The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute Mozart s fairy tale opera is one of the most beloved works in the repertory It is a favorite for children s first exposure to opera as it is an enchanting work jammed with melodies that are both noble

  • Title: The Magic Flute
  • Author: Riera Rojas
  • ISBN: 9780531019290
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mozart s fairy tale opera is one of the most beloved works in the repertory It is a favorite for children s first exposure to opera as it is an enchanting work jammed with melodies that are both noble and playful.

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    1. نجمتين للحكاية العبيطة و حبكتها الزفت :))) اللي شبه حكايات المكتبة الخضراء ( و موش معنى كده اني باقول ان حكايات المكتبة الخضراء بهذا السوء ، لكن كل الحكاية :) انها و اشباهها مابقيتش ترضي عقول و ارواح ناس في اعمارنا ! ) ، و نجمة للمزيكا و الأوبرا *****كنت باتناقش مع صديقة عن المزيكا و [...]

    2. Earlier this evening, Not and I attended a free staging of The Magic Flute given by Piccolo Opera, Geneva's opera school. Most of the performers were students at the school, ranging in age from about five to fifteen. They were reinforced by a few adults, who lent their voices at critical moments or sang parts too low for the children to reach. (One of our CERN friends was Sarastro, which was how we'd got to hear about it). The technical standard was dreadful, but it was a wonderful performance a [...]

    3. Tengo este libreto en una edición bilingüe y comentada por el prestigioso musicólogo Kurt Pahlen. Es absolutamente genial. Como si fuera poco, en 1994 el mismísimo Pahlen dio unas conferencias sobre Historia de la Ópera en el Salón Dorado del Teatro Colón, donde me autografió este libro. Un tesoro que guardo con mucho cariño.

    4. This edition of Die Zauberflöte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the first full "book" I read in German, so I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for this opera. Though I'm sure that there is some sinister Masonic propaganda at work, probably with the end result that we will all work as stone-cutter slaves in the new glorious reign of the 14th Grand Master Dragon of the East Wind of the Masonic Order of Golden Dawn (or whatever), I couldn't help but enjoy the over-riding strangeness of the plot [...]

    5. So awesomely racist and sexist, but it was written in 1791. What did I expect? Interesting enough though, with all the racist and sexist parts, the priest worship the goddess Isis. Huh?

    6. This book is the orchestra score for the opera. There is a table of contents in English and the original contents in German. All of the lyrics and dialog are in German. I enjoyed reviewing the score while listening to one recorded production of that opera. I did play a couple of the songs on piano, kind of improvising while getting some of the sound more quickly than I could have without the written music. I am not inclined to do so, but I believe these tunes could be republished in moderately d [...]

    7. It's a wonderful opera. My favorite is the aria Der Holle Rache, which has a horrible meaning but is an incredibly beautiful aria. The Queen of the Night is not a nice character but the aria is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. Sumi Jo sings it particularly well.This book, the Black Dog Opera Library's Magic Flute, includes the complete opera on audio CDs, the complete libretto, a translation of the libretto, and information on the history of the opera The Magic Flute. It's a great intr [...]

    8. This is my first exposure to the whole story of the Magic Flute, it's really been fun to listen and watch the opera on TV while reading the book (which has the English and German side by side). I'm not really fond of the illustrations in this book, but it served its purpose - English translation! Who knew the beautiful song, Queen of the Night, is really a mother's demand of her daughter to murder her foe?! Papageno is an easily enjoyed character - very funny and good comrade for Tamino.

    9. One of the most ridiculous operas ever, yet also one of the most delightful. Little more need to be said. The full "Magic Flute" is a rather confusing mess, largely because of the different way that opera was consumed in Mozart's day, but it can make for an entertaining night at the theatre however done, which is why it remains one of the most popular works in the canon!

    10. Die Zauberflöte is my favorite opera I remember watching this over and over again. It just makes me feel really happy whenever I listen to it. I would love to lear more about how this opera came to be, because Mozart's life is really interesting, and he wrote Die Zauberflöte during the last year of his life.

    11. Siempre me ha gustado el aria de la Reina de la Noche, pero una vez leído el libreto, aún no tengo ni idea de qué me ha querido decir el autor. Como ópera puede ser una obra grandiosa, pero como argumento cojea bastante, posiblemente porque sea verdad que lo que realmente oculta es un mensaje masónico.

    12. The music is wonderful, but even for someone as Un PC as me the story of The Magic Flute has always been a little bit weird. Remember kids happiness can only be obtained by submitting to the every whim of patriarchal Masonic priest.

    13. Pamina was sad that her husband couldn't talk to her during his trial, but they still got married. Papageno and Papagena are so funny. Sarastro married Tamino and Pamina together. My favorite part is the Queen of the Night song.

    14. I read the German, reclam edition and listened to a recording along with it. Was awesome!Can't remember when I read it, sometime in secondary school.

    15. I want this book for my birthday! It is so cool! Mozart, opera, cartoon, goofy, racist, English and German, serious, and just plain cool. I must have it! I must!!!

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