Another Part of the Wood

Another Part of the Wood Penguin Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain When they were published some were bestsellers some were considered scandalous and others were simply misunderstood All represe

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  • Title: Another Part of the Wood
  • Author: Beryl Bainbridge
  • ISBN: 9780141048307
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Penguin Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain When they were published, some were bestsellers, some were considered scandalous, and others were simply misunderstood All represent their time and helped define their generation, while today each is considered a landmark work of storytelling.Joseph decides to take his mistress and son, together with aPenguin Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain When they were published, some were bestsellers, some were considered scandalous, and others were simply misunderstood All represent their time and helped define their generation, while today each is considered a landmark work of storytelling.Joseph decides to take his mistress and son, together with a few friends, to stay in a cabin in deepest Wales for the weekend with absolutely disastrous results Beryl Bainbridge s gift for deadpan dialogue and spare narrative, and her darkly comic vision of the world, are all in evidence in this early novel.

    One thought on “Another Part of the Wood”

    1. Imagine the whole world with its diversity shrunk into a cottage in woods. It is like a society surviving on a tight rope. The ego, insecurity and loneliness boil beneath the masks of bourgeoisie society. The emotions finally give away to the burden of the masks culminating in calamities. Beryl's characters were impeccable, plucked from diverse strata of the society.

    2. Oddball characters thrown together in rustic setting. Like other Bainbridge novels I've read, the characters seem unable to communicate and understand each other. There's some humor here, though not as whimsical as her other books. A good read with some surprises. Bainbridge's writing is excellent as always.

    3. The entire book comes together in the last sentence which was very frustrating! I felt the story should have really begun when it was over. The writing was average and the plot lacking. If you want my opinion, give it a miss.

    4. Take a clutch of disparate characters out of their usual comfort zones, plant them in a primitive woodland camp for an uncomfortably long weekend, and watch as their foibles and vulnerabilities collide and interweave with predictably dire consequences. The suspense of the book lies in not knowing quite which consequences, although Bainbridge quickly sets several hares running.Set in the early Swinging Sixties, the permissive zeitgeist has clearly not yet impinged upon Bainbridge's odd cast, who [...]

    5. A motley group -- two couples, a kid, a special-needs obesity case, a couple on-site hands -- roughs it together (well there are cabins) on holiday in the Welsh woods. But as the cold winds blow and an evasive bottle of meds goes rogue, everything falls apart. This is all likely an elusive allegory (key characters are named Balfour, Gosling, and Roland), and even with the hair-raising descent into misanthropy and spite, there's something very structurally satisfying about the novel. In particula [...]

    6. Beryl Bainbridge's second novel and it continues the mood of the first by throwing a bunch of weirdos - although the type of weirdos we would recognise, perhaps even in ourselves - together into a closed situation at the foot of a Welsh mountain. Again, the action takes places in the late sixties so some people are more up for the changing times than others and the addition of an adolescent with learning disabilities provides a feint linkage toThe Sound and the Furyby Faulkner.Mike Leigh'sNuts i [...]

    7. I generally love everything written by Beryl Bainbridge and this was an interesting short piece which both unnerves and unsettles the reader by building up an aura of menace amongst this group of characters.Thrown together in the 60's, this group of misfit friends (some with partners, children and even a delinquent friend) meet in the Welsh hills for a short holiday spent in forestry cottages under very basic conditions.As the characters interact more and more this story felt like it was borderi [...]

    8. This gallery of characters are very well-depicted, with original and telling quirks, and none of them is particularly sympathetic (you get the impression that's not exactly on the author's list of priorities). With the combination of fractured and broken personalities, something awful is bound to happen sooner or later, and it is the innocent youngster who takes the brunt of it - on the very last page. Not recommended for readers in a depressed or highly cynical mood, but certainly very accompli [...]

    9. A group of strange people - some of them barely know each other - others hate each other - holiday together in unglamourous surroundings in Wales. A lot of unexplained and unspoken irritations. Relationships are not what they seem of should be. Who is the strange boy Kidney and why did they bring him? Guilt? The little boy is left to fend for himself with disastrous consequences. Everything simmers until the dramatic end and then you have to imagine what happend next.

    10. Fast paced story following two disfunctional couples during a camping holiday.I was never bored and their was a Gatsby-esque sense of tragedy which I loved.Revision 2 months later:I've decided to demote this book to three stars because I didn't read it that long ago and all I can remember is a vague feeling of satisfaction: not memorable enough to deserve four stars.

    11. I found this book boring I thought all the characters were awful and I never once got interested in what woulld happen to them, although I knew from the start that something dreadful would happen. And it did, but only on the last page, and then it was mentioned, and that was it.Not for me, this one.

    12. Phew, what a thriller. this book is about damaged people. The impact of selfishness, cruelty, deprivation of love and acceptance and kindness.Some of the personalities drive you bonkers. How do the wheels turn for the cruel, selfish ones and the mistreated

    13. A bunch of people visit a Welsh campsite in the late 1960's. None of them are particulary pleasant characters. Despite this it is a compelling read.

    14. Life is too short to finish this book. When I opened my app to record this the quote was Frank Zappa: "So many books, so little time." So it's better to move on to a book I will enjoy!

    15. 3.5 Despite the fact that most of the characters were very hard to like and impossible for me to identify with, I could not put the book down, metaphoricaly speaking, of course. It takes great writing to engage a reader with a motley cast of nearly hateful characters such as those portrayed here

    16. Slow-moving character study with some quirky characters. Not much plot, but I liked it well enough to keep reading.

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