Snow Blind

Snow Blind When the corpses of three police officers are discovered entombed in snowmen Grace MacBride and her team of crime busting computer jocks at the Monkeewrench firm are called in to assist What they dis

  • Title: Snow Blind
  • Author: P.J. Tracy
  • ISBN: 9780451412362
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the corpses of three police officers are discovered entombed in snowmen, Grace MacBride and her team of crime busting computer jocks at the Monkeewrench firm are called in to assist What they discover is a terrifying link among the victims that reaches beyond the badge and crosses the line between hard justice and stone cold vengeance.

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    1. Book number four in the Monkeewrench series and I am now officially a fan! I started this one without even reading the blurb so I was suitably surprised and delighted by the unusual premise. As usual the authors supplied a great story, entertaining characters and realistic dialogue. The Monkeewrench team are supplementary characters in this book and the action takes place largely around Magozzi and the police team but this is good too. I like the way each book takes a different angle and can the [...]

    2. This story has one of the most original premises I've seen in awhile. Hiding murder victims in plain sight, using the weather to disguise the bodies was unsettling. Everyone loves a snowman and to defile something so treasured was gruesome. The investigation was interesting, too, especially when it began to center around the newly elected sheriff of Dundas County, Iris Rikker. What was even more fascinating was the reactions of the other law enforcement professionals working the case. See, Iris [...]

    3. Entertaining, twisted story of Minnesota area killings of law enforcement officers, who are turned into snowmen.

    4. In book number four, we return to Minneapolis and a winter wonderland that doesn't want to quit. I've lived in Minnesota for 35 years - Mpls for 20 of those and Duluth the remainder. If you get a snowfall as described, you won't be driving all over the state. Major highways will be difficult to navigate. Minor highways probably impassable. County roads. to stay home. City streets will not be plowed yet (snow emergency first day, then secondary streets, and the rest the third. Be prepared to spen [...]

    5. Mysteries are meant to be solved. A mystery should have a crime, an investigation, and a resolution. What should have been a book worth 4 or 5 stars became a book worth only 1. The authors couldn't seem to resolve their own mystery and took the easy way out by making it an ethical dilemma with no "real answer."When victims are killed and stuffed in snowmen, the police eventually decide they have either a serial killer or one killer and several copycats. Eventually the investigation leads to Bitt [...]

    6. The Monkeewrench is a great series but I must confess I don’t like the computer nerds much. My heart goes to Gino and Magozzi, so this is my book, because they are the pivotal characters. Snow falls through the book, while the two policemen look for the murderer of two policemen which were converted into snowmen in a children’s contest. The plot is as solid as the ice surrounding everything. There is a new character, a green newly elected sheriff with just being a teacher in her curriculum. [...]

    7. Please note: Sections of my new review will be under spoiler tags. There is just no way to adequately discuss this book without laying down a trail of clues that will ultimately spoil a bit of the mystery in the story. After the “Disclosure” section I’ll paste my original review from 2006, and if you prefer to avoid spoilers, then stop there, because even with the spoiler tags there might be sections that will give you clues. I do not plan to post this review anywhere else, to avoid spoili [...]

    8. A relative let me borrow a handful of her books, included were Dead Run and Snow Blind. I was tentative about reading them as they were part of a series – and not the first books – yet I went ahead and read Dead Run in the hope the story would make sense to me without the first two books.Yes, the story made sense. No, I did not enjoy the book.Due to this, I opted not to read Snow Blind. Then, along came festival season. I needed something to take with me to read on the journey. At that momen [...]

    9. SNOW BLIND (Police Proc-Minneapolis-Cont) – VGTracy, PJ – 4th bookPutnam, 2006- Hardcover*** Homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gina Rolseth take the lead in this wintertime murder investigation set in Minneapoilis. A major snowfall has come to provide the material for a snowman-building content. But a couple snowmen are different from the others in that they contain the bodies of murdered men, and policemen at that. Another snow-man, found on an iced over lake outside Minneapolis, turns ou [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this installment in the Monkeewrench series. Like the others, I listened to the audio. It is not the best in the series, it is definitely shorter but I enoyed it. Unfortunatley, there is not enough of the Monkeewrench crew for my tastes but P.J. Tracy introduces some new characters -- rural sheriffs and officers -- and an interesting twist to their serial killer theme. This book can be read as a standalone. The mystery was easy to figure out and it was not very scary or thri [...]

    11. It took me a while to get into the book but then I started to enjoy the plot and it was improving. However let down significantly at the end because it didn't come to a resolution. As a result this lost at least a star for the ending and this spoilt the book for me. It is not always easy reading as it does relate to domestic abuse and there is a lot of sexism present in the attitude towards the new sheriff. In the end I gave this 2.5 stars. For me each book has got weaker and the authors need to [...]

    12. This was a good read. The thing about these books, they start slowly, but once the story starts moving you can't stop reading. I love the characters in this series, the Monkeewrench crew, the police team, everyone. I particularly liked the plot of this book and the way it all worked out. There were many conflicts and decisions to be made, moral decisions. I found it all very interesting. These books are a quick, easy read and perfect for in between deeper, more intense novels.

    13. The monkeewrench books started out promising and unique. The problem is that the characters are ultimately caricatures and are ultimately unsustainable. By the time you get to the third book, you really don't care about the Monkeewrench gang anymore. The story is interesting and reasonably well written, and it's entertaining enough - but it's probably time to put this series to bed.

    14. Police procedural. Well written with the focus in this entry on the detectives Magozzi and Rolseth; the Monkeewrench gang plays only a cameo role. Well plotted with good characterization and dialog, and an extraordinary ambiguous ending.

    15. An issue of social awareness buried for a bit in this mystery of murder and revenge. In the end it is the driving force behind this tale of dead police and abused women. The monkeewrench team again are minor actors in this tale as our lead detectives hunt for a cop killer in a major winter storm throughout. Still not fully behind the one cops personality but that is part of the dynamic of the teams relationship to themselves and their profession.

    16. In this, the 4th book in the series, the mother-daughter team seems to be finding a comfortable set of characters and plotline. Rather than focus on the eccentric Monkeewrench crew & try to find a plotline to surround them, they decide to focus on the more interesting police characters. That's a good idea, since it's easier to fit the police characters into a crime scene than to have the Monkeewrench crew stumble onto one. The crime in this book surrounds the murder of a distinguished police [...]

    17. Maybe if I did not live in Minneapolis, I would've liked this mystery better. However, if I didn't live in Minneapolis, I probably would not have read this.My gripe with the book is that the weather aspects are completely preposterous. The winter weather that grips the state is more like that of Churchill, Manitoba. The book starts out with a snowstorm that drops a foot of the white stuff. But instead of bringing the city to a halt for a day or two (as such a storm would in reality), the next da [...]

    18. Much like the previous novel in the "Monkeewrench" series, "Snow Blind" has a good start and keeps the tension going throughout. One thing differently, though, is the reveal of a villain very early on (in that way it reminds me of the 1944 film "Double Indemnity"). Can the tension remain when you know who a killer is? Absolutely, and it doesn't give away the rest of the surprises.Though not quite as suspenseful and engrossing as the predecessor novel, it's obvious that the mother-daughter team k [...]

    19. This one was not as good as the last one, but I still finished it in 3 days. The Monkeewrench crew works their magic once again, but they aren't a big part of the story. Detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are in most of it, but a lot of it seemed to focus around the new sheriff of Dundas County, Iris Rikker. She's a former english teacher who only has some dispatch experience under her belt. She's a great character. I liked how she was able to admit she was clueless and ask for help. It wou [...]

    20. Other than being confused the use of the fictional county of Dundas north of Minneapolis somewhere when there's a real town of the Dundas that's south of the Cities, it was great. :)The creepiness of the posing of the victims, the emotional complication of being a victim of domestic violence- what it means to see that happening to someone you love. I also enjoyed Iris, the school teacher turned newly voted in Sheriff and the way that B plot paralleled and enhanced the A plot. I also appreciated [...]

    21. So, not so much of the Monkeewrench crew, relatively unsolved crime(s), not much MacGozzi scenes, the absolute absence of Sharon and Halloran (which I guess solidifies that their story has ended in the previous book. sad.), a new potential Sheriff-Deputy love team, and a whole lot of snow. That pretty much sums up this fourth installment of the Monkeewrench series. It wasn't as good as the previous ones, and I'm mildly disappointed that there seemed to be no actual closure and few developments o [...]

    22. Out of the 4 I've read, I enjoyed this one the most. Not that I disliked any of the others, but this one seemed to be more about the plot and less about the characters. In the earlier books, I found too much emphasis was placed on the personalities of the central characters and even before I discovered that PJ Tracy was a mother/daughter collaboration, I had a feeling that the author was female.No doubt that comment will get me into trouble with some of you and even to myself it sounds strange, [...]

    23. 3.5 stars. Interesting entry in the popular Monkeewrench series. The main team members play a smallish role in this story which focuses on Leo and Gino and the investigation of the murder of 3 fellow police officers in Minneapolis and rural Dundas County. The Monkeewrench team is not totally absent and their computer skills help provide the chilling link between the murders.

    24. I have enjoyed the other Monkeewrench books by P.J Tracy (actually a mother-daughter writing team), but not so much this one. The case is mostly focused on the police detectives, and the Monkeewrench team barely makes an appearance. That said, it is quick-paced, with good dialog.

    25. The "Monkeewrench" thing was lost on me - are they computer geniuses who help fight crime? This book was suspenseful as it had one surprise after another.In the middle of the Winter Fest Snowman Sculpting Contest in Minneapolis, the bodies of two policemen set to be witnesses who will put away a criminal kingpin are found encased in snow - totally creepy snowmen among hundreds assembled in the park. Detectives Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called in on the case, which expands when another murdere [...]

    26. There is another bizarre series of murders to be solved, corpses buried inside of snowmen at a police sponsored family snowman building contest for kids being just the beginning. It was fun, I liked it, but, for me, it was not as good as the previous 3 books. This one spent almost all of the time with the various police officers. And I have to admit the 2 new law enforcement characters were interesting, but I really missed the Monkeewrench gang. They were only slightly involved in the whole book [...]

    27. I really did not like this book. Maybe my mind is too distracted lately but I found it boring and kept forcing myself to carry on reading. The one detective, Gino, complains and whines about every little thing from beginning to end, creating an impression that he's just a useless slob, then all of a sudden toward the end delivers a great line of questioning. He was an irritating character. The whole Harley mansion was confusing, I didn't quite get what that was.However, the whole reason behind t [...]

    28. Snow Blind is definitely odd. The premise of this tale of death in the snow is off-centre to start with and there's no predicting where the story goes from there. It's great to see original ideas and authors gambling with storylines the standard crime writers would steer clear of. It's paid off with PJ Tracy's previous work, however Snow Blind doesn't quite seem true. The good news is that the characters are still enjoyable to see in action, with plenty of entertaining dialogue. The actual story [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this book. in fact, I really love this series. it was mostly leo and gino this book, with very little Grace or monkeewrench, and no hallorson and his crew. but we got a couple of new great characters, iris and Sampson and hopefully we get more of them in the future. I figured out the murderer a smidge before the detectives and this book did a great job of leaving you in a quandary, is murder ever justified? overall I liked the solution. looking forward to the next installment! 4 [...]

    30. Two bodies are found encased in the bodies of snowmen in a Minneapolis park. (a bit of an iffy plot point, but it's a good idea to let it slide). When another "snowman" is discovered in a small town north of the Twin Cities, Magozzi and Gino go on a road trip to a small town with a new woman sheriff trying cope with her first day on the job. They eventually discover a connection to an odd enclave community called Bitterroot.A good read with some interesting moral grey areas to contemplate.This w [...]

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