The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business

The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business Popular among both adults and children The Story of the Little Mole follows the quest of a mole as he tries to find out who did their business on his head

  • Title: The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business
  • Author: Werner Holzwarth Wolf Erlbruch
  • ISBN: 9781856021012
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Popular among both adults and children, The Story of the Little Mole follows the quest of a mole as he tries to find out who did their business on his head.

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    1. Sitting next to a seven year old boy at dinner the other day, the conversation, as it so often does in these circumstances, turned to the interesting subject of poo. Jenkyn proudly informed me that he had received a copy of Plop Trumps for Christmas. I was treated to a precis of the rules."You might like The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunnit," I guessed. We were both delighted when it turned out that Jenkyn had in fact already read it. "You got it for me from the English l [...]

    2. This slim but seminal work explores profound questions of the meaning of justice and whether forensic evidence, in matters scatological, can ever produce a satisfactorialy clean judgement.

    3. Although I have found Werner Holzwarth's Vom kleinen Maulwurf, der wissen wollte, wer ihm auf den Kopf gemacht hat cute enough, naughty and yes, at times even somewhat laugh aloud hilarious (with especially Wolf Erlbruch's accompanying illustrations of the vrious types of animal poop both expressive and somehow disgustingly appealing), personally, I was and remain rather visually disgusted by the fact that the little mole just keeps the piece of dogshit on his head whilst he is running around, t [...]

    4. This is the story of a mole who, when he sticks his head up out of the ground one day, is poo'd on and he sets out to discover who did it. It never says "something did a poo on him", instead it says (in brackets):"It looked a little like a sausage, and the worst thing was that it landed right on his head."The mole, being short-sighted, can't see who did it, so he asks all the animals around, but they show him how they do it and he can see that their poo is quite different (and all the while ther [...]

    5. I've been working on our speech-enabled children's Internet game Minion Dominion for the last few months, and it's really helped me regain contact with my inner six year old. (Some people I know claim I have never lost contact with him I'm not quite sure what they mean by that). Anyway, it has among other things reminded me how much small children like bathroom humour. "Poop" is currently the 24th most popular command, and "pee" isn't far behind.Det var det fräckaste! is a good example of the k [...]

    6. This is the inspiring tale of a determined little talpid who stuck his head out of his hole and got shat on. Most of us would have just went back into the hole for a period of shame-eating or we would have knocked off the poop and continued to be the obedient prop of the military-industrial dictatorship ruling our world (You don't know Dick!). That's not good enough for this firecracker hero who candidly confronts the usual suspects. This is no poop noir--no snappy comebacks or curvy dames to ma [...]

    7. Have you ever had one of those days. You know, like this:Or this:Little Mole has too, as evidenced by the cover of this book. Once your eyes graze that rich imagery, there's no question as to what "it" is in "whodunit." Someone shit on this mole's head, and he'd like to find out who. Thus begins the enthralling mystery that makes up the most substantial portion of this story.But mystery isn't enough for today's discerning readers. Children need education, the important stuff like literacy skills [...]

    8. I found this book entertaining, although I wondered why I was reading and enjoying a book about an animal wandering around with poop on his head, learning about other animal's poop. From an educational standpoint, this would be a good science book about various animal skat, etc. However, I found the ending of the book absolutely wrong. We do not teach our children two wrongs make a right but this book sends that message. For this reason, I must give the book a low rating. I'm sure the author cou [...]

    9. My gorgeous autistic son loves this book and laughs uncontrollably whenever he reads this to me. I love the story, I love his laughter and I love the way the story connects me to my son.

    10. Bon, c'est un peu difficile à noter 32 pages lues en 5 mn mais c'était quand même mimi dans le genre, et même si c'est très très court, le traitement du sujet est bien futé, complet (pas besoin d'en faire 1000 pages) et le tout est très amusant.

    11. I laughed out loud when It first read this book. It appealed to my sense of the ridiculous and naughty. It is the story of a little mole who woke up one day and found a turd on his head. With all the passion of a 19th century explorer he sets out to find to whom it belongs. Does it belong to a rabbit? Does it belong to a goat? And so it goes on, animal, after animal as the mole examines each sample and asks if this is where the poo came from?In the end, with some help form some buzzing flies, th [...]

    12. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Éste también me lo leí de contrabando en el pasillo de revistas, primero porque no podía creer la ilustración de la portada, luego porque no podía creer que el tema fuera "la caca" Y LUEGO PORQUE VIENE AMBIENTADO CON SONIDOS PARA DESCUBRIR EL SONIDO QUE HACE EL EXCREMENTO SEGÚN EL ANIMAL QUE LO EXPULSA.Irresistible. Va sobre un topo que anda investigando quién ha hecho popó en su cabeza, entonces recorre toda la granja acusando a los animales y estos le muestran su [...]

    13. I bought the 'plop up' edition (that was the name the publishers gave it, I have not made that terrible pun up myself) of this book for my nephew a few years ago after having stood in the shop giggling at the book, myself, for about 5 minutes. He found it hilarious and absolutely loved it and so did I. A really fun and enjoyable reading experience for young children and adults with childish senses of humour.

    14. I just love this book for P4C. It is wonderful to help children consider their views on justice. Is revenge sweet? Should wrong-doing always be punished? What will be the consequences of revenge? What does it mean to be humiliated? What happens if we don't respect others? These are just a few of the questions children aged 3-11 have come up with in response to this story.

    15. The French version of this story is by far the best, the French have a certain knack for capturing the sounds of the different animal's excrement. A must read, even if you don't understand French!

    16. Ahahahahahaha! Um tema do caraças, muito boa detetive, esta toupeira, e vingadora também! Ehehehehehe! Este alemão tem um sentido de humor muito bom, só me lembro de outro livro infantil a tratar este tema (mas não exclusivamente): Elefantes e Formigas (curiosamente, os autores também são alemães. Hum)issuu/kalandraka/docs

    17. Super leuk boek!De titel weergeeft echt een goede samenvatting van het verhaal: Over een kleine mol die wil weten wie er op zijn kop gepoept heeft. Hij gaat alle dieren dieren af en ondervraagt hen als het ware.Het boek is op een leuke en grappige manier vertelt. Het is een heerlijk verhaal om voor te lezen. Dit verhaal blijft je echt bij. Het voordeel is ook dat het boek bestaat uit 1 verhaal en grote letters heeft. De plaatjes sluiten echt top aan bij het verhaal!

    18. One morning a little mole pokes his head out of his underground house to see if the sun has risen, when somebody has the audacity to relieve themselves on his head! Too short-sighted to spot the culprit, the little mole goes on a quest to catch them, the evidence atop his head throughout. The book follows his inquiries of a variety of different animals, all of whom prove their innocence by demonstrating the way they do it. Finally, two flies authoritatively identify the offending faeces as havin [...]

    19. Oggi son andata a ripescare questo dalla mia biblioteca. Volevo portarla al doposcuola dove lavoro per invogliare un ragazzino a leggere. Sì, il soggetto è un 2004 ma l'argomento cacca e relative funzioni corporali lo interessano ancora molto. Purtroppo il ragazzino non era in vena e allora l'ho tenuto in salvo nel mio zaino. Possiedo l'edizione pop-up e mi seccherebbe vederla rovinata da mani rapaci.Che dire di questa deliziosa storia? Beh, è un vero e proprio giallo in cui la protagonista, [...]

    20. This is a very funny book aboutpoop. Children seem to love the topic and I must admit, the story got a few chuckles from me as well. I couldn't believe at first that the mole had a big turd on his head, but it's true. The narrative is fun, with hilarious illustrations of animals pooping, and the onomatopoeia of the poop coming out is laugh out loud funny. And the ending is very fitting. We enjoyed reading this book together and laughed uproariously (somewhat at the expense of my poor husband, wh [...]

    21. I have never met a child who hasn't found this book delightfully naughty! It takes a few pages to realise why the mole is so upset, but once the penny has dropped, expect lots and lots of giggles. It’s the story of a little mole who wakes up to find something land on him, "It looked a little like a sausage, and the worst thing was that it landed right on his head." I won’t spoil the surprise for you here, but prepare to be simultaneously disgusted and amused in equal measure. The structure i [...]

    22. I have now been asked to read this book fourteen times. I checked it out just three weeks ago. So I give it a reluctant four stars, because of the joy it bring my children. It makes me, however, squirm. If you’re looking to teach your children the essential skill of identifying the various feces of a wide array of animals, then this book will be of assistance. This was a very gross little book about a mole who must solve the mystery of who pooped on his head. Of course my children loved it, an [...]

    23. Was having a conversation at work while simultaneously flipping through the book and it took me about ten minutes to realize, oh, this is all about poo. The mole, by the way, is a little scamp. If I ever got the nerve to use this for a gross-out storytime, I feel like I'd need to have a brief conversation with the kids to firmly establish that no, it's not acceptable behavior for us human beings to poo on someone's head out of pure spite. (Also, the mole is not a human being, and neither is the [...]

    24. Oh dear. How do I describe this without offending those who think that certain children's books that contain anything to do with bodies or bodily functions are rude ? Think of the meaning of 'doing your business' when it involves a trip to the bathroom. And read no further if you can't think of anything amusing.The mole goes in search, and the reader is shown how the business does not belong to various animals.I'll say no more. Except that the grandchildren and I laughed our way through this boo [...]

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