One thought on “Leaving Suzie Pye”

  1. Suzie Pye is like many who leave it till later in life to produce progeny. Presumably spending the prime childbearing years shoring up a career in the professional world, she, at just past the fifty mark, finds herself time poor to the max. On top of the demands of coping with the vagaries of teenagerdom, she still aspires to promotion in the workplace. To top it off, she is the carer for her ex-hubby. He's has lost the plot and retreated to his man-cave. If all this wasn't enough, her lover is [...]

  2. What an amazing piece of writing, helped by my familiarity with the locations and the life situations. Blackly hilarious and full of dark wit. I'm not familiar with Dale but I'm told he is a lecturer at UTS which gives me a renewed regard for their writing course. I may now peruse his other works.I'm one of those people who annoys book shop staff by sitting there and ruining their books by reading a good five to ten pages before deciding if I'll buy it. This one had me at the go, fluid prose wit [...]

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed John Dale's insight into woman, and familiar Sydney sights and male/female mysteries. A great read, light -- clever and witty. Well done John.

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