I would be very surprised if what they were doing weren't illegal. He pays someone to participate in s [...]

    29. Another book by A.M. Riley that I hardly will forget. Roger Corso is a detective by the book; forget all those detective from television fiction, tough men who do what they have to do even if what they do is slightly (or heavily) not legal. Roger is a freak controlled and perfect detective.When he arrives home after a one week vacation and finds a mummified corpse in his living room, he calls the CSI and starts to investigate. And everytime he finds a proof he relates to his superiors, even when [...]

    30. The Elegant Corpse If you want to get a synopsis of what happens in a book, don't read my reviews. Synopsis writing has to be one of my least favorite occupations.I will tell you what I liked and didn't like about them though.First up. A.M.Riley's books all are non-predictable. In other words, whether writing a whodunnit or a contemporary romance you can't predict the ending after just a few pages.Her characters have flaws and sometimes those flaws are still there at the end of the book.Roger wi [...]

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