Reborn! Vol. 04: Bucking Bronco Arrives!

Reborn Vol Bucking Bronco Arrives It s a reunion mafia style Dino the th generation of the Chiavorone family and Reborn s former student brings his squad of goons to pay Tsuna a visit The explosive little Lambo decides to liven t

  • Title: Reborn! Vol. 04: Bucking Bronco Arrives!
  • Author: Akira Amano
  • ISBN: 9781421508443
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s a reunion mafia style Dino, the 10th generation of the Chiavorone family, and Reborn s former student, brings his squad of goons to pay Tsuna a visit The explosive little Lambo decides to liven things up a bit by tossing several grenades at the goons Things quickly escalate as Dino springs into action in a battle of whips versus grenades

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    1. Me encanto el personaje de Dino, es divertido que sea muy confiado frente a sus hombres pero que sólo sea un torpe igual que TsunaGokudera me hace reír mucho parece un perrito faldero detrás del Décimo Lambo es muy lindo porque es muy tonto

    2. This is so funny and unexpected. This must be the point where my friends and I started skipping through episodes of the anime because I don't remember much of this. The only thing that I had already seen was the meeting of Dino which is an awesome character I might add. Lovely and clumsy by himself, he turns into a deadly mafia boss with his subordinates around. There is also the additional background points to Gokudera's story which makes him far more lovable. Yeah I bet you can't guess who my [...]

    3. Hahahaha je me marre bien avec cette série ! j'aime beaucoup les personnages ils sont tellement exubérants et fous qu'ils sont très attachants

    4. *prolog : sebenernya besok ada tugas; ngumpulin proposal lah, bikin rancangan sistem jaringan kerjasama perpustakaan lah dan lain sebagainya. TAPIIIIIIIII aku memutuskan pengen baca komik yang satu ini duluuuuu*Semakin lucu aja sih kata aku mah XD ahahahahahaa XD Banyak cerita-cerita lucu -yang seperti biasa ngga masuk akal- LOL. TersesaT di hutan, urusan makanan yang bikin Reborn jadi lebih serius, si Tsuna masuk ke rumah sakit, hahahahaha. Asli kocak! Salah satu volume terfavorit dari seri Reb [...]

    5. 4.5The best vol yet!!! I really loved this vol!! What I loved most about it was how everyone is so loyal to Tsuna. His 'family' truly do care for him. I just love how they went to rescue him without any regard to their safety. It is just so sweet and gave me many family feels. Also, in this vol we get introduced to another character named Dino. He is another mafia leader who is allies with the Vangola family. I can't really say anything else without spoiling everything, but I really liked his ch [...]

    6. The novel only introduced one new character (Bucking Horse Dino) but it was OK as it already opened up a lot of hilarious situations. It's still light stuff on the fourth tankobon but I'd say its funnier than ever. Mainly episodic but each story would introduce us to the different characters' traits, motivations, family background, etc instead of just being a 'filler'. Majority has been adapted faithfully in the anime but I can't remember the New Year episode where the two allied families (Vongo [...]

    7. Another decent volume, but again, nothing to write home about either. There was something hilariously awkward and yet heartwarming about their attempts to protect Tsuna's mother from con artists in the first story - an act which, with Reborn involved, succeeds in ways no one could probably have imagined (and with more blood). then Dino shows up, and once again, the addition of a new character adding to the ever-shifting interpersonal dynamics (haha, I make it sound so official and epic, its a co [...]

    8. Végre Dino is felbukkant. Imádom őt. Sokat nevetek a szerencsétlenkedésein.Dino-nak köszönhetően Tsuna kórházba kerül, és végül Hibari-val kell osztoznia egy szobán. De végül Hibari ellátja a baját.A történet nem halad előre semmit, de a sok vicces esemény kárpótol. Bár Hibari szerepelhetne többet.Gokudera most sem hazudtolja meg önmagát. Az animében nagyon sok dolgot cenzúráztak vele kapcsolatban, aminek nem nagyon örülök.Yamamoto mindig csak nyugtatgatja a t [...]

    9. By far the best vol. Not only because appeared my fav character and his presence it's constant in the vol, but also because we are able to see the sad, and worry part of Gokudera trying hard to be the best right hand for Tsuna. We are getting more information and always it's funny read this.

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